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Adobe MAX 2017
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*This speaker is identified as a MAX Master, ranked as one of the top 20 speakers at MAX 2016.

W425 - 1-2-3: Photographic Vision, Shooting Skills, and Photo Editing

Learn how to add that special touch, that je ne sais quoi, to your photographs with a 1-2-3 approach to photography — honing your vision, developing photographic skills, and practicing effective image editing. Join photographer, artist, author, and educator Katrin Eismann and Photoshop Lightroom product manager Josh Haftel for this workshop that combines photographic theory with hands-on practice as you photograph a variety of scenarios, followed by an in-depth tutorial on making your images shine with insider tips and image editing techniques using Lightroom for mobile.

Katrin and Josh will combine learning and laughter, plus show you how to:  

  • Create better photographs before you pick up a camera
  • Work with light and composition 
  • Use Lightroom for mobile to make your images shine
  • Develop a new photographic mantra: Frame, Shoot, Review, Repeat
  • Share your images on social media
Katrin Eismann
Josh Haftel
S502 - 47 Things to Know About After Effects

There’s so much information out there about the world’s most popular motion graphics and compositing application, where do you focus? Did you know there are a specific number of tips, tricks, and techniques — 47 to be exact — that will get you most of the way to where you want to go? Whether you’re an editor or designer just thinking about getting into After Effects, or someone already very familiar, you’ll gain from this odd-numbered set of approaches to aid in your path to success.

Workflow fetishist and inefficiency hater Mark Christiansen will show you:

  • Where to start if the thought of After Effects makes you scared
  • Where to focus to improve your After Effects experience
  • What can make the biggest difference in having an effortless time with Adobe’s most sophisticated video tool
Mark Christiansen
S301 - Adding Realistic Textures to Your Designs in Illustrator

The rustic textures, weathered looks, and distressed effects often found in posters are easy to achieve using Capture CC and Illustrator CC. In this session, you’ll learn how to use Capture CC to create textures, graffiti, and shapes from images, then bring those assets into Illustrator to create amazing grunge and texture effects for backgrounds and type. Learn the top techniques for working with these creative effects in almost any Illustrator project

Join author and trainer Brian Wood as he shows you how to:

  • Capture an inspiration in the real world -- vintage type, textures, graffiti – and turn it into a vector graphic to use in your designs
  • Use an Adobe Stock Template for a design concept
  • Work with Image Trace in Illustrator to create new vector assets
  • Apply these real world looks to your artwork in Illustrator, working with the Appearance panel, blend modes, and masks
Brian Wood
S218 - Adobe Muse 101: Building a Responsive Website from Scratch

As a graphic designer, do you love to design but hate to code? Join Adobe Principal Evangelist Terry White as he shows you the basics of building your first responsive website using Adobe Muse. He’ll take you from planning to publishing, without having to worry about CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

You’ll see how to:

  • Design with beautiful typography, including how to choose from thousands of premium web fonts from Typekit
  • Engage your site visitors with full-screen imagery, slideshows, contact forms, scroll effects, and more
  • Make your site look great on mobile devices
Terry White
S243 - Adobe Spark: Your Secret Weapon for Designing Social Media Content

Whether you’re a creative professional or a solo entrepreneur with limited design skills, it can be a struggle to create engaging content for an ever-increasing number of social media platforms. In this session, Michael Ninness, senior director of product, graphic, and web design at Adobe, will teach you how to use Adobe Spark to dramatically reduce the time it takes to create beautiful social media graphics, videos, stories, and presentations that also reflect your or your company’s brand.

Michael will cover:

  • Setting up your brand kit
  • Using Spark Post to create social media graphics
  • Using Spark Video to create engaging social videos
  • Using Spark Page to create gorgeous web stories, articles, and presentations
  • Creating and publishing from anywhere — accessing Spark online and from mobile devices
Michael Ninness
S503 - Advanced Timesaving Workflows in Adobe Premiere Pro

Work smarter not harder! Your deadlines are still your deadlines, but what if you could get more done? What if you had a professional editor to lean over your shoulder and give you killer tips? Adobe MAX Master Jeff I. Greenberg will help you change your approach to the keyboard, tools, and workflows of getting things done in Adobe Premiere Pro. Stop using the excuse “I’m self-taught” and learn how professional editors work.

In this dynamic session, you’ll learn:

  • Jeff’s method for using the keyboard with no memorization
  • How to make slideshows and montages faster
  • Faster rendering and output techniques by tweaking sequence settings
  • Professional editorial techniques (like three-point editing) for faster and better storytelling
  • How trim modes allow you to finesse footage
  • How proxies can help older hardware deal with newer video formats
Jeff Greenberg
L522 - After Effects for Designers and Editors: Top Five Things You Need to Know

Come take the leap into the world of motion graphics with motion graphics designer and educator Ian Robinson. He’ll guide you through the top five workflows you’ll need to know to get up and running comfortably in After Effects.

During this hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand and work efficiently in the After Effects user interface
  • Design an animated title
  • Build a transition with Shape Layers, and create a lower third graphic template
  • Fix problematic footage including camera shake, blurring issues, exposure, and color
  • Use rendering and Dynamic Link workflows for final output
Ian Robinson
S407 - A Modern Photo Workflow

Join Adobe’s Bryan O’Neil Hughes, head of outreach and collaboration and Photoshop and mobile apps guru, for this special course on a modern, connected, and nondestructive photographic workflow. Bryan will show you how to get the most out of your camera (smartphone, mirrorless, or DSLR), your screen (phone, tablet, desktop, and beyond), and the applications and services that connect them. You’ll leave knowing how to capture and edit images in ways that you never thought you could!

Bryan will increase your understanding of:

  • When to use which Adobe apps
  • How to save valuable time
  • Adobe apps including Photoshop Lightroom for mobile, Adobe Capture CC, Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Mix, Adobe Spark Page, Lightroom on the web, and Lightroom CC
Bryan O'Neil Hughes
S401 - A Photo a Day: Keeping the Cliché Away

You have a great camera with you wherever you go, one that also makes phone calls! In this fun and inspiring session, explore how practicing photography each day can turn your daily commute or that long line into a great creative spark. Working with smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras, internationally respected artist, teacher, and author Katrin Eismann will share creative tips that you can experiment with every day to create exciting and unique images.

You’ll learn:

  • Facebook can wait: Using your phone to take better pictures
  • Look again: Seeing the magic on your commute or in your daily routine
  • Know the photo rules: Breaking the rules
  • When to get the shot in camera versus in software
  • Quick image processing tips to make your images sparkle
Katrin Eismann
L329 - Applied 3D Design: Creating an Identity Package in 3D with Project Felix

Project Felix is putting the power of 3D tools into the graphic designer’s hands, so what’s the best way to wield it? Translate what you already know about design to create an identity package ready for a client pitch using 3D tools to speed your workflow. We’ll explore this process and a few easy techniques in this hands-on lab where users learn to apply a design to packaging, giveaways, and even signage using Felix. Previous experience is beneficial but not required.

In this lab, you’ll learn about the following:

  • How the basics of design translate into 3D
  • Staging and framing 3D objects 
  • Preparing 2D elements for use as logos
  • Adjusting lighting for the right look
  • Final touches in Photoshop
Justin Patton
S403 - Authentic and Awesome People Pictures

People photography matters more than ever. We all take pictures of people every day, and we all need a good portrait of ourselves for social media and more. It’s one of the fastest growing, most challenging, dynamic, valuable, and interesting genres of photography. In this session, take your photos from mediocre to magnificent by learning how to create natural, genuine, interesting, awesome, and meaningful photographs of people.

Whether you’re a creative pro or someone who wants to learn more, best-selling author and pro photographer Chris Orwig will show you:

  • Practical and actionable steps that you can take to improve your people photography right away
  • How you can use natural light to capture the best shot
  • How to use Photoshop Lightroom to improve your photographs
Chris Orwig
L325 - Beginner’s Photoshop CC – Learn the Right Tools to Maximize Your Creativity

You open your first image or create a new blank document in Photoshop CC. Now what? What’s the fun of following tutorials when you don’t understand the buttons or commands? Join this hands-on lab for beginners to gain a fundamental understanding of the most often used tools, menus, and panels in Photoshop CC. You’ll also learn how to utilize Creative Cloud services to boost your Photoshop productivity. Get familiar with key concepts, and walk out with a solid foundation to maximize your creative aspirations.

Adobe senior solutions consultant A.J. Wood will show you how to:

  • Get started with a new project using templates from Adobe Stock
  • Work with selections versus editing the entire image
  • Work nondestructively with layers
  • Use Creative Cloud Libraries and Typekit for your projects
  • Even more tips and tricks
A.J. Wood
W115 - Behance Portfolio Reviews at MAX

Behance Portfolio Reviews are an opportunity to get an objective critique of how you present your work and learn best practices for standing out in a competitive market. We’ll kick off this session with a short talk on how top creatives differentiate themselves and then break into small groups for the portfolio reviews.

Here’s how the reviews will work:

  • Prior to MAX, you’ll receive an email survey asking you for a link to your portfolio and your creative area of focus.
  • At the MAX session, attendees will break up into groups based on their creative area.
  • Expert Adobe reviewers will provide feedback on individual portfolios and answer questions about their creative field.


Roxanne Schwartz
Al Rossin
W265 - Best Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Brush Lettering

Learn the basics and beyond in this brush lettering workshop. We’ll start with the essentials — from tools and materials to brush manipulation and handling, creating core letterforms and structures, adding flourishes, and refining your lettering — and finally put it all together in one or more completed works for your portfolio. Previous experience in hand lettering isn’t necessary. All supplies will be provided.

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn to use a brush to create letters and understand the brush lettering process
  • Learn the structure and ductus of cursive script forms
  • Explore a variety of lettering methods and styles, taught by two experienced lettering artists and script typeface designers
  • Learn skills and procedures that you can apply to numerous kinds of future lettering projects
Laura Worthington
Debi Sementelli
S242 - Branding Passion: How to Create a Compelling Campaign for Social Change

See how story + design + community can be used to create positive social change. We all have the ability to shift perspective and to create an impact. But making this impact can’t happen only with passion — there needs to be a strategic and defined process to carry the concept to real, successful outcomes while not overwhelming you. In this session, principal and creative director Justin Ahrens will go through the Rule29 approach and show how work like Wheels4Water, their design-for-good project, has helped bring safe water to thousands of people in Uganda.

Justin will share:

  • Tips and techniques on how to do your own project
  • How doing this type of work can change you, your company, and how you see the world
Justin Ahrens
P274 - Build a Responsive Website in Adobe Muse – No Code Required

Break free from template-based web design without having to learn HTML, CSS or Javascript. In this one-day, hands-on workshop, you’ll see how easy it is to use Adobe Muse CC to create cutting-edge web designs including flat design, scroll effects, and responsive design, for any sized screen. Plus learn about integrating a third party shopping cart, one of over 1,000 widgets available to extend Muse functionality. Learn tips to preview, test, and update, before you take your site live. You’ll leave with the knowledge of how to deliver professional, unique desktop and mobile sites that meet the latest web standards, load quickly, are search engine optimized, and automatically adapt when viewed on any sized screen or device.

Dani Beaumont
S101 - Building Your Personal Brand

Can you tell people why you are different and better than every other creative out there? Join Stephen Gates, in-house creative executive, to find out why building your brand is critical for finding the perfect new job, standing out in your current job, or getting respect in the industry. This session will highlight the power, importance, and difficulties of creating your own personal brand and how to start building it today.

 Stephen will provide insight to help you:

  • Understand the four reasons why building your personal brand is critical to your career growth
  • Choose a brand archetype as the foundation of your brand
  • Build your brand to set you apart from the crowd
  • Create your personal brand ecosystem
Stephen Gates
S700 - Career Crossroads: Navigating Your Next Professional Move

Are you stuck in a career rut? Debating whether to stay in your current role or pursue a new opportunity? Not sure how to get to the next step — or even what the next step should be? Join 25-year career expert Diane Domeyer as she shares her professional journey and helps you identify new career directions.

In this interactive session, you will:

  • Learn how industry leaders leveraged on-the-job ennui to forge a happier, more fulfilling professional path
  • Walk through several exercises for setting and achieving actionable career goals
  • Get a preview of hiring trends and in-demand creative jobs for 2018
  • Discuss strategies for overcoming common job-hunting obstacles and remaining relevant in today’s digital world

By attending this session, your information will be shared with The Creative Group.

P350 - Create a Character in Photoshop

Learn the techniques to create a character just like those in animated films. Former Disney animator/director Aaron Blaise will teach you how to create a compelling animal character on your own. During this hands-on preconference lab, Aaron will take you through his step-by-step process for creating unique creature designs in Photoshop. He’ll demonstrate concepts and techniques, and you’ll apply them to your own project, leaving with a creature you can be proud of. Participants should have a strong background in Photoshop and be ready for a fun learning day. 

Steps for this artistic journey include: 

  • Working with a strong thumbnail sketch—Aaron will have one for you to start with 
  • Roughing in the design 
  • Refining the initial drawing 
  • Adding color, shadows and highlights 
  • Enhancing with photographic textures and how to create or find textures 
  • Adding final details such as reflected light, deeper shadows,brighter highlights, and experimenting with focus
Aaron Blaise
L327 - Create Jaw-Dropping Header Images with Project Felix


Join Master FX Training’s Corey Barker in this hands-on lab as he takes you deeper into Project Felix and working with 3D assets to create a header image for your website or social media page. You’ll learn how to leverage the power of materials and lights so your scenes become hyper-realistic compositions that will stand out with your clients. You’ll walk away feeling more familiar with the arsenal of tricks of the 3D trade in Project Felix and how to use these tools to work faster and with more control.

Corey will take you through:

  • Fundamental 3D concepts
  • Material editing effects and techniques
  • Understanding image-based light properties
  • Using Adobe Stock to create a faster, more efficient workflow
  • Final rendering and publishing
Corey Barker
S506 - Create Your First Video: Bringing It Together with Creative Cloud

Whether you use your mobile phone or DSLR to capture the shot or decide to record in a full-blown studio, creating your first video is not as hard as you might think. Join video experts Abba Shapiro and Jeff Greenberg as they teach you how to use the Creative Cloud tools at your disposal to make a one-of-a-kind video.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Capture great video wherever you are
  • Improve your audio, including how to avoid problems with mobile recording
  • Make your content look amazing using color grading tools
  • Publish content directly to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other device or destination
Abba Shapiro
Jeff Greenberg
L523 - Creating a Character from Scratch with Character Animator

Character animation has never been more approachable (or fun) thanks to Adobe Character Animator. Join Adobe Senior Experience Designer Dave Werner as he walks you through a complete professional animation workflow. Whether you’re a newcomer to animation or a veteran, this lab will teach you new ways to incorporate Character Animator into your workflow — making it faster, streamlined, and more enjoyable.

In Dave’s lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build an optimized, custom character in Photoshop using organized groups and layer names
  • Rig, practice, perform, record, and edit with your character in Character Animator
  • Add professional finishing touches in After Effects and export a video
Dave Werner
P530 - Creating Dynamic Media for Social and Web

Don’t miss this fun, hands-on class where you’ll create a range of dynamic media that’s perfect for the web and social media.  Join Richard Harrington and Pamela Berry as they show you how to create media that is unique and engaging using a DSLR or Mirrorless camera and applications like Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. This class is perfect for all experience levels and features hands-on learning where users will capture images and video onsite and transform it into dynamic online content.

Attendees will leave knowing how to:

  • Capture and create cinemagraphs
  • Animate a logo for the web
  • Build a looping profile video for social icons
  • Create stop motion animation for social ads
  • Capture green screen material for a virtual presenter
  • Optimize video for delivery to web and social platforms
Pamela Berry
Rich Harrington
W345 - Creation and Collaboration: Hands-on Image Making with Christian Clayton

Step away from the screen and put down the mouse. Here’s your chance to roll up your sleeves, relax, and explore the expressive process of making art with your own hands without ego or judgment. Join artist and professor Christian Clayton as he guides you to act on your intuition, push your personal expression, and create imagery that moves from artist to artist, delivering one-of-a-kind art that’s created together by you and your workshop colleagues. No experience is required and all materials are provided.

In this fast-paced workshop, you’ll discover:

  • The joy of taking chances without worrying about expectations or end results
  • How to have fun with the spontaneous creative process 
  • What it means to be an active, experimental collaborator 
  • How amazing art can result from a group’s creative cooperation
Christian Clayton
S508 - Creative Cloud for Video: Tips and Tricks for Post-Production

Get ready for a whirlwind ride as Adobe Master Trainer and author Maxim Jago shares his fast tips for post-production, combining Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Audition techniques in a bow to the Japanese concept of kata, or honing skills through repetition. As Jago races through new features and advanced techniques, he just may break the record for the most tips covered in a session.

In Maxim’s session you, you’ll learn:

  • How to think less and create more
  • Ways to incorporate multiple applications into your workflow without being an expert in everything
  • Fast and easy approaches for maximum efficiency in post-production
  • New features that allow unprecedented workflows between After Effects and Premiere Pro
Maxim Jago
P603 - Creative Cloud@MAX: Bring your ideas to life, Part 1

From mobile to desktop, from application to application, and from creative to creative — Creative Cloud makes accessing and sharing your ideas and assets friction-free. This exciting day and a half, project-based, hands-on session explores how Creative Cloud can make your work more efficient, and more inspired.
Learn what’s new in Creative Cloud and incorporate your learning into a hands-on creative project. We’ll dive into Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, the Creative mobile apps, and more. Apply the built-in Creative Cloud integrations to get your work done. Turn your ideas and inspirations into production-ready content and incorporate beautiful Adobe Stock assets. And with Creative Cloud your desktop and mobile devices are connected, so you can do great work anywhere.

Patti Sokol
P604 - Creative Cloud@MAX: Bring your ideas to life, Part 2

From mobile to desktop, from application to application, and from creative to creative — Creative Cloud makes accessing and sharing your ideas and assets friction-free. This exciting day and a half, project-based, hands-on session explores how Creative Cloud can make your work more efficient, and more inspired.
Learn what’s new in Creative Cloud and incorporate your learning into a hands-on creative project. We’ll dive into Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, the Creative mobile apps, and more. Apply the built-in Creative Cloud integrations to get your work done. Turn your ideas and inspirations into production-ready content and incorporate beautiful Adobe Stock assets. And with Creative Cloud your desktop and mobile devices are connected, so you can do great work anywhere.

Patti Sokol
P430 - Creative Synergy: Your Imagination Realized with Creative Image Compositing

Expand your creative repertoire by learning how to shoot professional photos, and use them to build both photo-realistic and surreal composite images. Join Sony Artisan photographer, artist, author, and educator Katrin Eismann and photographer, educator, author, and compositing artist Seán Duggan in this action-packed hands-on training. 

Start by learning how lighting, posing, and framing subjects make the difference between good and great photography. Shoot photographs of models and artifacts in a variety of settings — gaining shooting techniques and learning how to take photos that work better for compositing, and experiment with Sony mirrorless digital cameras, posing, lighting, props, and backgrounds. Learn Photoshop compositing techniques to bring your ideas to life. Create a composited, printed poster reflecting your vision.

Previous photography experience isn’t necessary, but an intermediate understanding of Photoshop, selections, and layers is strongly recommended. Please bring a camera or a phone and all required cables or card readers. 


Seán Duggan
Katrin Eismann
GS710 - Day 1 Keynote

Watch Adobe unveil major new innovations in the world's best creative apps across desktop, mobile, community and marketplace.

GS711 - Day 2 Keynote

Day 2 Keynote, more details coming soon.

P271 - Designing and Prototyping Better User Experiences

User experience is becoming the key attribute for which people place the greatest emphasis when evaluating products and services, increasing pressure on designers to deliver a compelling and seamless journey across devices. Adding to the complexity are numerous steps in the modern digital design process: research, wireframing, visual design, interaction design, prototyping, previewing, and sharing. Adobe Creative Cloud applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator and Experience Design (Beta) CC, make it easier than ever to design and prototype experiences that can be shared with and tested by users before moving into production.

 In this session, which combines hands-on work and lecture, you’ll learn:

  • A framework for selecting appropriate research methods given the product life cycle stage
  • Best practices and pitfalls for moderating usability sessions
  • Techniques for bitmap editing in Photoshop and icon creation in Illustrator
  • How to bring your existing assets into Adobe Experience Design (Beta) CC to help complete projects quickly
L253 - Designing App Icons with Photoshop Lab

Join designer extraordinaire Michael Flarup as he takes you on a quest for the long-lost art of icon design. Michael will show you how to use Photoshop to create the single most important visual aspect of your product: the app icon. You’ll move from initial concept through the export of final files, and the lab will wrap up with presentations from willing participants and open critique using the knowledge learned. You’ll walk out with a solid foundation of icon design theory and the tools involved in delivering successful app icons.

In this hands-on lab, Michael Flarup will walk you through:

  • The five core aspects of successful icon design
  • Examples of great iconography
  • Working with icons in Photoshop
  • How to use Smart Object templates in Photoshop to generate many icon sizes
  • Lots of tips, tricks, and stories from the world of making things
Michael Flarup
S239 - Designing for 231,556,622 Americans

Designers know the vulnerability that comes with putting their work out into the world. Imagine what it’s like to lead design during the most media-drenched presidential election in history. Join Jennifer Kinon, brand identity expert and the design director of Hillary for America 2016, for a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be in the trenches of a political campaign.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Hear about why she joined, what she learned, and how she is getting along in the aftermath
  • Explore work samples and get an understanding of what it’s like to have the whole world looking at your social graphics, merchandise, microsites, placards, ads, art, identity systems, and more

Speaker disclaimer:  the views expressed in this presentation at Adobe MAX are those of the speaker and not, necessarily, of Adobe MAX.  

Jennifer Kinon
S244 - Do Babies and Ideas Come from the Same Place?

James Victore is widely known for his impassioned views about design and its place in the world. In this dynamic session, James will explore where good ideas come from — and how we can make them happen more often.

Notes James, “I love letting ideas roll around with each other, playing and cuddling; this is one of the ways we turn thoughts into poetry.”

Among the topics James will tackle:

  • How to widen your peripheral vision and keep your sense of imagination sharp and flexible
  • Ways to be more precise with imagery and iconography
  • What role does logic play? Can we be illogical and still communicate?
  • Why “clever” sucks — bigtime
  • His “Sphincter of Truth” theory
James Victore
L326 - Essential Photoshop Techniques for Creative Composites

Join Photoshop expert Seán Duggan, coauthor of “Photoshop Masking & Compositing,” as he shares essential, mission-critical techniques for creating multiple image composites. As Seán guides you through each step in the process, you’ll use existing photographs to create entirely new images. Expand your creativity by using photographs in different ways, learn how to shoot photographs so they work well in composites, and discover how the all-important question of “What else can it be?” will help you see compositing possibilities.  

In this hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use selection techniques to remove subjects from their backgrounds
  • Work with layers, layer masks, and blending modes to combine images
  • Take advantage of Smart Objects for flexible transformations
  • Add adjustment layers to match tone, color, and lighting
  • Use Adobe Stock images in the compositing process
Seán Duggan
S406 - Extending the Shot: HDR, Panorama, and Drones

Extreme realism with HDR, sweeping panoramas, and even Facebook 360 photos from a regular camera will be attainable after you attend this exciting session. Learn how to extend what is possible with shooting and editing techniques. Colin Smith has become the #1 liked photographer on DJI’s SkyPixel network because of his “3D approach” to composition and full use of Adobe solutions. Colin will debunk common myths about HDR and show you how all of the session techniques apply to regular photographs and not just aerial photos.

This session will expand your view of what’s possible including:

  • Creating HDR images in Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Tone mapping RAW images for realistic results
  • Merging multiple photographs into a single sweeping panorama, even an HDR panorama
  • Thinking in 3D instead of 2D for making composites from aerial photos
  • Making an interactive, 360-degree image for social media from a regular camera
Colin Smith
S240 - Fear Less. Build More.

A farmer’s market designed and built by teenagers in a small rural town. Ten-year-old girls rocking a welder. Mom-daughter duos building furniture for the local women’s shelter. Middle school students imagining, then constructing, their own school library. Meet Emily Pilloton, founder of the nonprofit design agency Project H Design, who believes that design is about bravery and voice.

In this inspiring session, Emily will lay out a call to action through compelling stories and lessons so you can: 

  • View your creative practice as a tool for social justice, citizenship, and mentorship
  • Rethink the purpose and contribution of your work
  • Examine case studies to inspire a more socially connected design practice
  • Understand critical community-based design tools
  • Light a fire in your belly to do brave work in our current cultural and political climate
Emily Pilloton
S102 - Fueling Success by Creating a Fun Work Environment

Join Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder of CreativeMornings and other creative endeavors, as she shares the values that drive her businesses and how she finds ways of sprinkling fun into her workdays. After she made the odd and bold choice to start her first business the day her first child was born, three businesses followed. Tina believes in fixing and not complaining and in creating a happy, safe, and creative work environment where people can thrive and like coming to every day. Most important, she sees companies as a way to change society for the better. 

In this session, Tina will you will leave inspired with:        

  • How she managed to have kids and boost her career simultaneously
  • The secrets behind the global, grassroots CreativeMornings
  •  Easy-to-implement ideas for a fun, creative office culture
Tina Roth Eisenberg
S103 - Good Work Deserves Good Design: How to Work with Nonprofits

Something as simple as a clean logo or a well-designed website can give a nonprofit the necessary look to boost their profile or help people in need find their services and program. However, they rarely have the funds to devote to branding and design. Find out about the many opportunities to help nonprofits while developing your design skills and building out your portfolio by supporting good work with good design. In this session, designer and Adobe Creative Resident, Jessica Bellamy will help you navigate nonprofit relationships and community design work.

Learn the strategies necessary to gain paying nonprofit clients in the future including:

  • The difference between working “for” and working “with” a nonprofit client
  • The value of building a communication strategy before designing a product
  • Resourceful and low-tech solutions for design
  • What to expect during the design and revision cycle
Jessica Bellamy
S308 - How We Became Our New Favorite Client by Designing Our Own Product Line

Hear California-based design studio, DKNG, tell their tale of taking fate into their own hands by creating a retail line of screen printed posters and other design accessories. From concept development through bringing a product to market, they’ll share the joys and pitfalls of becoming your own client and their experience creating the DKNG Explorers Club.

Join Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman, the newly enlightened principals at DKNG, as they share their journey, navigating:

  • The joys of passive income and breaking the shackles of reliance on client work 
  • Carving out time to make internal projects a priority 
  • How an internal design project differs from a client-initiated design brief 
  • Working with vendors and setting price points 
  • Marketing a brand within a brand and building a social media following 
Nathan Goldman
Dan Kuhlken
L248 - Illustrator: A Digital Builder’s Workshop for Designers

It’s time to play in Illustrator, as you did when you first fell in love with it! In this hands-on lab, you’ll build on fundamental best practices in Illustrator and learn new workflow solutions that can help you in real-world production environments. You’ll also create a character poster design for the season. Through best collaboration practices with Creative Cloud, come play, dream, create, and make something to take home with you.

As you create your own custom design, Mark Heaps, executive director of Heaps LLC, will show you how to:

  • Add texture to your vector art for a more unique image
  • Build with creative line styles using brushes and more
  • Illustrate freely to produce unexpected, yet replicable, results
  • Design and build as the production advocate for your peers
  • Understand libraries, symbols, the Appearance panel, and more
Mark Heaps
S317 - Illustrator? Animator? Designer? 25 Years Later and Still Not Sure Who I Am

Join illustrator, animator, and graphic designer Melinda Beck as she shares the experiences and lessons she has learned working for a quarter century with the simple goal of creating work she loves. This has led her to many different corners of the commercial art world — from political illustration and children’s animation to creating art for bands, book covers, and people who like to swim in the Hudson River.

You’ll hear:

  • How she stays inspired
  • What tools she uses to communicate an idea in a direct way that is also fun and inspiring
  • How she finds her clients 
  • Tips for forming good working relationships with clients
  • How to run a business and meet tight deadlines, all while raising two kids
Melinda Beck
S319 - Illustrator CC: Advanced Tips and Techniques

Get the inside scoop on Illustrator CC straight from the source! Join this lively session with Illustrator product managers Yogesh Sharma and Neeraj Nandkeolyar. They’ll share their insights, secrets, and expertise to reveal how Illustrator really works, so you can take your vector design skills to the next level.

As these two Illustrator pros share their favorite techniques, you’ll learn:

  • How to master the often intricate game of crafting precise vector graphics
  • How to harness the hidden power in new as well as existing features
  • Tips and tricks to help you save time and give you the results you need faster
  • Ways to build better content and manage artwork more effectively
Yogesh Sharma
Neeraj Nandkeolyar
L328 - Illustrator CC for Beginners

In this hands-on lab, discover core Illustrator concepts and techniques that can be applied to any workflow for print, mobile, or web. This lab is great for newcomers to Illustrator and is designed to help get you up and running as quickly as possible with this powerful application.

Justin Seeley, staff author at Pluralsight, will teach you:

  • The basics of vector graphics and their advantages in modern design workflows
  • The Illustrator tools and workflows you need to know
  • The essentials to create documents for print, mobile, or web
Justin Seeley
L246 - InDesign CC Deep Dive

Take off the training wheels and go beyond the basics of InDesign CC. This is the perfect session for anyone who has a basic or intermediate understanding of InDesign and is ready to take things to the next level. During this hands-on lab, Bart Van de Wiele, a solution consultant at Adobe, will introduce you to powerful features, tips, and timesaving techniques to make your life as a designer a lot easier.

Get the most out of InDesign, and learn more about:

  • Advanced style settings, including nested and object styles
  • Simple yet powerful GREP expressions to automate formatting
  • How to preflight documents in InDesign to avoid common errors
  • Building a table of contents
  • How to work with variable data using text variables and data merge
  • Smarter document building using snippets and nested documents
  • Leveraging services like Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Stock
  • Timesaving tips and tricks, and much more
Bart Van de Wiele
S202 - InDesign CC: Tips and Tricks


Whether you’re new to InDesign or a longtime professional, you know there’s always more to learn about this deep, powerful program. Join internationally renowned InDesign guru David Blatner in this fast-paced, fun-filled educational exploration of the world’s best page layout program.

David will share quick tips suitable for every InDesign user on topics such as:

  • Three steps you must take after every Microsoft Word import
  • Importing and exporting HTML
  • Optimizing your Illustrator/Photoshop/InDesign workflow
  • How to ensure your document is ready to print or export
  • Five simple, free scripts you didn’t know you already have
David Blatner
L245 - InDesign for Beginners: Going from Zero to Hero

Calling all newbies! Do you yearn to be an InDesign pro but can’t go more than a few minutes in the program before getting frustrated? If so, this is your lab! Master the basics while learning insider secrets about laying out beautiful pages for print, PDF, and digital publications.

Join InDesign expert and master teacher Anne-Marie “HerGeekness” Concepcion (cofounder of as she patiently and enthusiastically helps you:

  • Configure essential preferences (some of the defaults are wrong!)
  • Learn the Basic 4: Two tools and two panels that will become your best friends
  • Import copy from Word and images from Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Create and apply text and graphic styles (the pro’s secret weapon)
  • Use presets for print and PDF export settings
  • Preview and publish an interactive online version of your masterpiece
Anne-Marie Concepcion
L247 - InDesign: Getting Interactive with Fixed Layout EPUB

With the addition of the fixed layout (FXL) EPUB format to the export options in InDesign, Adobe has breathed new life into the Animation panel. You weren’t aware that InDesign has an Animation panel? You’ve been struggling to create interactive content that PDF can’t support? Then join Chad Chelius, Adobe Certified Instructor, author, and speaker, as he walks you through features you can add to a layout in InDesign to create rich interactive experiences when exported to the FXL format.

In this hands-on lab with Chad, you’ll learn:

  • Which interactive features work with FXL
  • How to build a slideshow natively in InDesign
  • How to add and control video
  • How to animate objects
  • How to add and preview custom interactivity
  • How to create buttons
  • How to push the limits of the FXL format by adding scrolling text to your design
Chad Chelius
S211 - InDesign Power Shortcuts

Learn the secrets of InDesign power users in this fast-paced, fun-filled session guaranteed to boost your design productivity. You’ll leave smacking your forehead saying, “I wish I'd known that years ago!”

Michael Ninness, senior director of product, graphic, and web design at Adobe, will cover:

  • Personalizing InDesign default settings to work for you
  • Shortcuts for working with styles and and typography that will blow your mind
  • Shortcuts for placing files
  • The “secret” Live Distribute feature
  • And much more
Michael Ninness
S209 - InDesign Wow! Publish Online and Animations

Go from InDesign to web with one click using the amazing Publish Online feature. Learn how the animation features in InDesign can make your projects pop on desktop or tablet. Diane Burns, author of’s “Creating Animations with Adobe InDesign CC” and “Publish Online with InDesign,” will show examples of how Publish Online can work for you, and she’ll take you through the design and animation techniques used to produce highly interactive documents.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to create animations in InDesign that push the envelope in your designs
  • Best practices for optimizing your Publish Online documents, including the best settings for video and images
  • How to embed Publish Online projects in your own website
Diane Burns
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