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Adobe MAX 2017
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*This speaker is identified as a MAX Master, ranked as one of the top 20 speakers from MAX 2016.

W425 - 1-2-3: Photographic Vision, Shooting Skills, and Photo Editing

Learn how to add that special touch, that je ne sais quoi, to your photographs with a 1-2-3 approach to photography — honing your vision, developing photographic skills, and practicing effective image editing. Join photographer, artist, author, and educator Katrin Eismann and Photoshop Lightroom product manager Josh Haftel for this workshop that combines photographic theory with hands-on practice as you photograph a variety of scenarios, followed by an in-depth tutorial on making your images shine with insider tips and image editing techniques using Lightroom for mobile.

Katrin and Josh will combine learning and laughter, plus show you how to:  

  • Create better photographs before you pick up a camera
  • Work with light and composition 
  • Use Lightroom for mobile to make your images shine
  • Develop a new photographic mantra: Frame, Shoot, Review, Repeat
  • Share your images on social media
Katrin Eismann
Josh Haftel
S502 - 47 Things to Know About After Effects

There’s so much information out there about the world’s most popular motion graphics and compositing application, where do you focus? Did you know there are a specific number of tips, tricks, and techniques — 47 to be exact — that will get you most of the way to where you want to go? Whether you’re an editor or designer just thinking about getting into After Effects, or someone already very familiar, you’ll gain from this odd-numbered set of approaches to aid in your path to success.

Workflow fetishist and inefficiency hater Mark Christiansen will show you:

  • Where to start if the thought of After Effects makes you scared
  • Where to focus to improve your After Effects experience
  • What can make the biggest difference in having an effortless time with Adobe’s most sophisticated video tool
Mark Christiansen
S106 - 99U Fireside Chat with Former White House Photographer Pete Souza

What is it like to do one of the most intense creative jobs for one of the world's most challenging clients? That's one of the many questions 99U editor-in-chief Matt McCue will ask Pete Souza, who photographed President Obama's iconic presidency (as well as President Reagan's). He'll discuss what it was like to work in a dream job only a few people have ever had.  

In this interview, you'll hear how Pete:

  • Landed the coveted job
  • Built up trust with President Obama and developed a strong personal rapport
  • Captured the human side of President Obama 
  • Navigated time zones, high-pressure conversations, security issues, large crowds, and lights to take his photos
  • Balanced the demands of the job with his personal life


Matt McCue
Pete Souza
S608 - Acrobat: Hidden Gems for Creatives

Adobe Acrobat is a workhorse application for creatives, relied on by Creative Cloud members worldwide. Are you getting the most out of this critical creative application and Adobe PDF? In this session, Creative Cloud and Acrobat guru Patti Sokol and renowned designer and author Chris Converse will demonstrate the latest capabilities of Acrobat, Acrobat Reader mobile app, and Adobe Scan, a new mobile scanning app that simplifies your life by moving paper to digital.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How the advanced PDF workflows in Acrobat can speed creative decision-making, power asset reviews, and drive collaboration across creative and client teams
  • How the powerful mobile capabilities of Acrobat Reader play an essential role across the business of creativity
  • How to use Adobe Scan to capture everyday images — such as receipts, NDAs, or model release forms — and transform them into versatile PDFs
Patti Sokol
Chris Converse
S301 - Adding Realistic Textures to Your Designs in Illustrator

The rustic textures, weathered looks, and distressed effects often found in posters are easy to achieve using Capture CC and Illustrator CC. In this session, you’ll learn how to use Capture CC to create textures, graffiti, and shapes from images, then bring those assets into Illustrator to create amazing grunge and texture effects for backgrounds and type. Learn the top techniques for working with these creative effects in almost any Illustrator project

Join author and trainer Brian Wood as he shows you how to:

  • Capture an inspiration in the real world -- vintage type, textures, graffiti – and turn it into a vector graphic to use in your designs
  • Use an Adobe Stock Template for a design concept
  • Work with Image Trace in Illustrator to create new vector assets
  • Apply these real world looks to your artwork in Illustrator, working with the Appearance panel, blend modes, and masks
Brian Wood
L526 - Adobe Character Animator: Advanced Animation Techniques

Know some basic animation skills but want to learn more? Dan Ramirez, Adobe senior quality engineer, will walk you through some advanced techniques to help your characters come alive with Character Animator. If you’re familiar with Character Animator, or plan to take the Intro to Character Animator Lab (L523) first, this lab will take your character animation skills to the next level.

In this intermediate lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a multi-view puppet from a single view
  • Add extra capability to your character by incorporating Adobe Stock images and image sequences
  • Make your puppet walk and send it to After Effects to incorporate it into a larger scene
  • Record and edit your character’s performance
  • Use various export options, including live animation on Facebook or YouTube
Dan Ramirez
S218 - Adobe Muse 101: Building a Responsive Website from Scratch

As a graphic designer, do you love to design but hate to code? Join Adobe Principal Evangelist Terry White as he shows you the basics of building your first responsive website using Adobe Muse. He’ll take you from planning to publishing, without having to worry about CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

You’ll see how to:

  • Design with beautiful typography, including how to choose from thousands of premium web fonts from Typekit
  • Engage your site visitors with full-screen imagery, slideshows, contact forms, scroll effects, and more
  • Make your site look great on mobile devices
Terry White
S243 - Adobe Spark: Your Secret Weapon for Designing Social Media Content

Whether you’re a creative professional or a solo entrepreneur with limited design skills, it can be a struggle to create engaging content for an ever-increasing number of social media platforms. In this session, Michael Ninness, senior director of product, graphic, and web design at Adobe, will teach you how to use Adobe Spark to dramatically reduce the time it takes to create beautiful social media graphics, videos, stories, and presentations that also reflect your or your company’s brand.

Michael will cover:

  • Setting up your brand kit
  • Using Spark Post to create social media graphics
  • Using Spark Video to create engaging social videos
  • Using Spark Page to create gorgeous web stories, articles, and presentations
  • Creating and publishing from anywhere — accessing Spark online and from mobile devices
Michael Ninness
S503 - Advanced Timesaving Workflows in Adobe Premiere Pro

Work smarter not harder! Your deadlines are still your deadlines, but what if you could get more done? What if you had a professional editor to lean over your shoulder and give you killer tips? Adobe MAX Master Jeff I. Greenberg will help you change your approach to the keyboard, tools, and workflows of getting things done in Adobe Premiere Pro. Stop using the excuse “I’m self-taught” and learn how professional editors work.

In this dynamic session, you’ll learn:

  • Jeff’s method for using the keyboard with no memorization
  • How to make slideshows and montages faster
  • Faster rendering and output techniques by tweaking sequence settings
  • Professional editorial techniques (like three-point editing) for faster and better storytelling
  • How trim modes allow you to finesse footage
  • How proxies can help older hardware deal with newer video formats
Jeff Greenberg
S312 - Adventures in Mobile Drawing: Fun, Functional, and Inspirational

Join this session to hear Robert Generette III, educator and freelance illustrator, share workflows, insights, and advice for transitioning from traditional paper-and-pencil techniques to drawing using Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch. Learn how you can create amazing work — wherever you are — from a tablet.

In this inspirational talk, Rob will reveal:

  • How drawing digitally can enhance your existing process
  • Techniques for managing layered files across your devices
  • Insights gained while illustrating with mobile apps for clients including NBA, NASCAR, and Nike Baseball
Rob Generette III
L522 - After Effects for Designers and Editors: Top Five Things You Need to Know

Come take the leap into the world of motion graphics with motion graphics designer and educator Ian Robinson. He’ll guide you through the top five workflows you’ll need to know to get up and running comfortably in After Effects.

During this hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand and work efficiently in the After Effects user interface
  • Design an animated title
  • Build a transition with Shape Layers, and create a lower third graphic template
  • Fix problematic footage including camera shake, blurring issues, exposure, and color
  • Use rendering and Dynamic Link workflows for final output
Ian Robinson
S407 - A Modern Photo Workflow

Join Adobe’s Bryan O’Neil Hughes, head of outreach and collaboration and Photoshop and mobile apps guru, for this special course on a modern, connected, and nondestructive photographic workflow. Bryan will show you how to get the most out of your camera (smartphone, mirrorless, or DSLR), your screen (phone, tablet, desktop, and beyond), and the applications and services that connect them. You’ll leave knowing how to capture and edit images in ways that you never thought you could!

Bryan will increase your understanding of:

  • When to use which Adobe apps
  • How to save valuable time
  • Adobe apps including Photoshop Lightroom for mobile, Adobe Capture CC, Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Mix, Adobe Spark Page, Lightroom on the web, and Lightroom CC
Bryan O'Neil Hughes
S401 - A Photo a Day: Keeping the Cliché Away

You have a great camera with you wherever you go, one that also makes phone calls! In this fun and inspiring session, explore how practicing photography each day can turn your daily commute or that long line into a great creative spark. Working with smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras, internationally respected artist, teacher, and author Katrin Eismann will share creative tips that you can experiment with every day to create exciting and unique images.

You’ll learn:

  • Facebook can wait: Using your phone to take better pictures
  • Look again: Seeing the magic on your commute or in your daily routine
  • Know the photo rules: Breaking the rules
  • When to get the shot in camera versus in software
  • Quick image processing tips to make your images sparkle
Katrin Eismann
L329 - Applied 3D Design: Creating an Identity Package in 3D with Project Felix

Project Felix is putting the power of 3D tools into the graphic designer’s hands, so what’s the best way to wield it? Translate what you already know about design to create an identity package ready for a client pitch using 3D tools to speed your workflow. We’ll explore this process and a few easy techniques in this hands-on lab where users learn to apply a design to packaging, giveaways, and even signage using Felix. Previous experience is beneficial but not required.

In this lab, you’ll learn about the following:

  • How the basics of design translate into 3D
  • Staging and framing 3D objects 
  • Preparing 2D elements for use as logos
  • Adjusting lighting for the right look
  • Final touches in Photoshop
Justin Patton
S505 - Audio Is Half the Picture: Getting Great Mixes with Premiere Pro & Audition

When producing audio for video there are tips and tricks you need to know. Join Maxim Jago as he teaches the things you must know to produce the best sound for your video productions.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Quick audio editing using the Essential Audio Panel
    • Identify potential problems with audio files before you begin mixing (noise, pops, plosives, etc)
    • Understand when to mix in stereo or 5.1 and how to set-up each application to work properly in those environments
    • Work with real-time native and 3rd party audio effects; automating mixes
    • Deliver audio in multiple formats, and how to choose the right one for the right destination
Maxim Jago
S403 - Authentic and Awesome People Pictures

People photography matters more than ever. We all take pictures of people every day, and we all need a good portrait of ourselves for social media and more. It’s one of the fastest growing, most challenging, dynamic, valuable, and interesting genres of photography. In this session, take your photos from mediocre to magnificent by learning how to create natural, genuine, interesting, awesome, and meaningful photographs of people.

Whether you’re a creative pro or someone who wants to learn more, best-selling author and pro photographer Chris Orwig will show you:

  • Practical and actionable steps that you can take to improve your people photography right away
  • How you can use natural light to capture the best shot
  • How to use Photoshop Lightroom to improve your photographs
Chris Orwig
S229 - Baidu Design: UX Innovations for a Billion Users

User experience design is devloping rapidly in China, extending from mobile Internet innovations to current explorations into how users interact with AI. Zixuan Zhou, a senior UX designer at Baidu, will introduce what and how Baidu is innovating, and give you a glimpse of the present status of China’s user experience design.

In this session, you will see:

  • Innovations in-progress: Robot Xiaodu, DuerOS (a conversational AI OS), and more
  • Baidu design principles and approaches
  • How designers collaborate with other roles to create good user experience at high speed
Zixuan Zhou
L325 - Beginner’s Photoshop CC – Learn the Right Tools to Maximize Your Creativity

You open your first image or create a new blank document in Photoshop CC. Now what? What’s the fun of following tutorials when you don’t understand the buttons or commands? Join this hands-on lab for beginners to gain a fundamental understanding of the most often used tools, menus, and panels in Photoshop CC. You’ll also learn how to utilize Creative Cloud services to boost your Photoshop productivity. Get familiar with key concepts, and walk out with a solid foundation to maximize your creative aspirations.

Adobe senior solutions consultant A.J. Wood will show you how to:

  • Get started with a new project using templates from Adobe Stock
  • Work with selections versus editing the entire image
  • Work nondestructively with layers
  • Use Creative Cloud Libraries and Typekit for your projects
  • Even more tips and tricks
A.J. Wood
W115 - Behance Portfolio Reviews at MAX

Behance Portfolio Reviews are an opportunity to get an objective critique of how you present your work and learn best practices for standing out in a competitive market. We’ll kick off this session with a short talk on how top creatives differentiate themselves and then break into small groups for the portfolio reviews.

Here’s how the reviews will work:

  • Prior to MAX, you’ll receive an email survey asking you for a link to your portfolio and your creative area of focus.
  • At the MAX session, attendees will break up into groups based on their creative area.
  • Expert Adobe reviewers will provide feedback on individual portfolios and answer questions about their creative field.


Roxanne Schwartz
Meagan Keane
Al Rossin
Matthew Richmond
Alex Poterek
Brenda Milis
Michael Jarrott
Brooke Francesi
Erica Larson
Damon Nelson
Shelley Gruendler
Debbie Grossman
W265 - Best Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Brush Lettering

Learn the basics and beyond in this brush lettering workshop. We’ll start with the essentials — from tools and materials to brush manipulation and handling, creating core letterforms and structures, adding flourishes, and refining your lettering — and finally put it all together in one or more completed works for your portfolio. Previous experience in hand lettering isn’t necessary. All supplies will be provided.

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn to use a brush to create letters and understand the brush lettering process
  • Learn the structure and ductus of cursive script forms
  • Explore a variety of lettering methods and styles, taught by two experienced lettering artists and script typeface designers
  • Learn skills and procedures that you can apply to numerous kinds of future lettering projects
Laura Worthington
Debi Sementelli
S242 - Branding Passion: How to Create a Compelling Campaign for Social Change

See how story + design + community can be used to create positive social change. We all have the ability to shift perspective and to create an impact. But making this impact can’t happen only with passion — there needs to be a strategic and defined process to carry the concept to real, successful outcomes while not overwhelming you. In this session, principal and creative director Justin Ahrens will go through the Rule29 approach and show how work like Wheels4Water, their design-for-good project, has helped bring safe water to thousands of people in Uganda.

Justin will share:

  • Tips and techniques on how to do your own project
  • How doing this type of work can change you, your company, and how you see the world
Justin Ahrens
P274 - Build a Responsive Website in Adobe Muse – No Code Required

Break free from template-based web design without having to learn HTML, CSS or Javascript. In this one-day, hands-on workshop, you’ll see how easy it is to use Adobe Muse CC to create cutting-edge web designs including flat design, scroll effects, and responsive design, for any sized screen. Plus learn about integrating a third party shopping cart, one of over 1,000 widgets available to extend Muse functionality. Learn tips to preview, test, and update, before you take your site live. You’ll leave with the knowledge of how to deliver professional, unique desktop and mobile sites that meet the latest web standards, load quickly, are search engine optimized, and automatically adapt when viewed on any sized screen or device.

Dani Beaumont
P273 - Building Design Systems with Adobe XD, Illustrator, and Photoshop

A UX design system that scales is critical for teams: It provides a common design language to efficiently and flexibly build products with consistent experiences that users can easily understand. Pattern libraries, style guides, and UI kits are only a partial solution to the challenges of consistency and collaboration. Find out how we as designers can lay the foundation that achieves this vision and allows for unique design solutions.

In this full-day hands-on workshop with designer, developer, and trainer Brian Wood, you’ll discover how to:

  • Create a design system using Adobe XD, Illustrator, and Photoshop and where to find inspiration
  • Determine the right elements and components needed
  • Accommodate multiple stakeholders
  • Test your system
  • Use best practices to build your design system, from creating symbols and artboards in XD and adding content from Photoshop and Illustrator to testing, sharing, and exporting final XD projects
Brian Wood
S101 - Building Your Personal Brand

Can you tell people why you are different and better than every other creative out there? Join Stephen Gates, in-house creative executive, to find out why building your brand is critical for finding the perfect new job, standing out in your current job, or getting respect in the industry. This session will highlight the power, importance, and difficulties of creating your own personal brand and how to start building it today.

 Stephen will provide insight to help you:

  • Understand the four reasons why building your personal brand is critical to your career growth
  • Choose a brand archetype as the foundation of your brand
  • Build your brand to set you apart from the crowd
  • Create your personal brand ecosystem
Stephen Gates
L415 - Capturing, Editing, and Sharing Photos from Anywhere: Hands-on Lab

Learn how to use recent enhancements to Photoshop Lightroom to make photographs look their best. Join Lightroom expert Matt Kloskowski as he guides you through Lightroom tools that let you bring out the best in your photography. In this hands-on lab, you’ll practice seamlessly managing photos across devices and the cloud, creating content on mobile and desktop, and sharing it with the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to experiment with the most compelling and useful new Lightroom features on Macs and iPads and how to make them work for you.  

Topics include: 

  • Tips and tricks for making eye-catching edits anytime, wherever you are
  • How to access your photos from any device at any time
  • How to rate, edit, and organize your photographs
Matt Kloskowski
S700 - Career Crossroads: Navigating Your Next Professional Move

Are you stuck in a career rut? Debating whether to stay in your current role or pursue a new opportunity? Not sure how to get to the next step — or even what the next step should be? Join 25-year career expert Diane Domeyer as she shares her professional journey and helps you identify new career directions.

In this interactive session, you will:

  • Learn how industry leaders leveraged on-the-job ennui to forge a happier, more fulfilling professional path
  • Walk through several exercises for setting and achieving actionable career goals
  • Get a preview of hiring trends and in-demand creative jobs for 2018
  • Discuss strategies for overcoming common job-hunting obstacles and remaining relevant in today’s digital world

By attending this session, your information will be shared with The Creative Group.

Diane Domeyer
S705 - Content Marketing Made Easy: Build a Brand, Grow a Following

The demand for visually engaging content is increasing at a rapid rate. How has this affected your approach to brand storytelling? Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business, cause, or growing organization, it’s challenging to create, brand, and market your content. Join Adobe Spark product leaders Benjamin Matthews, director of design, and Thibault Imbert, principal product manager for growth, as they discuss best practices to build your brand, meet the demands of content creation, and achieve growth and awareness via social.

Benjamin and Thibault will cover:

  • Strategy: Learn why a basic brand framework is a powerful guide to brand storytelling.
  • Consistency: Creating consistent branded content can be intimidating for many and time-consuming for most. Not anymore with Spark.
  • Growth: Discover growth hacking techniques, how to build a community, and how to boost your brand’s social presence.
Benjamin Matthews
Thibault Imbert
P350 - Create a Character in Photoshop

Learn the techniques to create a character just like those in animated films. Former Disney animator/director Aaron Blaise will teach you how to create a compelling animal character on your own. During this hands-on preconference lab, Aaron will take you through his step-by-step process for creating unique creature designs in Photoshop. He’ll demonstrate concepts and techniques, and you’ll apply them to your own project, leaving with a creature you can be proud of. Participants should have a strong background in Photoshop and be ready for a fun learning day. 

Steps for this artistic journey include: 

  • Working with a strong thumbnail sketch—Aaron will have one for you to start with 
  • Roughing in the design 
  • Refining the initial drawing 
  • Adding color, shadows and highlights 
  • Enhancing with photographic textures and how to create or find textures 
  • Adding final details such as reflected light, deeper shadows,brighter highlights, and experimenting with focus
Aaron Blaise
L327 - Create Jaw-Dropping Header Images with Project Felix

Join Master FX Training’s Corey Barker in this hands-on lab as he takes you deeper into Project Felix and working with 3D assets to create a header image for your website or social media page. You’ll learn how to leverage the power of materials and lights so your scenes become hyper-realistic compositions that will stand out with your clients. You’ll walk away feeling more familiar with the arsenal of tricks of the 3D trade in Project Felix and how to use these tools to work faster and with more control.

Corey will take you through:

  • Fundamental 3D concepts
  • Material editing effects and techniques
  • Understanding image-based light properties
  • Using Adobe Stock to create a faster, more efficient workflow
  • Final rendering and publishing
Corey Barker
S506 - Create Your First Video: Bringing It Together with Creative Cloud

Whether you use your mobile phone or DSLR to capture the shot or decide to record in a full-blown studio, creating your first video is not as hard as you might think. Join video experts Abba Shapiro and Jeff Greenberg as they teach you how to use the Creative Cloud tools at your disposal to make a one-of-a-kind video.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Capture great video wherever you are
  • Improve your audio, including how to avoid problems with mobile recording
  • Make your content look amazing using color grading tools
  • Publish content directly to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other device or destination
Abba Shapiro
Jeff Greenberg
L523 - Creating a Character from Scratch with Character Animator

Character animation has never been more approachable (or fun) thanks to Adobe Character Animator. Join Adobe Senior Experience Designer Dave Werner as he walks you through a complete professional animation workflow. Whether you’re a newcomer to animation or a veteran, this lab will teach you new ways to incorporate Character Animator into your workflow — making it faster, streamlined, and more enjoyable.

In Dave’s lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build an optimized, custom character in Photoshop using organized groups and layer names
  • Rig, practice, perform, record, and edit with your character in Character Animator
  • Add professional finishing touches in After Effects and export a video
Dave Werner
S237 - Creating a UI Design System for Millions of Americans

A comprehensive design system is a critical tool for maintaining a consistent UI during rapid development that spans multiple products. Creating an effective system is a huge undertaking for any organization; doing so within the context of one of the most scrutinized presidential campaigns presented a unique challenge. Come hear Mina Markham, former senior engineer for Hillary for America 2016, as she walks you through her process for building and refining Pantsuit, the design system that powered many of the projects on 

In this session, you’ll:

  • Discover how Mina managed to create two design systems in a year’s time
  • Glean lessons learned from working in the trenches of a political campaign
  • Hear how Mina managed intense public scrutiny on a highly visible project
Mina Markham
P530 - Creating Dynamic Media for Social and Web

Don’t miss this fun, hands-on class where you’ll create a range of dynamic media that’s perfect for the web and social media.  Join Richard Harrington and Pamela Berry as they show you how to create media that is unique and engaging using a DSLR or Mirrorless camera and applications like Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. This class is perfect for all experience levels and features hands-on learning where users will capture images and video onsite and transform it into dynamic online content.

Attendees will leave knowing how to:

  • Capture and create cinemagraphs
  • Animate a logo for the web
  • Build a looping profile video for social icons
  • Create stop motion animation for social ads
  • Capture green screen material for a virtual presenter
  • Optimize video for delivery to web and social platforms
Pamela Berry
Richard Harrington
L256 - Creating Modern, Responsive Sites with Bootstrap and Dreamweaver CC

Learn how to create modern, responsive web pages from scratch using a combination of Bootstrap components and intuitive tools that cater to web builders. Dreamweaver CC has been reimagined with a modern interface and a new set of tools for designers who need to code.

In this hands-on lab, you’ll create a responsive landing page, and Roman Villarreal of Lumenbrite Training will show you how to:

  • Add and customize Bootstrap components
  • Utilize column-resizing tools in Live View
  • View high-speed code with autocomplete, Emmet, and real-time error checking
  • Use timesaving tricks to rapidly design your pages
  • Integrate Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Libraries for collaboration and streamlined workflows
Roman Villarreal
S711 - Creating Virtual Reality Video

Virtual reality opens up new ways to create and experience immersive storytelling. Join VR creators Gary Hustwit, Jessica Edwards, Ben Ross, and Brittany Neff as they show work they’ve created with Google, Oculus, the Wall Street Journal, and others and discuss techniques for making compelling 360 video. If you’ve been wondering how to make VR content or have already started experimenting with this new medium, this session is for you.
In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Creative approaches: What types of stories work best in VR?
  • How to get started shooting 360 video, both monoscopic and stereoscopic
  • Differences between the standard video and 360 video editing workflow
  • How to capture and use audio in VR content
  • What VR tools are now part of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

By attending this session, you agree to have your information shared with Google.

Gary Hustwit
Ben Ross
Brittany Neff
Jessica Edwards
W345 - Creation and Collaboration: Hands-on Image Making with Christian Clayton

Step away from the screen and put down the mouse. Here’s your chance to roll up your sleeves, relax, and explore the expressive process of making art with your own hands without ego or judgment. Join artist and professor Christian Clayton as he guides you to act on your intuition, push your personal expression, and create imagery that moves from artist to artist, delivering one-of-a-kind art that’s created together by you and your workshop colleagues. No experience is required and all materials are provided.

In this fast-paced workshop, you’ll discover:

  • The joy of taking chances without worrying about expectations or end results
  • How to have fun with the spontaneous creative process 
  • What it means to be an active, experimental collaborator 
  • How amazing art can result from a group’s creative cooperation
Christian Clayton
S508 - Creative Cloud for Video: Tips and Tricks for Post-Production

Get ready for a whirlwind ride as Adobe Master Trainer and author Maxim Jago shares his fast tips for post-production, combining Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Audition techniques in a bow to the Japanese concept of kata, or honing skills through repetition. As Jago races through new features and advanced techniques, he just may break the record for the most tips covered in a session.

In Maxim’s session you, you’ll learn:

  • How to think less and create more
  • Ways to incorporate multiple applications into your workflow without being an expert in everything
  • Fast and easy approaches for maximum efficiency in post-production
  • New features that allow unprecedented workflows between After Effects and Premiere Pro
Maxim Jago
P605 - Creative Cloud@MAX: Bring your ideas to life, Part 1 (Murano 3303)

From mobile to desktop, from application to application, and from creative to creative — Creative Cloud makes accessing and sharing your ideas and assets friction-free. This exciting day and a half, project-based, hands-on session explores how Creative Cloud can make your work more efficient, and more inspired.
Learn what’s new in Creative Cloud and incorporate your learning into a hands-on creative project. We’ll dive into Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, the Creative mobile apps, and more. Apply the built-in Creative Cloud integrations to get your work done. Turn your ideas and inspirations into production-ready content and incorporate beautiful Adobe Stock assets. And with Creative Cloud your desktop and mobile devices are connected, so you can do great work anywhere.

Eric Rowse
Michael Murphy
Dave Weinberg
A.J. Wood
P603 - Creative Cloud@MAX: Bring your ideas to life, Part 1 (San Polo 3401A)

From mobile to desktop, from application to application, and from creative to creative — Creative Cloud makes accessing and sharing your ideas and assets friction-free. This exciting day and a half, project-based, hands-on session explores how Creative Cloud can make your work more efficient, and more inspired.
Learn what’s new in Creative Cloud and incorporate your learning into a hands-on creative project. We’ll dive into Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, the Creative mobile apps, and more. Apply the built-in Creative Cloud integrations to get your work done. Turn your ideas and inspirations into production-ready content and incorporate beautiful Adobe Stock assets. And with Creative Cloud your desktop and mobile devices are connected, so you can do great work anywhere.

Patti Sokol
P606 - Creative Cloud@MAX: Bring your ideas to life, Part 2 (Murano 3303)

From mobile to desktop, from application to application, and from creative to creative — Creative Cloud makes accessing and sharing your ideas and assets friction-free. This exciting day and a half, project-based, hands-on session explores how Creative Cloud can make your work more efficient, and more inspired.
Learn what’s new in Creative Cloud and incorporate your learning into a hands-on creative project. We’ll dive into Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, the Creative mobile apps, and more. Apply the built-in Creative Cloud integrations to get your work done. Turn your ideas and inspirations into production-ready content and incorporate beautiful Adobe Stock assets. And with Creative Cloud your desktop and mobile devices are connected, so you can do great work anywhere.

Eric Rowse
Michael Murphy
Dave Weinberg
A.J. Wood
P604 - Creative Cloud@MAX: Bring your ideas to life, Part 2 (San Polo 3401A)

From mobile to desktop, from application to application, and from creative to creative — Creative Cloud makes accessing and sharing your ideas and assets friction-free. This exciting day and a half, project-based, hands-on session explores how Creative Cloud can make your work more efficient, and more inspired.
Learn what’s new in Creative Cloud and incorporate your learning into a hands-on creative project. We’ll dive into Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, the Creative mobile apps, and more. Apply the built-in Creative Cloud integrations to get your work done. Turn your ideas and inspirations into production-ready content and incorporate beautiful Adobe Stock assets. And with Creative Cloud your desktop and mobile devices are connected, so you can do great work anywhere.

Patti Sokol
S318 - Creative Group Therapy: Joy & Creativity for You, Your Team, & Your Clients

How does graphic design — one of the most creative and joyful professions — become so painfully arduous and not creative? Do you head into the office excited to challenge yourself creatively only to leave feeling like just another pair of hands? You’re not alone; all creatives have felt that way at some time. But there is a way out. Creativity is a process of understanding, defining, and acting with specific milestones. Noreen Morioka, AIGA medalist and ADC board member, will show how to identify the issues and create the goals you need to build powerhouse creative teams.

Join Noreen in this interactive session and leave knowing: 

  • Ways to identify and solve creative roadblocks
  • What you need for creative success 
  • How to develop a process for successful projects
  • How to identify and work with strengths/weaknesses of co-workers
  • How you can love your job again
Noreen Morioka
P430 - Creative Synergy: Your Imagination Realized with Creative Image Compositing

Expand your creative repertoire by learning how to shoot professional photos, and use them to build both photo-realistic and surreal composite images. Join Sony Artisan photographer, artist, author, and educator Katrin Eismann and photographer, educator, author, and compositing artist Seán Duggan in this action-packed hands-on training. 

Start by learning how lighting, posing, and framing subjects make the difference between good and great photography. Shoot photographs of models and artifacts in a variety of settings — gaining shooting techniques and learning how to take photos that work better for compositing, and experiment with Sony mirrorless digital cameras, posing, lighting, props, and backgrounds. Learn Photoshop compositing techniques to bring your ideas to life. Create a composited, printed poster reflecting your vision.

Previous photography experience isn’t necessary, but an intermediate understanding of Photoshop, selections, and layers is strongly recommended. Please bring a camera or a phone and all required cables or card readers. 


Seán Duggan
Katrin Eismann
GS710 - Day 1 Keynote

Adobe is passionate about empowering the creative community to push boundaries through technology. We are constantly looking around the corner — to stay on top of the latest innovations and to build them into our tools — all of which helps kick-start the creative process so you can spend your time doing great work. In this keynote, we’ll unveil major innovation across the world’s best creative system including a new generation of Creative Cloud apps, services and assets.  

GS711 - Day 2 Keynote

Join us for a day that celebrates the power of community and creativity — you’ll hear from multi-faceted artists across different disciplines who will share their unique stories of triumph and inspiration. These include potter and designer Jonathan Adler; photojournalist Annie Griffiths; music producer Mark Ronson; and director, writer and actor Jon Favreau.

Annie Griffiths
Jonathan Adler
Jon Favreau
S210 - Design Hacking with Illustrator: Color and Shape

Color and shape are the core foundations of any design, yet mastering them in Illustrator can yield untold benefits in productivity and creativity. Learn to use a mixture of deceivingly simple tools, features, and production strategies to bend Illustrator to your will and get your work done faster and with better results.

In this advanced session, Mordy Golding, one-time Illustrator product manager and author of over 25 courses, will share:

  • A combination of new and old tools to help you build perfect vector shapes — no matter how complex — quickly and painlessly
  • How Illustrator “sees” color and how you can use that to your advantage
  • Why groups and layers aren’t just for convenience or neatness and organization
  • How little-known or misunderstood color and transparency settings can save you time every day
  • Innovative ways to use Blend, Shape Builder, Variable Width, Offset Path, and more
Mordy Golding
P271 - Designing and Prototyping Better User Experiences

User experience is the key to business success. The pressure on designers to deliver a compelling and seamless journey across a myriad of devices and possible outcomes is higher than ever. And the modern design process is a complex one: user research, information architecture, wireframing, interaction, visual design, prototyping, and user testing. See how Adobe Creative Cloud applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator and XD, make it easier to design and prototype experiences that can be shared with and tested by users and stakeholders before moving into production.

In this session, which combines hands-on work and lecture, you’ll learn:

  • A framework for selecting appropriate research methods given the product life cycle stage
  • How to leverage Adobe XD for wireframing, hi-fi design, and prototyping to speed up the design process
  • Techniques for bitmap editing in Photoshop and icon creation in Illustrator
  • Best practices and pitfalls for moderating user testing sessions
Andre Jay Meissner
Jenna Melnyk
Gleren Meneghin
Lindsey Wallace
L253 - Designing App Icons with Photoshop Lab

Join designer extraordinaire Michael Flarup as he takes you on a quest for the long-lost art of icon design. Michael will show you how to use Photoshop to create the single most important visual aspect of your product: the app icon. You’ll move from initial concept through the export of final files, and the lab will wrap up with presentations from willing participants and open critique using the knowledge learned. You’ll walk out with a solid foundation of icon design theory and the tools involved in delivering successful app icons.

In this hands-on lab, Michael Flarup will walk you through:

  • The five core aspects of successful icon design
  • Examples of great iconography
  • Working with icons in Photoshop
  • How to use Smart Object templates in Photoshop to generate many icon sizes
  • Lots of tips, tricks, and stories from the world of making things
Michael Flarup
S239 - Designing for 231,556,622 Americans

Designers know the vulnerability that comes with putting their work out into the world. Imagine what it’s like to lead design during the most media-drenched presidential election in history. Join Jennifer Kinon, brand identity expert and the design director of Hillary for America 2016, for a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be in the trenches of a political campaign.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Hear about why she joined, what she learned, and how she is getting along in the aftermath
  • Explore work samples and get an understanding of what it’s like to have the whole world looking at your social graphics, merchandise, microsites, placards, ads, art, identity systems, and more

Speaker disclaimer:  the views expressed in this presentation at Adobe MAX are those of the speaker and not, necessarily, of Adobe MAX.  

Jennifer Kinon
S230 - Designing Government Services for Everyone: A United UX for America

Millions of people rely on government services every day, from accessing benefits and filing taxes to checking the weather. In recent years a new wave of designers and engineers has answered the call to help update and remake these services from inside the federal government. One of them, San Francisco-based UX and visual designer Erica Deahl, will share learnings on what it’s like to tackle these systemic design challenges and create solutions that work for all Americans.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Strategies for connecting with and rebuilding trust with users of all backgrounds
  • How to work within complex legal and political constraints, collaborate across institutional silos, and bring user-centered design to legacy services
  • How to take an accessibility-first approach to design problems
  • Building cohesive user experiences across disparate services
  • How federal agencies are inviting designers to join their efforts to address systemic UX problems
Erica Deahl
S601 - Designing Your Brand Experience from End to End

When it comes down to it, it’s the experience that matters. When your brand creates or contributes to a useful, memorable, and personal experience, customers will be motivated to come back to you. Engagement is a huge part of the customer experience, but not everyone knows what it is or how it works. In this session, explore the principles of engagement and how they can be used to build incredible experiences every time.

You’ll learn:

  • Engagement basics for shaping every experience in every channel
  • How a global brand has succeeded in this kind of engagement
Sebastian Shaw
James Sommerville
L258 - Developer Collaboration Using Git in Dreamweaver

Explore this deep dive to understand how you can collaborate with fellow developers using Git in Dreamweaver. Developers often find themselves working in teams or on an open source project with much of their source code managed using Git. In this hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to track changes and coordinate work on your source code among multiple developers, all within Dreamweaver. From setup to pushing changes to managing branches,discover how to leverage the power of Git using Dreamweaver.

Suhas Yogin, Dreamweaver program manager, will walk you through:  

  • Setting up Git to work with Dreamweaver — do’s and don’ts
  • Files panel changes
  • How to initialize or clone a Git repository
  • Ways to perform common Git operations, such as Repo History, File History, Fetch, and more
  • How to commit, push, and pull
  • Managing remotes and branches
  • Best practices for using Git
Suhas Yogin
S702 - DJI Drones and Creative Cloud: Elevating your Image

Drones provide a new and unique way of photographing and filming the world, allowing shots that were impossible until now. It’s time to carve out your personal style and get noticed during this camera revolution. Join DJI expert (and founder of Colin Smith, as he shows you the best ways to capture photographs and video footage from DJI’s latest aerial imaging platforms. See how to process those photos and video, using Creative Cloud to bring out the very best in each photo and video clip, for stunning and professional results.

You’ll learn:

  • Top five tips for shooting photos with a drone
  • Top five tips for shooting cinematic video with a drone 
  • Which is the best drone for you
  • How to process aerial photographs

By attending this session, your information will be shared with DJI.

Colin Smith
S244 - Do Babies and Ideas Come from the Same Place?

James Victore is widely known for his impassioned views about design and its place in the world. In this dynamic session, James will explore where good ideas come from — and how we can make them happen more often.

Notes James, “I love letting ideas roll around with each other, playing and cuddling; this is one of the ways we turn thoughts into poetry.”

Among the topics James will tackle:

  • How to widen your peripheral vision and keep your sense of imagination sharp and flexible
  • Ways to be more precise with imagery and iconography
  • What role does logic play? Can we be illogical and still communicate?
  • Why “clever” sucks — bigtime
  • His “Sphincter of Truth” theory
James Victore
L326 - Essential Photoshop Techniques for Creative Composites

Join Photoshop expert Seán Duggan, coauthor of “Photoshop Masking & Compositing,” as he shares essential, mission-critical techniques for creating multiple image composites. As Seán guides you through each step in the process, you’ll use existing photographs to create entirely new images. Expand your creativity by using photographs in different ways, learn how to shoot photographs so they work well in composites, and discover how the all-important question of “What else can it be?” will help you see compositing possibilities.  

In this hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use selection techniques to remove subjects from their backgrounds
  • Work with layers, layer masks, and blending modes to combine images
  • Take advantage of Smart Objects for flexible transformations
  • Add adjustment layers to match tone, color, and lighting
  • Use Adobe Stock images in the compositing process
Seán Duggan
S305 - Everyday Selections in Photoshop Made Easy

There’s no escaping it — whether you’re a photographer, designer, or just working in Photoshop, making accurate selections and cutouts is a necessary skill. Are you looking to create complex compositions or simply change the color of an object? Let photographer, educator, and author Glyn Dewis get you up to speed and show you how to tackle the selection tools in Photoshop as well as how to “fake it” by using other Photoshop tools and simple techniques. You’ll leave armed with the knowledge you need to tackle selections with confidence and achieve great results every time.  

In this session, Glyn will show you:  

  • How to get the best results with the Photoshop tools you already have
  • How to make light work of tricky selections by using brushes
  • Why layer masks are your best friend
  • Blend modes for creative and quick compositing
Glyn Dewis
S233 - Evolution of the Design Process with Adobe XD

Experience design has evolved. The way designers work, the tools they use, and the mediums they design for have all changed rapidly. Learn how Adobe XD can help you overcome today’s challenges to create better user experiences. We’ll look at the modern design process and discuss how XD is built around the key design, prototyping, and collaboration milestones.  

Adobe XD product managers Jonathan Pimento and Cisco Guzman will cover:

  • Today’s design process and the tools used
  • An understanding of the design process, changes, and implications
  • An introduction to Adobe XD, focusing on how to use the tools to design, prototype, and share work 
  • Tips and tricks to increase productivity and speed up the design process
  • A glimpse into what’s coming next
Jonathan Pimento
Cisco Guzman
S306 - Exclusive Look: Compositing Secrets Pros Use for Major Ad Campaigns

Join Hollywood Photoshop guru Lisa Carney as she shares her top techniques for creating the complex images used in well-known marketing campaigns, product shots, and movie posters. From dramatically reworking a single shot to combining many elements, Lisa will show you how to make ordinary images extraordinary, and how these compositing tricks can be used for any image or kind of work.

In this inspiring session, you’ll learn:

  • Creative compositing tricks to combine images that look perfectly pulled together
  • Photoshop color grading techniques to deliver cinematic results like the masters
  • How to create effects that add the finishing polish to your projects
Lisa Carney
S206 - Experiential Design 101: Authenticity For the Win

There are many subspecialties for designers: one is connecting with audiences through physical, real-time, participatory, and often communal spaces. Join graphic designer turned experiential designer Jessi Arrington as she shares her insights from creating environments like pop-up shops, conferences, and themed celebrations for notable brands, including Etsy, TED, and New York City. Discover the latest trends as well as pitfalls to avoid. You’ll leave with ideas on how you can pivot on your strengths to add experiential design to your repertoire. This session is for general designers, not those who already consider themselves experienced at experiential.

Jessi will discuss:

  • How to leverage traditional graphic design skills to create effective experiences
  • Examples of successful, and not so successful, experiential designs
  • When to follow trends, or add new technologies like VR
  • Pulling off a hat trick: remaining true to the brand, being memorable, and providing value
Jessi Arrington
W346 - Expressive Lettering Workshop

Join Australian artist Gemma O'Brien for a hands-on workshop that will teach you how to create expressive and dynamic lettering pieces. Gemma will begin with live demos of brush script and experimental ink techniques before moving into methods of combining illustration and text into a single design. This class is perfect for beginners or those who wish to build on their existing lettering skills. All supplies will be provided.

In this creative workshop, you’ll:

  • Explore two methods of expressive letterform creation: “drawing” and “writing”
  • Learn introductory techniques of brush pen lettering with an alphabet designed by Gemma O’Brien 
  • Learn experimental calligraphy techniques using balsa wood and ink  
  • Acquire a broad range of approaches to lettering, which you can build upon in your own studio practice
Gemma O'Brien
S406 - Extending the Shot: HDR, Panorama, and Drones

Extreme realism with HDR, sweeping panoramas, and even Facebook 360 photos from a regular camera will be attainable after you attend this exciting session. Learn how to extend what is possible with shooting and editing techniques. Colin Smith has become the #1 liked photographer on DJI’s SkyPixel network because of his “3D approach” to composition and full use of Adobe solutions. Colin will debunk common myths about HDR and show you how all of the session techniques apply to regular photographs and not just aerial photos.

This session will expand your view of what’s possible including:

  • Creating HDR images in Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Tone mapping RAW images for realistic results
  • Merging multiple photographs into a single sweeping panorama, even an HDR panorama
  • Thinking in 3D instead of 2D for making composites from aerial photos
  • Making an interactive, 360-degree image for social media from a regular camera
Colin Smith
L257 - Fail Fast to Succeed Sooner: Design, Prototype, and User Test with Adobe XD

The sooner you test and learn, the sooner you can iterate and achieve success. Learn how to design, prototype, and user test a modern iOS 11 application with Adobe XD, using Photoshop for complex bitmap editing and Illustrator for precise pixel-perfect icons. Start with high-fidelity designs, apply industry best practices, and use powerful UI kits to speed the design. Switch to prototyping to create interactions and define the best flow. Then wrap up with user testing.

In this hands-on lab, Demian Borba, strategic development manager at Adobe, will take you on a journey that will empower you to:

  • Design a modern mobile app for iOS 11
  • Create a fully working prototype on your iOS device
  • Share a web link to collect feedback and iterate
  • Manage colors and typography, and bring in images from Photoshop and icons from Illustrator
  • Run user testing sessions on your device to learn fast


Demian Borba
S228 - Fast and Fearless: Pitching, Prototyping, and Executing in the Enterprise

Working as a small design team in a large enterprise requires speed, efficiency, and plenty of grit. Join Trina Cintron and Caroline Williams, leaders of the Digital Design team at Wyndham Hotel Group, to learn how they’ve transformed the perception of creativity by selling the “why” and executing the “how” within a corporate setting.

Find out how you can gain credibility in your organization by:

  • Balancing the needs of the product and brand teams while driving the business
  • Sharing ideas fast and sharing them often with the help of Adobe XD
  • Protecting your brand identity through thoughtful design systems that allow for rapid execution at scale
Caroline Williams
Trina Cintron
S240 - Fear Less. Build More.

A farmer’s market designed and built by teenagers in a small rural town. Ten-year-old girls rocking a welder. Mom-daughter duos building furniture for the local women’s shelter. Middle school students imagining, then constructing, their own school library. Meet Emily Pilloton, founder of the nonprofit design agency Project H Design, who believes that design is about bravery and voice.

In this inspiring session, Emily will lay out a call to action through compelling stories and lessons so you can: 

  • View your creative practice as a tool for social justice, citizenship, and mentorship
  • Rethink the purpose and contribution of your work
  • Examine case studies to inspire a more socially connected design practice
  • Understand critical community-based design tools
  • Light a fire in your belly to do brave work in our current cultural and political climate
Emily Pilloton
S706 - From Concept to Console: How Design Drives World’s Best-Selling Video Games

Game on! Compelling creative designs are critical to today’s gaming experience. Follow the game journey from concept to studio to marketing and post launch. Hear stories and lessons learned from the legendary creative minds behind the visual styles of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, The Last of Us Part II, and others. Join us for a panel discussion with top leaders in the gaming industry.
In this session, you will:

  • See how One Pixel Brush concept art studio uses compelling visual design to inspire development teams
  • Discover how Sony PlayStation’s Creative Studios turns visual concepts into gaming nirvana
  • Hear from PlayStation Marketing’s head of creative design about the design roles and processes involved in launching and marketing new releases
  • Learn how to leverage creative design to create customer buzz, loyalty, and community

By attending this session, you agree that your information will be shared with Wrike. 

Andre Hill
Shaddy Safadi
Arran Green
Blake Robertson
S102 - Fueling Success by Creating a Fun Work Environment

Join Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder of CreativeMornings and other creative endeavors, as she shares the values that drive her businesses and how she finds ways of sprinkling fun into her workdays. After she made the odd and bold choice to start her first business the day her first child was born, three businesses followed. Tina believes in fixing and not complaining and in creating a happy, safe, and creative work environment where people can thrive and like coming to every day. Most important, she sees companies as a way to change society for the better. 

In this session, Tina will you will leave inspired with:        

  • How she managed to have kids and boost her career simultaneously
  • The secrets behind the global, grassroots CreativeMornings
  •  Easy-to-implement ideas for a fun, creative office culture
Tina Roth Eisenberg
L528 - Get Paid to Create: Motion Graphics Templates and Adobe Stock

Developing motion graphics templates in After Effects can be rewarding if you know what to create and how to create them for maximum impact and revenue. Join After Effects Product Manager Victoria Nece and Adobe Stock Content Development Manager Dennis Radeke as they share unique ways to build a revenue stream doing what you love — creating.

In this lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Design a simple motion graphic template to use in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Create flexible, customizable motion graphics that will appeal to clients — and to the masses
  • Make money building motion graphics templates
Victoria Nece
Dennis Radeke
S302 - Going Indie: The Most Complex Thing You'll Ever Design Is Your Own Career

Ever wonder how your favorite independent designers manage to do what they do and actually make a living at the same time? Over the past 25 years, designer, illustrator, and author Dan Stiles has designed for everyone from Sonic Youth and the X Games to Google and Nike. If you’re hoping to do more album covers than annual reports, discover how Dan continues to find success in the rough-and-tumble world of making cool stuff.

Join Dan as he spills his guts on how he got to where he is and what he might do to go further, and find out:

  • How to determine if working for yourself is what you really want
  • The importance of passion in doing your best work
  • How consistently making experimental work can drive your entire career
  • Where the good clients go to find you
  • Things you need way more than a business plan
Dan Stiles
S701 - Good Type or Bad Type: What’s the Right Type?

Type can often make or break a brand. This session will teach you how to best discover, experiment with, and apply type to projects. Join Jamie Neely, Monotype’s director of product design, to learn more about the benefits of discovery tools, see examples of good type and bad type in the wild, and learn more about how type licensing has shifted with the designer in mind. Experience a test-drive of new font discovery and usage models.

By attending this session, you agree to have your information shared with Monotype.

Jamie Neely
S103 - Good Work Deserves Good Design: How to Work with Nonprofits

Something as simple as a clean logo or a well-designed website can give a nonprofit the necessary look to boost their profile or help people in need find their services and program. However, they rarely have the funds to devote to branding and design. Find out about the many opportunities to help nonprofits while developing your design skills and building out your portfolio by supporting good work with good design. In this session, designer and Adobe Creative Resident, Jessica Bellamy will help you navigate nonprofit relationships and community design work.

Learn the strategies necessary to gain paying nonprofit clients in the future including:

  • The difference between working “for” and working “with” a nonprofit client
  • The value of building a communication strategy before designing a product
  • Resourceful and low-tech solutions for design
  • What to expect during the design and revision cycle
Jessica Bellamy
P270 - Hand-Drawn Type & Lettering: From Line to Sign

Good design needs good typography and great design needs great typography. Letters are the base for nearly all forms of communication and by understanding how today’s letterforms emerged, we can better design letterforms for the future. Stretch your creativity by designing a unique and totally distinctive letterform. Begin with an abstract form derived from everyday objects and then grow and refine your form in accordance with how alphabets of the world have evolved. The abstract beginning of the letterform will become real as it is adapted and modified. Your creativity will expand as your glyph evolves.

By the end, you will:

  • Have a better idea of how curves, loops, and stems interact in lettering and typography
  • Improve your skills at both examining and drawing letterforms
  • Understand how letterforms evolved throughout history to fit into modern landscapes
  • Leave with your unique letterform to use in your creative journey
Shelley Gruendler
S226 - Harness the Force of Adobe XD: Pro Tips from the Inside

If you’re a designer with a working knowledge of Adobe XD but need a deep dive into the latest and greatest features, this session is for you. Learn how to leverage the power of the design-centric workflow in XD to create wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes in minutes, from initial project setup to final developer handoff.

Elaine Chao, Adobe XD product manager and founding team member, will cover:

  • Improvements to help you make pixel-perfect icons
  • Best practices to reuse and remix vector and raster assets
  • How to best prep artwork for developers
  • Ways you can participate in the ongoing evolution of the XD ecosystem
Elaine Chao
S708 - How Far Can Design Stretch? Mixed Reality? AI? 2D/3D?

We have a big canvas to stretch in digital design. Web, mobile, PC, tablet, collaboration displays, and mixed reality all vie for attention in an increasingly immersive world. We use touch, gesture, voice, inking, keyboard, mouse, dial, and gaze as inputs. How do we create engaging design for all of these experiences, at so many cross points? How do we keep people, rather than tech, at the heart of things?

Join Albert Shum, Microsoft CVP of Design, for an inspiring discussion about bringing creativity to the future of design thinking, and building a system that will scale.

In this session, we’ll share:

  • Historical context on UX design and the evolution of emerging UX
  • A glimpse into Microsoft’s Fluent Design System
  • What you can do to scale your designs

By attending this session, your information will be shared with Microsoft. 

Albert Shum
S703 - How NOT to be a Creative Dictator

Join David Lesué, former Adobe designer and current Workfront creative director, as he shares five lessons he’s learned over the past 15 years as a graphic designer, art director, and creative director. This session will give you a crash course in how to: 

  • Make your team’s work shine 
  • Minimize time-sucking processes 
  • Build a culture of creativity through collaboration, innovation, and flexibility
  • Demand fair treatment from your clients 
  • Say no to garbage jobs

By attending this session, you agree that your information will be shared with Workfront. 

David Lesue
S607 - How to Persuade Your IT Department to Move to Creative Cloud

How many times have you witnessed bleeding-edge creative technology at MAX, only to be told by your IT department that Creative Cloud technologies aren’t yet approved or available for use? Have you ever wondered how to accelerate the approval and deployment of these mission-critical tools, services, and updates you need to get your job done?
In this fast-paced, interactive session with Adobe’s Creative Cloud team, you’ll learn:

  • The concepts and vocabulary needed to communicate effectively with your enterprise IT department
  • Who the people involved in enterprise IT decision-making are, and what they’re responsible for
  • How to overcome IT’s objections using Creative Cloud’s productivity and efficiency metrics
  • What resources, studies, and Adobe personnel are available to help get things moving
Jerry Silverman
Andreas Pfeiffer
Todd Burke
S604 - How to Prove the Value of Design — with Science

One of the endless debates in advertising is whether creative ideas work better. Art versus science. Brand versus direct. Some think that creative ideas are just marketing fluff. Join Adam Morgan, senior creative director at Adobe, as he presents his seven-year epic quest to prove how emotional ideas impact income more than a straightforward message. This session will use hard science to prove why creative ideas are better for the bottom line, so you can finally convince your clients or stakeholders to believe in the value of creativity.

Takeaways from this session include:

  • Proof that emotional and creative ideas work better than boring, straightforward messages
  • How the brain is designed to process creative ideas
  • Real-world examples to better integrate creativity into business processes 
Adam Morgan
S308 - How We Became Our New Favorite Client by Designing Our Own Product Line

Hear California-based design studio, DKNG, tell their tale of taking fate into their own hands by creating a retail line of screen printed posters and other design accessories. From concept development through bringing a product to market, they’ll share the joys and pitfalls of becoming your own client and their experience creating the DKNG Explorers Club.

Join Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman, the newly enlightened principals at DKNG, as they share their journey, navigating:

  • The joys of passive income and breaking the shackles of reliance on client work 
  • Carving out time to make internal projects a priority 
  • How an internal design project differs from a client-initiated design brief 
  • Working with vendors and setting price points 
  • Marketing a brand within a brand and building a social media following 
Nathan Goldman
Dan Kuhlken
L248 - Illustrator: A Digital Builder’s Workshop for Designers

It's time to play in Illustrator, as you did when you first fell in love with it! In this hands-on lab, you'll build on fundamental best practices in Illustrator and learn new workflow solutions that can help you in real-world production environments. You'll also create a character poster design for the season. Through best collaboration practices with Creative Cloud, come play, dream, create, and make something to take home with you.

As you create your own custom design, Mark Heaps, executive director of Heaps LLC, will show you how to:

  • Add texture to your vector art for a more unique image
  • Build with creative line styles using brushes and more
  • Illustrate freely to produce unexpected, yet replicable, results
  • Design and build as the production advocate for your peers
  • Understand libraries, symbols, the Appearance panel, and more
Mark Heaps
S317 - Illustrator? Animator? Designer? 25 Years Later and Still Not Sure Who I Am

Join illustrator, animator, and graphic designer Melinda Beck as she shares the experiences and lessons she has learned working for a quarter century with the simple goal of creating work she loves. This has led her to many different corners of the commercial art world — from political illustration and children’s animation to creating art for bands, book covers, and people who like to swim in the Hudson River.

You’ll hear:

  • How she stays inspired
  • What tools she uses to communicate an idea in a direct way that is also fun and inspiring
  • How she finds her clients 
  • Tips for forming good working relationships with clients
  • How to run a business and meet tight deadlines, all while raising two kids
Melinda Beck
S319 - Illustrator CC: Advanced Tips and Techniques

Get the inside scoop on Illustrator CC straight from the source! Join this lively session with Illustrator product managers Yogesh Sharma and Neeraj Nandkeolyar. They’ll share their insights, secrets, and expertise to reveal how Illustrator really works, so you can take your vector design skills to the next level.

As these two Illustrator pros share their favorite techniques, you’ll learn:

  • How to master the often intricate game of crafting precise vector graphics
  • How to harness the hidden power in new as well as existing features
  • Tips and tricks to help you save time and give you the results you need faster
  • Ways to build better content and manage artwork more effectively
Neeraj Nandkeolyar
Yogesh Sharma
L328 - Illustrator CC for Beginners

In this hands-on lab, discover core Illustrator concepts and techniques that can be applied to any workflow for print, mobile, or web. This lab is great for newcomers to Illustrator and is designed to help get you up and running as quickly as possible with this powerful application.

Justin Seeley, staff author at Pluralsight, will teach you:

  • The basics of vector graphics and their advantages in modern design workflows
  • The Illustrator tools and workflows you need to know
  • The essentials to create documents for print, mobile, or web
Justin Seeley
L246 - InDesign CC Deep Dive

Take off the training wheels and go beyond the basics of InDesign CC. This is the perfect session for anyone who has a basic or intermediate understanding of InDesign and is ready to take things to the next level. During this hands-on lab, Bart Van de Wiele, a solution consultant at Adobe, will introduce you to powerful features, tips, and timesaving techniques to make your life as a designer a lot easier.

Get the most out of InDesign, and learn more about:

  • Advanced style settings, including nested and object styles
  • Simple yet powerful GREP expressions to automate formatting
  • How to preflight documents in InDesign to avoid common errors
  • Building a table of contents
  • How to work with variable data using text variables and data merge
  • Smarter document building using snippets and nested documents
  • Leveraging services like Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Stock
  • Timesaving tips and tricks, and much more
Bart Van De Wiele
S202 - InDesign CC: Tips and Tricks


Whether you’re new to InDesign or a longtime professional, you know there’s always more to learn about this deep, powerful program. Join internationally renowned InDesign guru David Blatner in this fast-paced, fun-filled educational exploration of the world’s best page layout program.

David will share quick tips suitable for every InDesign user on topics such as:

  • Three steps you must take after every Microsoft Word import
  • Importing and exporting HTML
  • Optimizing your Illustrator/Photoshop/InDesign workflow
  • How to ensure your document is ready to print or export
  • Five simple, free scripts you didn’t know you already have
David Blatner
L245 - InDesign for Beginners: Going from Zero to Hero

Calling all newbies! Do you yearn to be an InDesign pro but can’t go more than a few minutes in the program before getting frustrated? If so, this is your lab! Master the basics while learning insider secrets about laying out beautiful pages for print, PDF, and digital publications.

Join InDesign expert and master teacher Anne-Marie “HerGeekness” Concepcion (cofounder of as she patiently and enthusiastically helps you:

  • Configure essential preferences (some of the defaults are wrong!)
  • Learn the Basic 4: Two tools and two panels that will become your best friends
  • Import copy from Word and images from Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Create and apply text and graphic styles (the pro’s secret weapon)
  • Use presets for print and PDF export settings
  • Preview and publish an interactive online version of your masterpiece
Anne-Marie Concepcion
L247 - InDesign: Getting Interactive with Fixed Layout EPUB

With the addition of the fixed layout (FXL) EPUB format to the export options in InDesign, Adobe has breathed new life into the Animation panel. You weren’t aware that InDesign has an Animation panel? You’ve been struggling to create interactive content that PDF can’t support? Then join Chad Chelius, Adobe Certified Instructor, author, and speaker, as he walks you through features you can add to a layout in InDesign to create rich interactive experiences when exported to the FXL format.

In this hands-on lab with Chad, you’ll learn:

  • Which interactive features work with FXL
  • How to build a slideshow natively in InDesign
  • How to add and control video
  • How to animate objects
  • How to add and preview custom interactivity
  • How to create buttons
  • How to push the limits of the FXL format by adding scrolling text to your design
Chad Chelius
S211 - InDesign Power Shortcuts

Learn the secrets of InDesign power users in this fast-paced, fun-filled session guaranteed to boost your design productivity. You’ll leave smacking your forehead saying, “I wish I'd known that years ago!”

Michael Ninness, senior director of product, graphic, and web design at Adobe, will cover:

  • Personalizing InDesign default settings to work for you
  • Shortcuts for working with styles and and typography that will blow your mind
  • Shortcuts for placing files
  • The “secret” Live Distribute feature
  • And much more
Michael Ninness
S209 - InDesign Wow! Publish Online and Animations

Go from InDesign to web with one click using the amazing Publish Online feature. Learn how the animation features in InDesign can make your projects pop on desktop or tablet. Diane Burns, author of’s “Creating Animations with Adobe InDesign CC” and “Publish Online with InDesign,” will show examples of how Publish Online can work for you, and she’ll take you through the design and animation techniques used to produce highly interactive documents.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to create animations in InDesign that push the envelope in your designs
  • Best practices for optimizing your Publish Online documents, including the best settings for video and images
  • How to embed Publish Online projects in your own website
Diane Burns
B260 - Infographics 101: Making Stories Come to Life with Data

Infographics help to tell the story behind your data. In this BYOD lab, discover how to design charts, graphs, and other infographic elements in Illustrator. You’ll learn about sketching out your story, choosing the appropriate charts, how to import data, and how to make it look stunning. You’ll also see how other Illustrator tools can give you options beyond the default chart types as well as get a bunch of tips and tricks that will set your work apart.

Join Tony Harmer, an illustrator and designer with over 30 years of experience in the creative industry, in this informative infographic session. You’ll learn:

  • Basics of planning and designing infographics
  • Step-by-step details on importing and transforming data into charts
  • Tips and tricks to make your designs sing
  • And so much more!
Tony Harmer
S100 - In-house Powerhouse: Building, Managing an Empowered Internal Creative Team

Companies want creativity and design like never before, but very few of their internal creative teams have been empowered to take advantage of this demand. Join Stephen Gates, in-house global head of design, as he shares what he has learned leading successful and empowered client-side teams for more than 10 years at Starwood Hotels and Citi.

This session will provide tangible takeaways to help you:

  • Move your in-house team from an overlooked commodity to a critical asset
  • Capitalize on the real value your in-house creative team brings to your company
  • Define the internal and external processes your teams need to be successful
  • Value the importance of investing in strategic relationships and in your team 
Stephen Gates
S231 - Integrate Accessibility into Each Phase of Your Designing Framework

To create software products that work for everyone, accessibility must be an intrinsic part of the design process. Join Bo Campbell, interaction designer and accessibility design lead at IBM, to learn a general breakdown of responsibilities by designer role and design phase so you can deliver accessible products most efficiently. The discussion will also touch on how to create organizational change for a more accessible product development environment.

From several years at IBM implementing these ideas, Bo will show you:

  • What disabilities we design for, and why
  • The general accessibility responsibilities for each design role
  • Ways to build design specifications with accessibility included
  • Ways to create an accessibility-focused organization
Bo Campbell
L331 - Intro to Adobe XD with Photoshop and Illustrator

Get hands-on with Adobe XD. Learn how to quickly design, build, and share prototypes of digital experiences, including web and mobile projects, with your team. Leverage existing assets created in other Creative Cloud apps such as Photoshop or Illustrator for an integrated workflow.

Michael Murphy and A.J. Wood, Adobe solution consultants, will share how to:       

  • Create artboards for your projects  
  • Add content from Photoshop or Illustrator  
  • Work with text  
  • Work with shapes and masking  
  • Build repeat grids and link content in artboards  
  • Test, share, and export Adobe XD projects
A.J. Wood
Michael Murphy
S217 - I Wish I’d Known That! Photoshop Power Shortcuts for Designers

Everyone knows Photoshop is full of amazing features — but where are they hidden? And which ones are worth using when you really need to be efficient and productive? Join Jesús Ramirez, expert instructor from the very popular Photoshop Training Channel on YouTube, in this information-packed session where he will share his best Photoshop tricks and power shortcuts for designers. You’ll leave saying, “I wish I'd known that years ago!”

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Timesaving keyboard shortcuts
  • Little-known shortcuts and better ways to work with the tools you already use
  • How to create color swatches from HTML, CSS, and SVG files
  • How to make blending modes work for you
  • And much more!
Jesús Ramirez
S707 - Learning from the Best: Tips & Tricks for Creating the Best Videos

Want to get your videos noticed on social media? Come for an in-depth look at the process behind curating a daily showcase of the best short narratives, documentaries, animations, and music videos on the Internet with Vimeo Staff Picks.
Founded in 2008, Vimeo Staff Picks has emerged as one of the preeminent channels for online video and one of the most coveted awards for young filmmakers content creators, having helped launch the careers of many celebrated directors. 
By attending this session, your information will be shared with Vimeo. 
NOTE: Very few filmmakers don’t go to MAX.

Ian Durkin
S509 - Learning to See: Overruling Your Brain to Create Great-Looking Shots
Color correction shouldn’t be hard, but for many people it is. In this session, colorist and Max Master Robbie Carman shows you how to really “see” and make even the most complex color-correction tasks approachable, allowing you to deliver fantastic-looking projects.
In this session, Robbie will show you:
  • How your brain is constantly lying to you about what you see
  • Why room setup for color correction is so vital
  • How videoscopes are trusty sidekicks in your color work
  • How building a repeatable color-correction flow can improve your work
  • Key techniques for shot matching
Robbie Carman
S212 - Let’s Get Lucky!

Meet designer, illustrator, author, and educator Tad Carpenter, who runs the design and branding studio Carpenter Collective along with his wife Jessica Carpenter. Tad celebrates the power of play and embraces the idea that the harder he works the luckier he gets. He’ll share his story about growing from being a solo designer in the Midwest to running a design studio, how he builds illustrative brand experiences, and plenty of good ol’ dad jokes. 

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of those passion projects
  • How to pitch a picture book
  • To take risk. Discomfort is good for you!
  • The value of building brands with an illustrative backbone
Tad Carpenter
S216 - Lettering Design from Sketch to Final Artwork

Dig deep into the art of lettering. Lettering artist Martina Flor will unveil the secrets behind the craft of lettering and walk you through the steps from hand sketch to final digital artwork. Learn the essentials of sketching and how to get the best out of your drawing. Gain techniques to go from analog to digital by drawing letter shapes in Illustrator and adding color and texture. Finally, get insight into how to get better at your craft while building a portfolio of work.  

You’ll leave this session with the practical knowledge to get your own lettering practice started, including:

  • The best ways to sketch letter shapes by hand
  • Techniques to bring hand sketches into the computer
  • An introduction to drawing letter shapes in Illustrator
  • How to add color and texture to your artwork
  • The keys to getting better at your craft
Martina Flor
S238 - Lo-fi Magic, Design, and Paper Planetariums

Join Kelli Anderson as she explains the ideas, process, and tools behind her delightful paper contraptions and stop-motion animations. Learn how a tinkering approach can help lead designers to creative solutions — as they think with their hands to solicit feedback from their materials.

This session will explore how designers’ unique sensitivities can be used to create work that seems like magic, while challenging their audience’s expectations about the material world. 

Kelli Anderson
S300 - Making Fantastic Comics with Photoshop: Exploration of a Workflow

Have you always wanted to tell your own story through comics, but you’re not sure where to begin? Join Photoshop Imagineer Daniel Presedo as he walks through valuable lessons and techniques he has learned from self-publishing over the past 25 years. You’ll leave this session with a solid foundation of skills and the confidence to tell and publish your own story.

In this inspiring session with Daniel, you’ll learn:

  • How to get started and why it’s important to focus on your goals and big idea
  • The cost to create, publish, and promote your comic
  • What tools to use, including analog and digital approaches
  • How to work with Creative Cloud Libraries and mobile apps like Adobe Capture CC to create your own brushes and unique tool presets
  • Ways to harness Adobe Bridge to keep organized
  • How to use Photoshop to create reference sketches and final art for your comic stories
Daniel Presedo
S320 - Making Money Doing What You Love with Adobe Stock

Selling your designs to the millions of creatives on Adobe Stock is an easy way to add more revenue that both complements your creative career and diversifies your portfolio. Learn how contributing to Adobe Stock can be part of any creative lifestyle, whether you’re looking for a full-time commitment or a part-time gig. Join veteran designer and Adobe Stock contributor Anne Bracker as she illuminates how you can expand your portfolio and earn meaningful income. Anne will share her path to becoming a successful designer, her experience as a stock vector artist, and tips for starting a stock portfolio. Spend time with Anne and begin your Adobe Stock contributor journey.

You’ll leave this session with: 

  • An understanding of the stock industry for designers
  • Steps for building a stock portfolio with work you already have
  • Tips for creating best-selling stock vectors and illustrations 
Anne Bracker
S602 - Making Sure Design Has a Seat at the Strategy Table

Everyone loves good design, and customers love companies with design-led cultures. But getting there isn’t easy. For example, when executives in your business meet to drive strategy, is design present and accounted for? In this exciting session, listen as creative leaders discuss what it takes to become a truly design-led brand and how to get buy-in for creativity from every level of the organization.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Ensure that you’re creating a design-led culture company-wide
  • Guarantee that design has a voice when executive decisions are made
Steve Gustavson
Simone Cesano
S605 - Making Your Personal Story Pop with Creative Cloud

Storytelling is a critical survival skill for humans — and empowering the next generation of storytellers to create meaningful, eye-catching narratives is more important than ever. Join Jerry Silverman, senior product marketing manager and Adobe Founders’ Award recipient, on an odyssey of creative expression as he recounts the killer tips, tricks, and collaborative methods he and his family use across Creative Cloud to create award-winning, international genealogical stories.

In this session, learn how to:

  • Easily create accessible stories with Spark Video and effortlessly finish them with Premiere Pro
  • Sweeten, normalize, and edit audio quickly and efficiently with Audition
  • Select, adjust, and output your best images with Lightroom
  • Experiment with visual themes in Photoshop and Illustrator using Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Market
  • Wireframe, prototype, and create animated, interactive fixed-layout EPUB documents with InDesign
  • Engage social communities across platforms with Spark Page


Jerry Silverman
S504 - Making Your Presentations Pop Using After Effects and Premiere Pro

Dread creating those stock, slide-after-slide presentations in PowerPoint or Keynote? What if you had the tools to up your creative game? You do with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, the ultimate extensions for PowerPoint, Keynote, or any other presentation software. Add professional-quality soundbites or video montages and build them easier than ever before. Use these storytelling tools to get people to pay better attention to your presentations. MAX Master Jeff I. Greenberg will share his tips to make even the most boring bar graphs pop.

Take your presentations to the next level by learning:

  • How to build a short opening montage fast
  • How to get video soundbites to look and sound professional (even off a cell phone)
  • How to build charts and animate smarter in After Effects
Jeff Greenberg
B421 - Man As a Bird: The Quest for Better Drone Photos

Some cameras fit in your pocket. Others attach to the end of a stick. In this BYOD lab, we’ll explore cameras that fly. With the recent introduction of drones has come the new genre of low aerial photography. Join drone imaging experts Randy Braun and Stacy Garlington to practice hands-on aerial photo editing techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop using aerial images that we’ll provide. Don’t just fly — soar!

You’ll learn:

  • Tips and secrets about how to capture compelling aerial photos
  • How to process your mundane drone photos to make them magnificent
  • How to capture and hold the attention of the viewer
  • Photoshop techniques to add drama to your aerial art
  • Compositing using visual elements captured with a drone
Randy Braun
Stacy Garlington
S704 - Mapping Your Path to Great Design

Maps are everywhere, see how to use them for brand reinforcement and visual storytelling. As data visualization diagrams, maps have been around for thousands of years. Today, with the recent explosion of location-based information, clients and customers want maps for all forms of digital media and marketing. 

Join Esri, the world leader in analytics and mapping software to:

  • Learn the basics of cartography — the art and science of making maps
  • Discover how to design with data-driven maps directly in Illustrator, Photoshop, and Adobe Muse 
  • Explore location-based analysis and visualization techniques, including 3D and video

By attending this session, your information will be shared with Esri. 

Clint Loveman
Sarah Bell
L330 - Mastering Adobe XD for Beginners

Learn how to master Adobe XD, the end-to-end UX/UI design solution for designing, prototyping, and sharing engaging user experiences across platforms, screens, and devices. This lab will show you how easy it is to import content from other Adobe apps and prototype an app with interactions across multiple screens. Find out how to share and get feedback on your prototypes. Then export your assets for development.

In this hands-on lab, Paul Trani, Adobe senior worldwide evangelist, will cover: 

  • Leveraging your existing Photoshop skills and content to create wireframes and visual designs for web and mobile experiences with Adobe XD
  • Adding interactions, transitions, and live previews of your designs to accurately test interactions
  • Sharing prototype links to easily collect specific feedback
  • Exporting production-ready assets for developers
Paul Trani
L316 - Mastering Photoshop CC Selections and Masks

Working with selections and masks is one of the most important skills to develop in Photoshop. In this hands-on lab with Dave Cross, you’ll walk through a series of projects to help you master the full potential of making selections, and working with layers and masks. If you understand the basics of layers and want to take your knowledge of selections and masks to the next level, this is the session for you.

Join Dave, Photoshop Hall of Fame inductee and 25-year Photoshop instructor, to learn:

  • Important selection techniques
  • Various ways of creating masks, quickly and accurately
  • Creative uses of layer masks
  • The benefits of using clipping masks
  • Keyboard shortcuts you’ll use every day
Dave Cross
GS712 - MAX Bash

Quirky, weird, and wonderful. The MAX Bash is an explosion of imagination, a celebration of originality. This party thrills with a wide array of inspired food and drink, distinctive art installations, and delightful diversions around every corner. The highlight of the MAX Bash is on the main stage where we kick off the musical performances with Saint Motel, a native LA band whose music has been described as everything from "dream pop" to "indie prog" and who recently released the first-ever Virtual Reality album. Then fresh from inspiring you during the MAX Thursday general session, Grammy-award winning and multi-faceted musical force Mark Ronson is taking the stage to rock the MAX Bash into the night. 

GS5007 - MAX Sneaks

Year after year, this is one of MAX’s most popular events. We’ll share a sneak peek at what we’re cooking up in Adobe development labs. Grab a drink and be one of the first to see what might (or might not) end up in future creative products or services. Kumail Nanjiani, comedian and ‘Dinesh’ on HBO’s comedy series Silicon Valley, will host this year’s Sneaks with Adobe’s own Paul Trani. 

Kumail Nanjiani
B420 - Mobile Photography and Creativity on the Go

Discover the art of making photo magic wherever you are while maximizing the power of the camera that’s already in your pocket. We’ll cover tricks for using your favorite mobile device to exercise your imagination, find beauty and inspiration in the most unexpected places, and develop your eye for photography. With just a few of Adobe’s mobile apps, you’ll also learn how to shoot and edit your pictures for improvement and creative composition.

Join photography and mobile app instructor Nicole Dalesio in this bring your own device lab (a smartphone or iPad). Have some photos on your camera roll and download these free apps before you come: Photoshop Lightroom for mobile, Adobe Capture, and Photoshop Mix. You’ll learn:

  • How to do impressive adjustments in Lightroom for mobile
  • How to shoot textures with Capture
  • How to make a composite in Photoshop Mix
Nicole Dalesio
S510 - Motion Control 3D: Animating Photos with Photoshop and After Effects

Have you ever looked at a photo and wished you were there, or wondered what the scene looked like to the photographer? Now you can bring your photos to life by adding motion and depth. Digital video expert Richard Harrington reveals how you can transport your photos into a 3D world, using Photoshop and After Effects.

Specifically, Richard will explore:

  • Learning how to think and work in three dimensions
  • Converting photos into layered documents using selections and masks
  • Creating missing pixels using Content-Aware tools in Photoshop
  • Building 3D scenes in After Effects using cameras and layers
  • Animating the 3D camera and controlling depth of field
  • Rendering movies for use in video and web projects
Richard Harrington
S511 - Moving from Still to Video: The Photographer as Videographer

Video opens up a whole new set of challenges for the photographer — moving shots, new codecs and aspect ratios, and recording sound. And that’s just the beginning. Before you roll your first shot or buy your first piece of video gear, get your head wrapped around the world of video production.

In this information-rich session, Abba Shapiro, photographer and producer/director with 30 years of TV production experience, will help you:

  • Understand the variety of gear you need — how to leverage the gear you already own and what you may need to get
  • Know what to look for when scouting a location
  • See the warning signs of shooting nightmares
  • Sort through the variety of video codecs, wrappers, and data rates in the world of video
  • Identify which mics are the best to use in different situations
  • Plan your shoot with editing in mind
Abba Shapiro
L251 - No Code, No Kidding: Creating Responsive Websites with Adobe Muse CC

Don’t resort to creating websites from restrictive, boring templates. It has never been faster or easier to create truly unique, expressive responsive websites for yourself and your clients, without writing any code, using Adobe Muse CC.

In this lab, web developer Brian Wood will cover web best practices as he teaches you how to:

  • Plan and design sites using familiar tools and keyboard shortcuts
  • Understand fluid width layouts, and make breakpoints your design friend
  • Use web fonts from Adobe Typekit and rich graphics and imagery from Adobe Stock
  • Work with Creative Cloud Libraries to reuse and share design content
  • Engage visitors with slideshows, and collect information with contact forms
  • Preview across screen sizes to ensure that your work will look good on any device
  • Publish your site
Brian Wood
S405 - One Image, Two Perspectives: Creating Photographs with Impact in Lightroom

Discover the power of the Photoshop Lightroom Develop module as Adobe evangelists Julieanne Kost and Paul Burnett demonstrate techniques that will elevate your images to new heights. See how the content of an image influences the type of manipulations and enhancements used to inform the viewer of the intended message or story. You’ll leave this session with a greater understanding of how subtle shifts in color and tone can reinforce primary and secondary subject matter, how special effects can be used to evoke emotion, and how thinking beyond the single image opens new possibilities for creative expression.

Starting with the same photographs, Paul and Julieanne will demonstrate the tools and workflows they use to create their unique images, including:

  • Global and local tone and color treatments 
  • Custom black-and-white conversion and split toning 
  • Clarity, Dehaze, and sharpening techniques 
  • When to use Photomerge
  • How to use presets
Julieanne Kost
Paul Burnett
S220 - One-Stop Shop: How Adobe Animate Paved the Way for Independent Animators

Throughout its incarnations, Adobe Flash, now Adobe Animate CC, revolutionized the way consumers viewed animated content and defined online entertainment from the early days of the Internet. It provided rookie animators the freedom to create quickly and work broadly, with the opportunity to eventually become their own small production studios.

Animator and Flash enthusiast Leigh Lahav, through her own work and experience, will discuss:

  • Why Animate remains a web creator favorite
  • What options vector animation has for inexperienced beginners
  • How you can find your own voice in a limited cartoon style
Leigh Lahav
S107 - Owning the Creative Process and Designing for Equity

Join Natalie Lew, Adobe Creative Resident and interaction designer, as she shares how taking ownership of one’s creative process can foster more equitable and considerate design. In this session, you’ll hear stories about how unchecked biases can manifest themselves in design — and ultimately create unforeseen negative consequences — and learn how to go about designing technology with people, not at them. While the entire creative process of interaction design can feel overwhelming or daunting, this session will help teach each step as a piece of the larger puzzle, while illustrating how taking ownership of the process can yield more human-centered results. 

In this session, you’ll learn how:

  • Dedication to creative process yields human-centered results
  • The creative process can be individual, personal, and fun
  • Interaction design is all about being a considerate problem solver
Natalie Lew
S241 - Past Forward with Charles S. Anderson: Process, Projects, and Puns

Go behind the scenes with Charles S. Anderson inside CSA Design and its 30 years of timely and timeless work — including the iconic French Paper Company brand as well as designs for CustomInk, Turner Classic Movies, Target, Nike, Facebook, and more. Discover how the firm’s unique design approach led to the creation of its products as well as its present-day aesthetic, characterized by visual impact, irreverent humor, and bad puns — lots of them.

Join in this lively presentation as Charles shares:

  • Why it’s important to work with clients you like, who make products you love
  • Why you should view design as a product, not just a service
  • How rescuing artifacts from the history of design can help define your personal aesthetic
  • Why printing on paper is alive and well, and no longer ephemeral
  • Free French Paper Company swag — available while it lasts
Charles Anderson
B341 - Photoshop + After Effects = Awesomeness

Add a new tool to your design toolbox! Learn to use After Effects for print and web design, illustration, photo composites, and manipulations. This lab will show you how to use After Effects and Photoshop to create compelling art for your design projects. And the best part is that if you know Photoshop, you already know the basics.

Join Chris Converse of Codify Design in this fun BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) lab and learn how to:

  • Create your own custom artwork
  • Design jaw-dropping special effects in a fraction of the time
  • Generate custom textures and natural phenomena like rain, smoke, and snow
  • Achieve advanced transparency effects within your images
  • Export your artwork to Photoshop — with layers and transparency
Chris Converse
B342 - Photoshop Magic: Making Brushes to Speed Up Your Workflow

Join illustrator, animator, creative streamer, and 2016 Adobe Creative Resident Syd Weiler to learn her unique approach to using the Photoshop brush engine in her painting and illustration workflow, and find out how she builds tools for herself and her patrons. Users of all experience levels will learn something in this hands-on lab as Syd shows you her illustration and digital painting techniques using the latest features in Photoshop.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Explore the brush capabilities in Photoshop
  • Discover new uses and applications for brush making 
  • Rethink the ways you can innovate with a seemingly everyday tool
  • Create a “magic" foliage brush of your own
Syd Weiler
S307 - Pixels, Vectors, and Design Tricks...Oh My!

Learn new approaches to working in your favorite creative tools so you can work happy, not hard. Join Mark Heaps, executive director of Heaps LLC, as he shares examples of design production solutions gathered from the agencies, corporations, and freelancers he works with around the world. Mark will show solutions that span Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and more.

Learn techniques to improve efficiency and accuracy, as Mark shows how to:

  • Automate what you can, where you can, to save time and drive consistent output
  • Direct a project using graphic styles, appearance properties, symbols, and more
  • Save time working across “The Big Three”: Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign
  • Make mobile part of a real-world workflow and a collaborative tool
  • Be more precise and learn where the numbers are
  • Have fun with his favorite tricks from this past year!
Mark Heaps
L520 - Premiere Pro: An Introduction to the Basics

Learn how to develop the most important skills you need to create video. Join MAX Masters Karl Soule and Dave Helmly as they introduce you to the basics of editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. You’ll also dip into legendary Adobe After Effects and learn how its presets and templates can help you easily add motion graphics to your production.

In this beginner, hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the Premiere Pro interface
  • Set up a project, as well as import and organize media
  • Edit with the most productive techniques
  • Add transitions and audio to your sequences
  • Import an After Effects title into your video
Karl Soule
David Helmly
L524 - Professional Editing Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adopt the editing techniques used by industry professionals to create more powerful videos! Whether you make shorts, features, broadcast dramas, documentaries, corporate content, or promotional media, this lab will engage you in the use of methods and tools that professional content creators employ to improve creativity and efficiency while editing in Premiere Pro.

Professional director and editor Christine Steele will share techniques she and her colleagues use daily while creating content for PBS, Disney, and ABC, as well as for web and theatrical delivery:

  • Applied creative picture editing techniques
  • Preferences, technical settings, and custom presets
  • Workflow suggestions for high-resolution footage
  • Audio setups and solutions
  • Multicamera editing tips
  • Shortcuts for speed
  • Effects essentials for professionals
Christine Steele
S311 - Project Felix: 3D for Graphic Designers and a Journey into AR/VR

What do we mean when we say “3D for graphic designers?” Stefano Corazza, senior director of engineering at Adobe, presents the current and future landscapes of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for graphic designers. Using visual examples, Stefano will show how graphic designers can use this technology to create immersive experiences and discover new creative fields.  

Join Stefano in this exciting session to learn:  

•    What 3D compositing is and what you can achieve with it right now
•    What Project Felix means to graphic design now and in years to come
•    How you can incorporate 3D into your work today
•    How to use Project Felix to create experiences in AR/VR

Stefano Corazza
L250 - Project Felix for Beginners: Fundamentals of Visualization in 3D

Have you ever wanted to show a client what a design might look like in a real-world context?  If so, learning 3D might be a great addition to your skill set. In this hands-on lab for beginners, you’ll learn all the fundamentals of Project Felix, a new app from Adobe, which blends 2D and 3D into one experience.

You’ll cover all the basics of working with Project Felix, including:

  • How to move and compose in 3D space
  • Using materials: Change objects to metal, plastic, glass, and more
  • How to easily apply logos and designs to 3D surfaces
  • How to composite objects into still backgrounds
  • The fundamentals of rendering a final project
  • The power of post-compositing with Photoshop
Jeanette Matthews
S600 - Putting AI to Work for Your Business

The use of AI, bots, and machine learning presents awesome opportunities for optimization, automation, and deep personalization. Gain the competitive advantage that comes not only with what they create, but with knowing how they create.

In this engaging session, we’ll pull back the curtain on artificial intelligence and show concrete examples — from enabling more empathy to creating immersive experiences — of how it can impact creativity today.

You’ll learn:

  • How to design rich customer experiences leveraging AI for efficiency and creativity
  • Real-world examples of effective AI use
Chris Duffey
Tom Goodwin
S513 - Quick Tips to Produce Videos that Get Clicks

Video is now the way to tell stories. Whether you’re sharing through mobile apps, web spaces, or the big screen, video content is the most effective and quickest way to connect with your audience and get your message across. Join Valentina Vee, content director specializing in creating online videos for clients including AT&T, Sony, Mashable, YouTube, ipsy, and National Geographic, to see how to incorporate video into your social media strategy and learn proven techniques for creating videos that get clicks.

You’ll walk away from this session with great ideas about how to:

  • Maximize your social footprint with video
  • Optimize your content for each platform
  • Evolve your content strategy in a shifting social media landscape


Valentina Vee
S219 - Responsive Design: What’s Coming in 2018 and Beyond

The web moves at such a fast pace, it can be difficult to keep up with the constantly growing number of devices, screens, inputs, and Internet users around the globe. Join Justin Avery, host and curator of the Responsive Design Weekly newsletter, and explore what it means to design and build a responsive site in 2018.

In this lively session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use CSS Grid to build in browser wireframes and break the traditional mold of web design
  • Make your website faster without scrimping on design and functionality
  • Progressively enhance and go from website to progressive web app with offline support
  • Handle more than just the keyboard and mouse — effective ways to deal with the new wave of input methods
Justin Avery
L254 - Rich Content Creation for Multiple Platforms with Animate CC

Discover how to get started creating engaging animated and interactive content across multiple platforms in this hands-on lab exploring the professional tools in Adobe Animate CC. You’ll walk away with a solid foundation you can apply to your own projects.

Joseph Labrecque, interactive content designer and developer, will show you how to:

  • Use the rich capabilities of Animate to create an assortment of assets and animations
  • Take advantage time-tested tips and techniques that let you work fast and produce compelling content for your projects
  • Make your content interactive by leveraging simple code features within Animate 
  • Push the creative envelope using the latest new features in Animate
Joseph Labrecque
W347 - Running Your Own Design and Content Sprints

Design and content sprints are the key to bring together product owners, designers, researchers, content strategists, and other disciplines into one, tight-knit team. Learn how sprints round up content strategy, behavior science, UX, and more into a process anyone can use, making it possible to compress months of work into a week or less.

In this workshop, Steve Fisher, founder of The Republic of Quality Design & Content Conference, will guide you in:

  • Getting the right setup for a successful sprint
  • Who should be on your team
  • How to structure the sprint
  • What prep work needs to be done
  • Mapping out the sprint, setting a vision with the end in mind, and digging deep into the problem you’ll be solving
  • Sketching multiple solutions as a team
  • Creating a storyboard and journey maps that guide prototype creation
  • How to do quick and useful user testing with your customers
Steve Fisher
P600 - Russell Brown@MAX Presents: MAX MADNESS - The Circus of Light, Part 1

Russell Brown@MAX is a hands-on course designed for art directors, designers, illustrators, and photographers to learn advanced imaging techniques. Led by Adobe Principal Creative Director and world-renowned Elvis impersonator Russell Brown, along with his distinguished team of creative desert dwellers, you’ll work with some of the best designers and instructors in the industry.

In this extended, two-and-a-half-day lab, you will:

  • Use the latest desktop and mobile applications to capture, edit, and composite compelling black light pillow designs
  • Use state-of-the-art Roland printers to print your finished image onto velvet fabric pillow for a 70’s-esque effect
  • Master new skills in advanced image editing and discover unique new ways to use Adobe’s latest creative tools

But wait - there's more! Students will display their projects for everyone to admire at the Welcome Reception.

Russell Brown
Daniel Braha
Lisa Carney
Von Glitschka
Chris Converse
Corey Barker
P601 - Russell Brown@MAX Presents: MAX MADNESS - The Circus of Light, Part 2

Russell Brown@MAX is a hands-on course designed for art directors, designers, illustrators, and photographers to learn advanced imaging techniques. Led by Adobe Principal Creative Director and world-renowned Elvis impersonator Russell Brown, along with his distinguished team of creative desert dwellers, you’ll work with some of the best designers and instructors in the industry.

In this extended, two-and-a-half-day lab, you will:

  • Use the latest desktop and mobile applications to capture, edit, and composite compelling black light pillow designs
  • Use state-of-the-art Roland printers to print your finished image onto velvet fabric pillow for a 70’s-esque effect
  • Master new skills in advanced image editing and discover unique new ways to use Adobe’s latest creative tools

But wait - there's more! Students will display their projects for everyone to admire at the Welcome Reception.

Russell Brown
Colin Anderson
Julieanne Kost
Elia Locardi
Erik Natzke
Chris Converse
P602 - Russell Brown@MAX Presents: MAX MADNESS - The Circus of Light, Part 3

Russell Brown@MAX is a hands-on course designed for art directors, designers, illustrators, and photographers to learn advanced imaging techniques. Led by Adobe Principal Creative Director and world-renowned Elvis impersonator Russell Brown, along with his distinguished team of creative desert dwellers, you’ll work with some of the best designers and instructors in the industry.

In this extended, two-and-a-half-day lab, you will:

  • Use the latest desktop and mobile applications to capture, edit, and composite compelling black light pillow designs
  • Use state-of-the-art Roland printers to print your finished image onto velvet fabric pillow for a 70’s-esque effect
  • Master new skills in advanced image editing and discover unique new ways to use Adobe’s latest creative tools

But wait - there's more! Students will display their projects for everyone to admire at the Welcome Reception.

Russell Brown
Bonny Lhotka
Robert Lamarche
Rayce Bird
P272 - Skipping the Dark Room: Hands-On Techniques in DIY Printmaking

We’re skipping the darkroom. Shoot, we’re even skipping the computers. The prints we will be making will revolve around customizing an exclusive version of a poster for Death Valley National Park from the NPS 100 series by Type Hike. We are going to incorporate your real live drawings with existing prints to make truly unique prints! Mama will be providing you screens for screen printing, linoleum for cutting, and National Park-based art. All you need to show up with is inspiration. We’ll be drawing, carving, and exploring techniques with screens to avoid the darkroom since we won’t have one. You’ll leave with a basic understanding of screen and linoleum cut printing, a stack of prints from both processes to prove it, and quite possibly some inky hands.

Nick Sambrato
L527 - Socializing the Moment: How to Create a Video with Impact

If you need to create professional-looking videos — but you’re not a video pro —  this is the session for you. Join writer and producer, Rod Harlan, as he helps you easily turn your ideas into standout videos. Whether you’re a student just getting started in video or an aspiring talent on YouTube, Adobe offers the tools you need to get your message online quickly.

In this lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Efficiently create short-form videos for social media
  • Edit audio so it sounds great in any environment
  • Apply popular special effects to your clips
  • Incorporate elements from Adobe Stock to create the perfect aesthetic
  • Share your video across multiple platforms
Rod Harlan
W535 - Social Storytelling: Shooting and Editing Videos for Social Media

The greatest online videos are the ones that tell an impactful story. If you have a unique story to tell and want help telling it, join Adobe product managers Bronwyn Lewis and Danielle Darby, along with a special guest and YouTube veteran, for this social media video workshop that combines tips and techniques for capturing great moments with hands-on skills to help you craft compelling visual stories. You’ll also interact with product managers and engineers who develop Adobe video products designed for seamless content development. Find out what tools are available to help you increase your content velocity and expand your social reach.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up a great shot
  • Use color techniques to communicate the right mood
  • Capture and finesse your video with awesome audio
  • Optimize your videos for social media to drive discovery and engagement
Danielle Darby
Valentina Vee
Bronwyn Lewis
S105 - Stepping into the Spotlight: Techniques to Step Up Your Presentation Game

Does your work require you to give presentations? If so, are you just getting through them and hoping for the best? Join former Late Night with Conan O’Brien performer, accomplished career coach, and business owner Andrew Whelan to learn how to be an engaging, dynamic presenter. This session will teach you basic techniques to be the best version of you when speaking in front of large and small audiences. Andrew will show you preparation and storytelling techniques, exercises to apply, and tips and tricks for keeping people engaged, while reducing the stress and anxiety around presentations. Gain the skills to take you beyond “just getting through your presentation.”

You’ll learn how to:

  • Prioritize your message
  • Prepare your story and rehearse
  • Improve your vocal strength and physical presence
  • Emotionally connect with your audience
  • Manage anxiety and handle the unexpected
Andrew Whelan
S402 - Story Art: Creating Pictures That Tell Incredible Stories

A photographic composite has the power to change reality. Join Heart Project cofounder and viral Photoshop artist Karen Alsop as she shares how she brings photography and art together, using photography to capture all the elements and Photoshop to magically merge everything, to create imaginative artwork that tells a story and elicits a strong emotional response. Learn how to apply your artistic eye and skills in design, photography, and Photoshop to create imagery that takes viewers into another world and changes lives. 

You’ll leave with understanding of:

  • Knowing your “why”
  • Determining the story
  • Working with your client or subject to build the story around them
  • The step-by-step process of building a photographic composite
  • Shooting and choosing the composite elements — matching your background, subjects, and elements by understanding light, perspective, scale, shadows, and color
  • Strategies for sharing your art with the world
Karen Alsop
S500 - Story Secrets for Video Content Creators

Great videos explore ideas that capture and keep people’s attention. Documentary film director and editor Christine Steele will share story secrets for crafting powerful content. This session will examine ways to keep the focus on story and to craft video content that can affect people emotionally. Learn classic storytelling techniques that can be applied to any video.

Christine will share how to apply these concepts practically and creatively to your own work:

  • How to choose a great theme
  • Selecting content to enhance the strength of your story
  • Sequencing scenes to create structure
  • Using visual orientation and disorientation to affect perception
  • Creative use of audio to support your theme
  • Effective storytelling devices
Christine Steele
S225 - Storytelling at the Intersection of Architecture, Design, and Technology

Join Elvira Barriga, creative director at Local Projects, as she uses a variety of case studies to put into context the company’s pursuit of meaningful experiences that push existing conventions for interactive installations, exhibitions, and entire museums. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at Local Projects’ methodologies, including the studio’s “prototype first” approach. Elle will also show her team’s recently completed project for the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum in Denmark, where they broke all the rules to make art social and deliver on the mandate of a “mental fitness center.”

Elle will share insights on:   

  • How to maneuver the creative process at the intersection of architecture, design, content, and technology
  • How to turn exhibition visitors into active participants 
  • Unconventional approaches to storytelling that strike an emotional chord 
  • Why prototyping first is crucial for delivering successful interactive installations
Elvira Barriga
S200 - Stuff That Has Nothing to Do with Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, Aaron Draplin is lucky to make stuff for all kinds of stuff. But more and more, he’s realizing the profound impact the stuff he makes has on the stuff in the rest of his life.

Stuff in his backyard. Stuff that holds stuff. Stuff on the open road. Stuff in his bank account. Stuff for his nephew. Stuff with his family's stuff. Stuff for people he’ll never meet. And stuff on one of the saddest days of his life. That’s a lot of stuff.

Plus, Aaron will update you on all the stuff he’s been up to since the last MAX. Tons of new stuff!

Aaron Draplin
S309 - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Using and Sharing Assets with Creative Cloud

Find out how Creative Cloud collaboration features can improve productivity and efficiency in your design workflows. Get tips and tricks on how to use and share your creative assets and files across key products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more.

In this session with members of the Creative Cloud product team, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use the newest collaboration and asset management features
  • Leverage a brand champion to gain productivity
  • Manage and share your assets and files with a working team
  • Integrate web-hosted services and mobile apps with your existing workflows
  • Share your work in process (WIP) assets with your team
Megan Donahue
Thuy Vu
S512 - The Art of the Interview: Creating Better Interview Videos

There’s more to getting a good interview than aiming a camera at your subject. Whether you’re interviewing a bride, a CEO, a child, or just the person on the street, this session will show you how to get the soundbite you need and have your subject look and sound their best.

Producer/director Abba Shapiro will show you the tricks and techniques you need to know to get a winning interview. You’ll learn:

  • How to develop a natural rapport with your subject to get conversational soundbites
  • Pre-production and pre-interview strategies that will make your interviews go smoother
  • Where to best position your cameras, mics, and yourself when conducting an interview
  • How to succeed with challenging or overly nervous people
  • Dos and don’ts that can make or break your edit
Abba Shapiro
S603 - The Big Picture: Our Vision of Enterprise Creativity

Creative Cloud for enterprise is constantly improving, so sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of everything it can do. In this session, take a step back and look at this panoramic offering. See how everything works together to enhance the experience that the teams in your organization — from creative to operations to marketing — design and deliver.

You’ll learn:

  • How to increase the efficiency and scope of your Creative Cloud use
  • What we have in store for the broader creative ecosystem
Ashley Still
Deb Escher
Andreas Gall
S204 - The Design of the Resistance

During times of political and social upheaval and conflict, people often want to do something, to help, to contribute, to enlighten, to share. Many of the most moving messages are created by people who are not creative professionals, but, like creatives, they are driven by a passion to communicate. These works live at the crossroads of activism, design, and art. Join Bonnie Siegler, founder of multidisciplinary design studio Eight and a Half, to discover how designers, who excel at visual storytelling, can contribute their skills, inspiration, and talent to help shape our world.

In this session, she’ll share:

  • Some historical context for protest art
  • What democracy looks like in 2017 compared to the past
  • Her own story and work in this area
  • Inspiration for what you can do

Speaker disclaimer:  the views expressed in this presentation at Adobe MAX are those of the speaker and not, necessarily, of Adobe MAX.

Bonnie Siegler
S314 - The Devil’s in the Details: Creating Poster Art for the Pop Culture Scene

London-based illustrator Dan Mumford creates highly detailed and vibrant illustrations for iconic movies, TV shows, and the pop culture scene — and he does it all in Photoshop. Join Dan as he walks you through recent projects and shares his secrets and tricks for creating his distinctive work.

As Dan takes you from his initial concept sketching to finalized artwork, you’ll learn how to:

  • Break down a brief: Understand what a client wants and why you should trust your instincts
  • Know your audience: Find the right way to pick key imagery from a franchise or property to work with
  • Sketch out your ideas and the importance of laying a solid foundation
  • Understand color theory and techniques to use shadow and lighting for great effect
  • Master the illustration process in Photoshop and what tools to use
  • Finalize artwork and prepare for screen printing
Dan Mumford
S404 - The Future of Photography: Capturing, Editing, and Sharing from Anywhere

For good reason, Photoshop Lightroom is the go-to solution that photographers use to make their photographs look their best. Join Adobe Principal Evangelist Julieanne Kost as she highlights recent enhancements to Lightroom that will enable you to bring out the best in your photography. You’ll discover how photographs are seamlessly managed across devices and the cloud, making it easy to create content on mobile and desktop and to share with the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the most compelling and useful new Lightroom features and how to make them work for you.

Topics to be covered include:

  • How to capture the best image quality from your phone
  • Tips and tricks for making eye-catching edits anytime, wherever you are
  • How to access your photos from any device at any time
  • How to rate, edit, and organize your photographs
Julieanne Kost
S310 - The Monster Project: Getting Creative with Doing Good

In 2010, Katie Johnson, founder and president of The Monster Project, took 20 monsters drawn by a class of second graders and re-imagined them in her own artistic style. That personal creative prompt has since grown into a collaboration of hundreds of artists and students from around the world. In this inspiring session, learn about the many unique obstacles and opportunities she encountered as the initiative evolved from passion project to business.

Katie will discuss:

  • The transformation of The Monster Project and lessons learned along the way 
  • How to stay (somewhat) sane when juggling both a side gig and a 9 to 5
  • Getting exposure by creating content that people want to share
  • Behind-the-scenes experiences of managing a charitable business
  • How to find new and interesting ways of bringing art to kids
Katie Johnson
S313 - The Secret Language of Movie Posters

In the decade since he started ScreenFonts, his monthly review of movie poster typography, Yves Peters started picking up trends and distinguishing specific (typo)graphic tricks. In this session, discover how film posters use a codified language of images, colors, and typography to communicate with the audience.

On this fascinating journey into pop culture and popcorn, you’ll learn:

  • That letters tell us much more than simply the words they spell out
  • How you subconsciously translate images, colors, and letterforms into moods and concepts
  • Which typeface styles identify specific film genres
  • If Trajan really is “the movie poster font”
  • How to apply techniques used in film posters to communicate more efficiently in your own design work
Yves Peters
S303 - The Virtual and Augmented Realities of Visual Communication

In just a few short years, the desktops of most Fortune 1000 companies will house headsets for entering virtual and augmented landscapes. But employees won’t be using these tools for gaming: VR/AR will shift the way teams learn, interact, and communicate with customers in ways never thought possible. Join Amy Balliett, CEO of leading visual communications agency Killer Infographics, to find out how designers, animators, and developers can start planning for this future today.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What Killer Infographics has developed for clients interested in jumping into this new medium
  • The tools to use and those to avoid when designing for VR/AR
  • What common use cases and services to offer for VR/AR in visual communications
Amy Balliett
S606 - Think About Accessibility in Everything You Design

With more than 285 million people visually impaired worldwide (World Health Organization, 2014), it is crucial that designers build emails and web pages with accessibility in mind. In this session, you’ll learn skills to transform your emails and landing pages quickly and easily to be accessible for all.

John Thies, CEO of Email on Acid, and Ben Tepfer, product marketing Manager at Adobe, will discuss:

  • How to design HTML content with accessibility in mind
  • Best practices for designing for those with disabilities
  • Ways to be a part of the movement to ensure those with disabilities have full use of digital tools and technologies
Ben Tepfer
John Thies
L525 - Think Like an Editor, Work Like a Colorist: Creative Cloud Color Grading

Colorists make video color correction and grading look easy. But what if color is not your primary focus? In this session, colorist and MAX Master Robbie Carman shows how you can easily achieve great color-correction results with various tools in Creative Cloud.

Specifically, Robbie will show you how to:

  • Use Adobe Capture to model color tonality from the real world
  • Apply Capture and Lumetri presets, or create your own
  • Use the Lumetri Color panel in Premiere Pro to correct and enhance shots
  • Use LUTs and Looks in Photoshop and After Effects
  • Apply color grades on output with Media Encoder
Robbie Carman
S221 - Tips and Tricks for Creating Interactive HTML5 Banners with Animate CC

Explore ways to build effective, responsive HTML5 banners using real-world examples. In this session, you’ll learn an ad creation workflow that lets you flawlessly deliver to all screens and effectively meet the specific needs of today’s advertising landscape. Create standard units using existing artwork and text, animate the different elements using code and traditional timeline animation, and add a call to action.

Join Rich Sangillo, creative director at Dallas-based advertising agency VLG, to learn:

  • Best practices for publishing your banners to meet the different specifications of DoubleClick, Google AdWords, and Sizmek  
  • Timesaving tips essential to speeding up your workflow
  • Tools to use (and to avoid) when building HTML5 ads
  • How to unlock the power of Adobe Animate CC and CreateJS
Rich Sangillo
L416 - Top 10 Photo Problems and How to Fix Them in Lightroom

Learn to fix many common photo problems quickly and simply! Follow along with fashion photographer and educator Lindsay Adler to learn easy Photoshop Lightroom solutions for correcting the 10 most common photo issues, including crooked horizon lines, incorrect color, blemishes and distracting background elements, exposure, dark eyes, focus, and much more. See how easy it is to make your photos look better than you thought possible by learning some core Lightroom techniques and when to move to Photoshop.

Lindsay will cover:

  • Essential Lightroom tools to fix composition, exposure, color, focus, and more
  • When to move to Photoshop for the best results
  • Batch processing to quickly apply changes to a series of images
  • Localized tools to fix smaller problem areas
Lindsay Adler
B340 - Top 10 Photoshop Tips and Time-savers for Designers

Ever stumble across a Photoshop tip that you wish you’d known years ago? Or want to know how to create those amazing “wow" effects? Most of this is easier than you think. We’ve narrowed down the best Photoshop tips to our top 10. Some you may be lucky enough to know already — the rest will blow your mind. Either way these are the ones that will save you time AND make your work look amazing, including optimizing Photoshop, tricks with layers, navigating and exporting files, and impressive 3D and other special effects thrown in for good measure.

If you work in Photoshop, this BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) lab is a must, as Adobe Senior Evangelist Paul Trani shows you:

  • How to trick out Photoshop for maximum speed
  • Timesaving tips and shortcuts
  • Best practices for importing and exporting files
  • Easy techniques for high-end effects and compositions
Paul Trani
Rocky Montez-Carr
L417 - Transforming Your Photographs with Photoshop

Join Jesús Ramirez, expert instructor from the very popular Photoshop Training Channel on YouTube, as he teaches key techniques for turning your photos into eye-catching images. You’ll work step-by-step from original photos to finished images, and practice skills and techniques that professionals use that you can apply to your photographs immediately. You'll also learn handy tips and tricks that save time and help you create your best work.

This session will demonstrate how to:

  • Remove distracting elements from photos
  • Make targeted color adjustments to get the best results when removing color casts
  • Make your dull photos pop with color and tonal adjustments
  • Create realistic sky replacements to improve your photos that contain boring skies
  • Construct convincing composites to solve photo challenges
Jesús Ramirez
S709 - Transparent Teams: Driving Alignment Through an Open Creative Process

Modern creative teams are made up of a fluid workforce: freelancers, vendors, agencies, and cross-functional in-house teams collaborating across the globe. Dropbox believes that a transparent process is the key to keeping teams in sync, improving the flow of work, and bringing the best ideas to life.

Whether you’re a designer, marketer, or someone who manages creative teams, attend this session to learn how you can:

  • Use an open design process to launch new products and campaigns
  • Inspire your colleagues to unleash their creative energy, generate new ideas, and uncover better insights
  • Transition your team to a new way of working

By attending this session, you agree that your information will be shared with Dropbox.

Aaron Robbs
Collin Whitehead
L249 - Type and Layouts in InDesign CC

Good typography is essential to design. It gives your documents visual appeal, makes them more readable, and gains a reader’s trust. Join designer, author, artist, and trainer Nigel French as he discusses the wealth of type-specific features in InDesign CC. Nigel will demonstrate an approach to creating layouts with InDesign that maximizes both efficiency and creativity.

In this hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Prevent and fix common composition problems like widows, orphans, and runts
  • Give your designs structure and credibility with layout grids and baseline grids
  • Shape the space around your type — from margins to leading to letter spacing
Nigel French
S501 - Type Choreography for Everyone

Join us as LinkedIn Learning ( author and After Effects expert Mark Christiansen unlocks how to put type in motion. You don’t need to know everything about the timeline for a sophisticated result. In fact, it often works better to start with a one-button approach and make it your own.

With the distinct possibility of a laugh or two here and there, you’ll learn about:

  • How to get started customizing and timing animated text regardless of your experience with After Effects
  • Why thinking like a hacker unlocks some of the most fun you can have with this toolset
  • Simple and automated tools you can use to re-create and even improve upon some of your favorite type animations
  • Whether creating motion graphics designs on Avatar guarantees the most fun you can have with your clothes on

Bring your own hopes for what you want to achieve in this session.

Mark Christiansen
S304 - Typography Tips Everyone Should Know

Studies show that good typography improves mood, comprehension, and cognitive skills. In the race for people’s attention, details matter. As a result, an increasing number of non-designers are realizing that typography matters to their brand, their customers, and their success. So your type game better be on point!

Join Lara McCormick, author of “Playing with Type,” as she shares:

  • A bit of type history, why it matters, and how to leverage it to make better informed decisions 
  • Typesetting pitfalls and fixes, and tips for creating effective type-based layouts (no image required!)
  • Case studies that will make you cry — and laugh — out loud

By attending this session, your information will be shared with CreativeLive.

Lara McCormick
S710 - Unleashing the Power of Adobe Creative Cloud with Artist Android Jones

Join Android Jones along with HP and NVIDIA on a creative storytelling experience. Android is an artist and digital painter, known for his many layered, immersive designs and live performances. He participated in the Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well tour, and his work has been projected on iconic landmarks across the globe including the Sydney Opera House and the Empire State Building. 

In this session, Android will:

  • Demonstrate his creative workflow
  • Share his journey as an artist and answer any questions you’ve been dying to ask
  • Discuss how HP and NVIDIA technologies can help push Adobe Creative Cloud to new limits

Attendees will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a one-hour design consultation with Android Jones.

By attending this session, you agree to have your information shared with HP.

Rick Champagne
Android Jones
S315 - Unlocking the Power of Photoshop CC: Advanced Tips and Techniques

In this fast-paced, information-packed session for advanced Photoshop users, join Adobe evangelist Julieanne Kost as she demonstrates new tools, little-known features, essential shortcuts, and hidden gems for photography, illustration, and design. If you’re looking for serious insights and solid skills you can put to use immediately, then this is a session you can’t afford to miss!  

Julieanne will cover topics that include: 

  • How to streamline Photoshop for the work you create
  • Using the Layers panel with increased efficiency 
  • Artboards, Smart Objects, and Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Working with vector shapes, paths, and type
  • Advanced masking, compositing, and transformation techniques
  • Camera Raw and adjustment layers
Julieanne Kost
S507 - Unlocking Video Inspiration: Tools That Fuel Your Creativity

Adobe Master Trainer, author, and filmmaker Maxim Jago shares his approaches to using today’s technology to unlock creative potential. Maxim will break down the differences between 2D, 360, VR, and volumetric video, and explore the future of storytelling in procedural character performance and virtual environments.

In this exploration of new tools for creativity, you’ll discover:

  • Ways to focus on the essence of storytelling
  • Approaches to video tools that minimize the tech and maximize the creation
  • The latest technologies that will empower the next generation of visual storytellers
  • Collaborative tools and workflows
  • Approaches to the audience experience, ranging from passive to active to interactive
Maxim Jago
L521 - Visual Wizardry: Compositing Graphics into Video with After Effects

Join Ian Robinson, motion graphics designer and educator, as he walks you through his creative visions by changing video clips into engaging, colorful scenes filled with animated text and graphic elements. If you’ve ever thought about adding graphics to video, this is the session you’ve been waiting for.

In this hands-on lab using After Effects, you’ll learn about:

  • Analyzing and fixing video clips with Warp Stabilizer VFX and Camera Shake Deblur
  • Choosing the best tracking method for each different kind of effect
  • Inserting text and animated graphics into video footage with the Camera Tracker
  • Compositing effects to better match your graphics to a scene
  • Making flexible graphic elements for Adobe Premiere Pro with Motion Graphics templates
Ian Robinson
L255 - Web Zero to Web Hero: Build Your First Responsive Web Page in Dreamweaver

This hands-on lab will take you through the basics of responsive web design with Dreamweaver CC. You’ll use the reimagined interface to create and code your very first mobile-, tablet-, and desktop-ready website. Your super talented (and very modest) trainer, Daniel Walter Scott, will show you how easy Dreamweaver makes your first move into coding. 

Join Daniel to learn: 

  • The core building blocks of responsive web design
  • How Dreamweaver makes light work of modern HTML5 and CSS3
  • How type and images respond on various mobile devices
  • Professional workflows and shortcuts
  • How web design makes you better looking
Daniel Scott
S232 - What’s New in Adobe XD

See the latest features in Adobe XD. Join Harish Narayan, XD product manager, for a deep dive into what’s cool and new in Adobe XD.

In this lively session, you’ll learn about:       
•    The top new features in Adobe XD
•    How to improve your workflow when moving from design to production
•    Other new timesaving techniques when using Adobe XD

Harish Narayan
Joan Lafferty
S222 - What’s New in Animate CC

Get an in-depth look at all the new features and capabilities in Animate CC, the leading vector animation toolset for designing interactive animations. See how the tool has evolved to revolutionize the animation industry. Join Ajay Shukla, Animate product manager, for an overview of how Animate is geared to support the future of animation.

In this lively session, you’ll learn about:  

  • A host of new tools that allow you to express yourself with more freedom and creativity
  • New capabilities so you can more efficiently and flexibly target your animations for virtually any device, browser, or platform
  • New collaborative workflows that significantly reduce the time it takes to complete your projects
Ajay Shukla
S223 - What’s New in Dreamweaver CC

Get an in-depth look at the new features and capabilities in Dreamweaver CC. Develop cutting-edge, responsive websites for any type of browser, on any type of device.

Rajnish Bharti, senior product manager for Dreamweaver, will introduce you to:   

  • Working with PHP 7.1
  • Working with CSS preprocessors like LESS and Sass
  • Tips, tricks, and shortcuts as you code
  • Leveraging assets such as graphics and stock images with Creative Cloud Libraries
Rajnish Bharti
S214 - What’s New in Illustrator CC

See the latest features in Adobe Illustrator CC. Join Anubhav Rohatgi, Director of Product Marketing, for a deep dive into what’s cool and new in Illustrator.

In this lively session, you’ll learn:

  • What’s new in Illustrator and how you can become more productive in your design process
  • How to work in amazing new ways, draw with more precision and control, and create organically with new tools
  • Exciting new developments in working across other applications with Illustrator
Anubhav Rohatgi
S201 - What’s New in InDesign CC

Join InDesign product managers Abhinav Agarwal and Mohammad Javed Ali to discover all that’s new in InDesign. We have heard your requests and have made lots of updates that you won’t want to miss out on. You’ll leave this session with insights that will help you design better and faster.

You’ll learn about:

  • The top requested features like endnotes, paragraph borders, size and position in Object Styles etc.
  • An easy way to share text across InDesign users and also between different CC Apps
  • The multiple enhancements in the Accessibility area
  • The multiple typographic improvements we’ve made and so much more
Abhinav Agarwal
Mohammad Javed Ali
S207 - What’s New in Photoshop CC

See the newest Photoshop CC features in action. Join Photoshop Group Product Manager Stephen Nielson for an overview of the latest magic and timesaving enhancements Photoshop has to offer.

In this exciting session, Stephen will cover:

  • Top new features in Photoshop CC
  • Technologies, tips, and tricks useful for newcomers, experts, and everyone in between
  • Timesaving tools
  • Step-by-step techniques to help you go places creatively that were impossible in Photoshop before
Stephen Nielson
Catherine Gee
S203 - Why Design Matters

Debbie Millman is the founder and host of Design Matters, the first and longest running podcast about design. Created in 2004 and launched online in 2005, Design Matters has evolved from a show about designers talking about design to a show about how creative people design their lives. Debbie has interviewed more than 300 design luminaries and cultural commentators, including Massimo Vignelli, Milton Glaser, Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Pink, Barbara Kruger, Seth Godin, and more. In the 12 years since its inception, the show has garnered over five million downloads per year, has been designated a best podcast on iTunes, and has won a Cooper Hewitt National Design Award.

In this entertaining presentation, Debbie will share details about the origin of Design Matters, why the show had no logo for a decade, the time David Carson stood her up, and how and why Amanda Palmer made her cry.

Debbie Millman
L252 - Working Faster, Better, and Smarter in Illustrator CC

Learn how to be more productive than ever in Illustrator CC. In this hands-on lab with senior members of the Illustrator team, you’ll discover new features, such as web and screen design workflows, as well as hidden gems that will help you craft beautiful designs with more power and control. If you use Illustrator, you won’t want to miss this lab.

Illustrator product managers Yogesh Sharma and Neeraj Nandkeolyar will show you:

  • New ways to make your work with vector graphics more organic and intuitive
  • Tips and techniques to give you more power and control over the tools you use every day
  • An insider’s look at updates and improvements to core features that you absolutely need to know
Neeraj Nandkeolyar
Yogesh Sharma
S208 - You Gotta Make a Lot of Stuff Before You Can Make Stuff Like Yourself

The greatest joy you can have as a designer is connecting to another human being through your work. After years of working in publishing, branding, and tech, Timothy Goodman now spends his days drawing, writing, and making weird stuff for himself and clients all over the world. He tries to approach design as a practice, not as a profession.

Join Timothy as he talks about:

  • Where he’s been
  • Where he’s at
  • And how he’s trying to redefine what it means to work in this industry
Timothy Goodman
S408 - Your Mobile Phone Is a Powerful Photography Tool

Smartphone cameras have changed the landscape of photography in recent years. Join photographer Pei Ketron as she shares techniques for getting the best possible results from the little camera that is permanently at your fingertips. Learn the basics of composition and light and how Photoshop Lightroom for mobile fuels the photography process from shoot to share. Join this session to discover how to unlock the true potential of your smartphone camera.

Pei will cover:

  • Photography basics
  • Tips for shooting with a phone
  • The benefits of shooting in the RAW format
  • Editing in Lightroom for mobile
  • Accessing and sharing your photos wherever you are
Pei Ketron
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