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*This speaker is identified as a MAX Master, ranked as one of the top 20 speakers from MAX 2017.

S222 - 20 Things I’m Thankful For and Other Stories

Let’s be honest — the last year or so has been, at times, challenging. Join designer/illustrator Tad Carpenter, owner of Carpenter Collective, as he puts that all behind him and looks on the sunny side. Tad will explore the things we should all be grateful for and reasons why he counts his lucky stars to be a designer. Tad will weave stories of triumph and terror and how he finds motivation to keep designing. Throughout the talk Tad will show his studio’s approach to brand strategy, reveal design tricks he’s thankful for, and give shout-outs to some of his design heroes.

You may even walk away with:

  • A knowledge of how passion projects can turn into real projects
  • An idea of the importance of strategy and research
  • Silly examples of tools you should be thankful for
  • A tiny bit of design history
Tad Carpenter
L245 - 3D for Designers: Introduction to Adobe Dimension CC

Whether you’re a freelance artist or part of a team, see how to take advantage of the robust, powerful medium of 3D to speed workflows, enhance pitches, and bring ideas to life. Master the basics of Dimension, a new desktop app that seamlessly combines 3D and 2D content to create high-quality, photorealistic imagery. Designed for 3D novices, this hands-on lab with Dimension product manager Jeanette Mathews will give you a new skill set to expand your capabilities in the evolving digital design landscape.

While building a product and brand visualization project, you’ll learn how to:

  • Compose objects and navigate custom views in 3D space
  • Customize the appearance of objects using materials
  • Apply your own graphics such as logos and labels to an object
  • Composite a background image into your 3D scene with realistic lighting and perspective
  • Render photorealistic multilayered images to post-edit in Photoshop
Jeanette Mathews
S611 - 3DHope: Interdisciplinary STEAM Design for Accessibility and Social Impact

Discover the approach to interdisciplinary, team-based creative projects that evoke community engagement and social change. Learn about Limbitless Solutions, a nonprofit that makes 3D-printed, artistic bionic arms for children with the aid of UCF students who have backgrounds in engineering, marketing, gaming, and visual arts. You’ll find out how to effectively utilize creativity to empower, promote inclusion, and communicate your story to a broader audience.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The Limbitless Solutions story and their approach to STEAM learning
  • How bionic arms can be blended with artistic design
  • How to approach interdisciplinary collaboration and navigate through multidisciplinary silos
  • How to effectively create a STEAM-based learning environment
  • How to implement Adobe tools across disciplines to successfully share your story


Matt Dombrowski
Albert Manero
S229 - 99% Invisible: Live

Roman Mars will perform stories from his immensely popular design podcast, 99% Invisible, all about the hidden design details that shape the world.

Roman’s stories will include:

  • The key innovation that made the art and design of the 20th century
  • How to communicate the importance of design in everyday life
  • The role designers play in solving problems and making life better for everyone
  • The genius of vernacular design solutions from around the world

About 99% Invisible
99% Invisible is a podcast about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world. With nearly 300 million downloads, 99% Invisible is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. It has won a Third Coast Festival award for Best Documentary, two Podcast Academy awards, and two Webby Awards for Best Podcast and Best Host.

Roman Mars
Kurt Kohlstedt
L516 - Adobe Character Animator: Creating an Animated Monster from Scratch

Character animation has never been more approachable (or fun) thanks to Adobe Character Animator. Join Adobe MAX Master Dave Werner as he walks you through a complete animation workflow using an industry-changing animation program that has captured the attention of artists working on TV shows such as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Showtime’s Our Cartoon President. Whether you’re a newcomer to animation or a seasoned veteran, this lab will teach you new ways to incorporate Character Animator into your toolset, making it faster, streamlined, and more enjoyable.

In Dave’s lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build an optimized custom character in Photoshop
  • Rig, practice, perform, record, and edit with your character
  • Add professional finishing touches in After Effects and export a shareable video

Check out our Character Animator preconference bootcamp, which will dive deeper into this lab and more!

Dave Werner
L317 - Adobe Dimension CC: Creating High-Fidelity 3D Materials

Take a journey to another dimension! Dive into the amazing world of 3D graphics and discover how easy it is to make photorealistic 3D materials. We’ll demystify the advanced techniques of emulating physical surfaces using a simple set of parameters and texture maps. You’ll leave with a deep understanding of how 3D materials work and how to use texture maps to achieve compelling results.

Join Adobe colleagues Vladimir Petkovic, art director, and Paul Edmondson, senior graphics engineer, in this hands-on lab, where you’ll:

  • Gain an understanding of material properties and using textures to make advanced 3D materials
  • Learn to use and edit preset materials in Dimension CC
  • See how to apply materials to 3D objects in Dimension
  • Discover ways to use Photoshop to create your own textures and use them to create advanced 3D materials in Dimension
  • Learn how to render out objects, wrapped in your own 3D materials
Paul Edmondson
Vladimir Petkovic
L242 - Adobe Illustrator for Beginners

Are you just starting out with Illustrator and feeling a bit overwhelmed when you begin a new project? Get the solid foundation you need to build and edit shapes, work with color, and design with type. Find out how much fun it is to create cool icons, logos — anything you can imagine — for print, web, video, and mobile, all in Illustrator.

Join Adobe Certified Expert Jason Hoppe in this hands-on lab that’s perfect for Illustrator newbies, and learn:

  • Ways to build your designs with shapes, including Live Shapes, the Shape Builder tool, and more
  • How to design with text and master the powerful type tools
  • The basics of working with color, including how to create swatches, change colors, recolor artwork, and more
  • Tips and tricks for the Illustrator workspace and best practices for saving and exporting files
Jason Hoppe
S225 - Adobe Illustrator Pro Tips and Techniques

Ever wonder if there’s an easier way to manipulate vectors in Illustrator? Or what shortcuts could really save you time? Let Adobe Senior Worldwide Evangelist Paul Trani take you through the need-to-know fundamentals you may have missed over the years, as well as some much-needed new timesavers. Paul will also focus on power tips, tricks, and techniques that can make your life as an Illustrator user easier, so you can take your work to the next level.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create and manipulate lines efficiently
  • Master fills and strokes
  • Add and change gradients and colors easily
  • Use effects to create depth and texture
  • Add dimension to designs
  • Output artwork efficiently
Paul Trani
L252 - Adobe InDesign CC Deep Dive

Do you already have a few years of InDesign experience under your belt but know there’s room to learn more? Extend your knowledge of your favorite layout software by joining MAX Master and Adobe Senior Solution Consultant Bart Van de Wiele in this hands-on lab that’s practical and filled with techniques that you can use right away. If you’ve attended this lab previously, note that it has been completely revised and is filled with new information.

Get the most out of InDesign, and discover:

  • Essentials when using and building templates, including setting up styles, variables, and conditional text
  • Text style automation using GREP styles
  • How to get creative with effects
  • Techniques to bring Illustrator and Photoshop files into InDesign
  • How to use cross-references and other special characters
  • Fun with tables (yes, it’s possible)
  • Tips and other “brain snacks” that will improve your workflow
Bart Van de Wiele
L243 - Adobe InDesign Jump Start

Have you always wanted to master InDesign but found it a bit intimidating? With so many controls, you don’t know where to look first? If so, this is your lab! Learn the basics while discovering insider secrets about laying out beautiful pages for print, PDF, and digital publications.

Join InDesign expert and master teacher Anne-Marie “HerGeekness” Concepcion, cofounder of, as she patiently and enthusiastically helps you:

  • Customize and streamline your workspace
  • Learn the Basic 5: two tools and three panels that do most of the work
  • Import copy from Word and images from Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Format with text and object styles (the pro’s secret weapons)
  • Prep your file for proofing and final output
  • Preview and publish an interactive online version of your masterpiece
Anne Concepcion
L514 - Adobe Premiere Pro: An Introduction to the Basics

Develop the most important skills you need to create a video. Join Adobe MAX Masters Karl Soule and Dave Helmly as they introduce you to the basics of editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. This is a beginner class in Premiere Pro designed for people who have never used it before.
In this hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the Premiere Pro interface
  • Set up a project as well as import and organize media
  • Edit with the most productive techniques
  • Add transitions and audio to your sequences

Check out our Premiere Pro preconference bootcamp, which will dive deeper into this lab and more!

Karl Soule
David Helmly
S511 - Adobe Premiere Pro Power Tips to Become a Power User

There’s always a way to work smarter, not harder. Join Master Trainers Jeff Greenberg and Abba Shapiro and see how to optimize your use of Premiere Pro. Find out how professional editors speed up the process and get answers to the tough questions you have.

In this dynamic session, you’ll learn:

  • How to use the keyboard intuitively — with no memorization
  • How the latest features for color and graphics help streamline your workflow
  • Faster rendering and output techniques by tweaking sequence settings
  • Professional editorial techniques for faster and better storytelling
Jeff Greenberg
Abba Shapiro
S503 - Adobe Premiere Pro Tips and Tricks from a Hollywood Pro

Learn how Hollywood post-production professionals make the most of their time and effort by taking advantage of the essential features for professional editors and assistant editors in Creative Cloud. Discover features in Premiere Pro that will streamline your workflow, save time, and help you deliver exactly what you want when you want it.
In this session, Hollywood director and editor Christine Steele will show you:

  • How Creative Cloud can help you work effectively on a project with multiple creatives 
  • How to handle mixed-media footage of differing scale and resolution 
  • Techniques to maximize results when working with multi-cam footage
  • How to set up, use, and share master projects in Premiere Pro
  • Project and sequence tips and toolkits used by professional content creators 
  • Example workflows using After Effects, Photoshop, and Adobe Audition
Christine Steele
B257 - Adobe Spark: Creating Social Graphics and Videos in Minutes

Spark is the one-stop place to create all your social media content. Join Amy Zhong, Spark Post product specialist, and Lisa Boghosian, Spark Video senior product manager, to see how fun, fast, and frictionless it can be to create a well-rounded, effective multimedia campaign.

In this informative and interactive hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Easily create eye-catching social flyers and posts
  • Quickly repurpose content for all your social needs
  • Make stunning hype and recap videos on web or mobile
  • Leverage hidden gems and insider tricks to get more engagement

Note: You’ll need to bring a laptop to access via a browser with a valid Adobe ID to log in or an iOS device with the Adobe Spark Video and Adobe Spark Post apps installed to participate in this lab.

Amy Zhong
Lisa Boghosian
B258 - Adobe Spark: Creating Web Pages or Presentations in Minutes

Spark gives you the power to easily communicate your story through visually stunning web pages and presentations. Learn how to captivate your audience and keep them coming back for more with goal-oriented communications and promotions. Join Spark product manager Laura Wittig as they guide you through the steps you need to take your storytelling skills to the next level.

In this collaborative, hands-on workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a strong web presence with a beautiful, goal-oriented web page
  • Use smart designs and layouts to engage users with your story
  • Quickly create mobile-responsive presentations

Note: You’ll need to bring a laptop to access via a browser — or bring an iOS device with the Adobe Spark Page app installed — and log in to the web or mobile application with a valid Adobe ID to participate in this lab.


Laura Wittig
S204 - Adobe Spark in the Classroom: Inject Creativity into Curricular Objectives

To quote leading educator Sir Ken Robinson, “Creativity is as important as literacy” — which is why educators the world over are seeking ways to embrace creativity in the classroom, encouraging both creative expression and creative problem solving. But between existing classroom responsibilities, national standards and assessment, and an already overstuffed day, where is there room to do more?

Join Dr. Monica Burns, education technology and curriculum consultant, and Ben Forta, Adobe senior director of education initiatives, to learn:

  • How Adobe Spark was built to fit into existing classrooms and curriculums
  • Ways Adobe Spark lets students express themselves using video, web pages, images, and more
  • How forward-thinking educators are harnessing the fun and free awesomeness of Adobe Spark to inject much-needed creativity into their classrooms
Monica Burns
Ben Forta
S200 - Adobe Spark: Your Secret Weapon for Designing Social Media Content

Whether you’re a creative professional or a solo entrepreneur with limited design skills, it can be a struggle to create engaging content for an ever-increasing number of social media platforms. In this session, learn how to use Adobe Spark to dramatically reduce the time it takes to create beautiful social media graphics, videos, stories, and presentations that reflect your or your company’s brand.

Veronica Belmont, product manager and evangelist for Spark, will cover:

  • Setting up your brand kit
  • Using Spark Post to create social media graphics
  • Using Spark Video to create engaging social videos
  • Using Spark Page to create gorgeous web stories, articles, and presentations
  • Creating and publishing from anywhere — accessing Spark online and from mobile devices
Veronica Belmont
Abby Larner
L250 - Adobe XD: Getting Up to Speed Using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Libraries

Ready to get up and running with Adobe XD? Learn how to quickly design and build prototypes for web and mobile projects in XD by leveraging Creative Cloud Libraries and key features of Photoshop and Illustrator for an optimal, integrated, real-world workflow. If you’re comfortable in Photoshop and Illustrator but just starting out with Adobe’s UX/UI design and prototyping tool, this session will let you hit the ground running.

In this hands-on lab, veteran instructors Michael Murphy and A.J. Wood will walk you through:

  • Efficiently bringing Photoshop artboards and Illustrator artwork into XD
  • Taking advantage of Creative Cloud Libraries in your XD workflow
  • Understanding XD basics and workflow best practices
  • Accelerating your process with repeat grids, symbols, and global colors
  • Wiring up and testing prototypes
  • Sharing and exporting XD projects for clients and developers
Michael Murphy
A.J. Wood
S401 - Advanced Lightroom Tips and Tricks

Photoshop Lightroom Classic is packed with features that make editing photographs more powerful than ever before. In this session, join Julieanne Kost, Digital Evangelist at Adobe, as she demonstrates firsthand why the original image is only half of the photographic equation. She’ll reveal her favorite tips, tricks, and techniques that enable her to elevate her creativity; increase productivity; and add a unique, personal style when enhancing and refining images. This session will help accelerate your Lightroom Classic skills.

Julieanne will explore topics that include:

  • Global and local nondestructive image adjustments
  • Creative color and tonal enhancements
  • Custom black and white conversions and vintage effects
  • Local adjustment and retouching techniques
  • Timesaving techniques for processing images
Julieanne Kost
S213 - Aesthetics + Computation: When Design Goes Retro

In the early ’90s, engineer, designer, and executive leader John Maeda started making interactive, or what he called “reactive,” graphics in C language for the 68k Apple Macintosh. As the web started to take off in the mid-’90s, John moved to Java and in parallel joined the MIT Media Lab to recruit talent at the intersection of design and tech. Join John as he explores early work that he made for the computer back in the ’90s that doesn’t work anymore on modern computers.

You’ll discover why:

  • When you get old, the stuff you make gets old too
  • You should hope to be lucky enough to live a long life
  • It’s important to respect the past while ignoring the present
  • Legacies are cool, but they’re not for everyone
John Maeda
P531 - After Effects Bootcamp: Learning the Basics for Editors and Designers

Creating superior motion graphics or visual effects is not as hard as you may think. Learn from veteran After Effects artists Ian Robinson and Eran Stern as they show you how to master this industry standard software. Experience the magic of After Effects and learn how to incorporate After Effects into your creative life.

In this bootcamp, you’ll learn how to:

  • Animate a logo and 3D title
  • Create and animate a title card and lower third graphic for a video
  • Design animated backgrounds
  • Generate an animated transition
  • Make flexible graphic elements for Premiere Pro with Motion Graphics templates

For generating visual effects, learn how to:

  • Analyze and fix video clips with Warp Stabilizer VFX and Camera Shake Deblur
  • Choose the best tracking method for each different kind of effect
  • Insert text and animated graphics into video footage with the Camera Tracker
  • Composite effects to better match your graphics
Ian Robinson
Eran Stern
S507 - After Effects Power Tips to Become a Power User

Work faster and smarter with tips designed to make you a power user of After Effects. Join MAX Master Ian Robinson and video veteran Nick Harauz as they show you the latest features in After Effects, keyboard shortcuts to success, and efficient ways to get things done. Learn how motion graphics and VFX artists speed up their compositing and animation processes, shedding a whole new light on how to view After Effects. At the end of this session, you’ll walk away with information and skills that will make working in After Effects better and more efficient.

You’ll discover:

  • Where to focus to improve your ability to navigate After Effects
  • What will make the biggest difference when learning After Effects
  • Keyboard shortcuts and mapping techniques to maximize any workflow
  • Tips and advice from After Effects power users far and wide


Ian Robinson
Nick Harauz
W412 - A Low-Tech Approach to High-Impact Mobile Photography

In this workshop, find out how to set your images apart with low-tech, low-budget, fun, and exciting techniques to create high-impact images. We’ll shoot through, with, and on a wide variety of materials to create surprising and eye-catching images. Plus, we’ll take risks, make mistakes, learn — and laugh a lot.

Join Sony Artisan and photo educator Katrin Eismann and explore the neighborhood with your mobile phone or camera to:

  • Harness the power of the Photoshop Lightroom CC camera on mobile
  • Explore image processing techniques with Lightroom
  • Create and seek reflections, abstract color effects, and dreamy outcomes with prisms, filters, and props
  • Play, explore, stumble, and inspire one another by seeing, sharing, and encouraging
Katrin Eismann
Josh Haftel
S404 - A Photo Is Worth More than 1,000 Words

We all take photos in our personal life, but how do you add photography to your professional life as well? Meet Adé Hogue, a designer and art director with an enthusiasm for custom lettering and photography, two passions that fuel his design process and creative energy. In this lively session, he’ll share how he merged his design career with his photographic hobby to deliver better and more artistic creations. You’ll see how the power of photography helps bring his design ideas to life and understand his creative process. You’ll also pick up nuggets on color theory, art direction, and what it takes to make a meaningful photograph.

Adé will show you how to:

  • Take ad hoc photos and plan for a dedicated shoot
  • Apply color and color theory to design and photography
  • Apply scale to enhance the impact of your work
  • Manipulate imperfections to your advantage
Ade Hogue
S236 - A Roadmap for Smart Device Experience Design Using Adobe XD

In today’s ever-connected world, we use a multitude of devices to access information. Increasingly, these devices have smart capabilities to control and manage daily tasks, which presents challenges for designers who must adopt new creative strategies and techniques to solve complex problems. Join Chakib Labidi, London-based UX consultant and founder of UX Playground, to explore how Adobe XD and its framework can help you more efficiently design and prototype smart device experiences.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of using Adobe XD to design experiences for smart and connected devices
  • How to best leverage product design principles to create cross-device interfaces
  • Best practices for smart device prototyping and how to overcome simulation constraints
Chakib Labidi
S510 - Audio Essentials: Things You Need to Know to Edit Audio Like a Pro

Whether you’re editing audio in Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe Audition, Creative Cloud has the tools you need to make your project sounds its best. Join Principal Evangelist Jason Levine as he walks you through tools that help you correct audio loudness, remove noise, and much more in this beginner audio editing session.
You’ll learn:

  • How to use the Essential Sound Panel in Premiere Pro
  • The best way to remix your audio for your video needs
  • How to fix and identify potential problems with audio files before you begin mixing (noise, pops, plosives, and so on).
  • What it takes to deliver audio in multiple formats and how to choose the right one for the right destination
Jason Levine
S226 - Augmented Reality: The World Is Your Canvas

Augmented reality (AR) is poised to change the way we interact with the world. From education to industry, AR has the potential to create a paradigm shift in the way we work, learn, and play. Estella Tse, immersive media artist and designer, joins Stefano Corazza, creative director of the Festival of the Impossible and senior director of engineering at Adobe, to discuss the future of art in AR. Estella and Stefano will showcase key pieces and insights from the Festival of the Impossible, a three-day immersive art exhibition featuring artists who are pushing past the boundaries of reality.

Join Estella and Stefano in this exciting session to see:

  • What AR is and why it matters to designers and artists
  • What makes an AR experience compelling
  • Inspirational AR experiences from artists and designers who are driving the next generation of immersive experiences
  • How you can create in AR today
Estella Tse
Stefano Corazza
S504 - Beyond the Basics: Masterful Editing Techniques in Premiere Pro

If you’re ready to move beyond the basics and learn how to really take advantage of the power inside Premiere Pro, this is the session for you. Join Master Trainer Abba Shapiro as he shows you how to use many of the advanced features in Premiere Pro.

In this class, you’ll move beyond basic trimming and learn:

  • The best trimming keyboard shortcuts and tricks to refine your edits
  • How to apply motion effects to videos and photos
  • The best way to create time lapses from image sequences
  • How to make the best use of the Text tool
  • How to import, use, and modify Motion Graphics templates
  • Fast color balancing and color matching tips using the Lumetri Color panel
  • How to customize and animate filters over time
Abba Shapiro
B523 - Boost Your Reach: Creating Impactful Videos for Social Media

If you have a unique story to tell, join YouTube veteran and social media editor Valentina Vee as she shares her favorite tips for capturing great moments. Using your hands-on skills to help craft a compelling story, you’ll get acquainted with new Premiere Rush CC, an all-in-one, cross-device video editing application designed to help you increase your content velocity and expand your social reach.

In this bring your own device lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up a great shot
  • Use color techniques to communicate the right mood
  • Capture and finesse your video with great-sounding audio
  • Optimize your videos for social media to drive discovery and engagement

This session will be offered on days two and three of MAX. Download Premiere Rush CC on the first day of MAX to your iPad or iPhone before the class starts on Tuesday or Wednesday. No devices will be available for your use.

Valentina Vee
S206 - Breaking Bad…Photoshop Habits

There are lots of ways to use Photoshop — some are effective and some are…not so much. In this session, hear Photoshop Hall of Famer and MAX Master Dave Cross reveal some of the most common “bad habits” that can hold you back. He’ll demonstrate best practices to take your Photoshop efficiency to the next level.

In this tip-packed session, you’ll learn about:

  • Adjustment layers versus adjustments
  • Smart Filters instead of filters
  • Masking rather than erasing or deleting
  • The benefits of creating and using presets
Dave Cross
S307 - Breaking Down the Perfect Composite

The perfect composite image is built from many photos seamlessly combined into one. It’s truly a craft where the end result is greater than the sum of its parts. Join Aaron Nace, one of the world’s premier Photoshop instructors, and discover how complex composites are built. Find out how with a spark of imagination and a little technical knowledge, you can make any idea real. Aaron will show how he created some of his favorite composites — from initial idea, to sourcing individual components, to the essential techniques he uses to craft the final masterpiece. You’ll gain valuable skills to take your compositing projects to the next level.

In this session focusing on technique and theory, you’ll learn:

  • How to use parts of images to combine them into a stunning new composite
  • Tips for photographing and editing images for compositing
  • Compositing techniques to create realistic final images
Aaron Nace
S707 - Bringing Imagination to Life: Evolving the Immersive Media Toolset

Learn how Google and YouTube, in partnership with Adobe, continue to develop and refine the tools available to help creators bring their imaginations to life in immersive media.

In this session, we'll:

  • Cover the latest tools and capabilities
  • Hear directly from YouTubers to see how they’re adopting VR in their productions
  • Hear how Google’s AR and VR teams are building tools that help creative professionals working in 3D achieve their goals more efficiently and productively

By attending this session, your information will be shared with Google.

Frank Rodriguez
Brittany Mennuti
S500 - Broadcast-Style Graphics for Every Type of Video

Whether you’re shooting a corporate video or a commercial, elements like loopable backgrounds, custom transitions, and lower thirds should always be part of the plan. These subtle graphics transform ordinary videos into extraordinary ones. Join Sergei Prokhnevskiy, former Fox Sports motion graphics designer, as he shows you how to create broadcast-style graphics created in After Effects to help you make your next video stand out.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create and animate a lower third graphic for a video
  • Design and animate loopable backgrounds
  • Use assets from Adobe Stock to create the look you want
  • Generate an animated transition
  • Make flexible graphics elements for Premiere Pro with Motion Graphics templates
Sergei Prokhnevskiy
S107 - Building Connected Brands to Transform Businesses and Move Culture

Award-winning, full-service agency R/GA is known for creating Connected Brands for Fortune 500 companies, including Nike, Samsung, and Google. Join Mike Rigby, VP and ECD of Business Transformation, as he shares R/GA’s unique playbook and examples for the agency’s Connected Brands approach. Mike will demonstrate how to combine a brand’s story and system together to achieve powerful network effects.

Attendees will gain perspective on:

  • Why the traditional top-down approach to brand building no longer works
  • How strategy, XD, and visual and verbal design come together to activate a brand’s purpose
  • How modern brands need to be built from the bottom up to balance belief and behavior
  • How great brand design can be a transformational force for a business
Mike Rigby
S217 - Can’t Trust This: How UX Design Makes a More Trustable Internet of Things

Connected tea kettles that advertise themselves to thieves. Fitness trackers that tell your enemies where to find you. Go beyond the dystopian headlines to pragmatic advice on how user experience design can promote security, privacy, and transparency. There’s a leadership role for interaction design, brand strategy, and copywriting in making products people trust. Ame Elliott, design director for Simply Secure, provides an approachable look at how user experience design can brighten up the shadier side of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Join Ame in this fascinating session, and gain an understanding of:

  • Examples of IoT security fails
  • How interaction design, brand strategy, copywriting, and other non-technical design disciplines contribute to making products people trust
  • Ideas for extending best user experience design practices into IoT applications
Ame Elliott
P330 - Channel Your Inner Picasso — Sculpting with Everyday Materials

Join Christian Clayton, ArtCenter College of Design professor, artist, and image maker, as you experiment in 3D with the ubiquitous and indestructible art material known as cardboard. You will be amazed at what is possible!

In this preconference workshop, as you design, tear, cut, mold, sculpt, draw, and paint, you’ll create own one-of-a-kind sculpture: a self-portrait, a free-form design, an architectural object — or just use your imagination! You’ll use cardboard, paper, fabric, glue, string, and paint — along with your creative energy and an open mind — to fully explore the endless possibilities and creative potential of these readily available materials. This is your opportunity to learn a new style of art and exercise your creativity. No prior experience required. 

Christian Clayton
P530 - Character Animator Bootcamp: Make It Animate

Learn how you can bring your characters to life. Adobe Character Animator has been taking the animation world by storm as the first software to do live animation. But that’s not all it does — it also helps artists transform any Photoshop or Illustrator character into an animation with a very simple, yet robust toolset.

Join Adobe’s Dave Werner and Dan Ramirez as they walk you step-by-step through the process of creating your first animation and explore the tools professional animators use. You’ll love the results.

In this bootcamp, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a custom character in Photoshop from scratch
  • Rig, practice, perform, record, and edit your character
  • Add finishing touches to make your character truly come alive
  • Make your puppet walk, run, and sneak around your canvas
  • Export your character into other Adobe applications or output it live via Facebook or YouTube
Dave Werner
Dan Ramirez
S713 - Cinematography: Ready…Film, Edit, Publish

Unleash your creativity with Sony and Paul DeVecchio, a director/cinematographer/editor who has worked on several promo reels like Fast & Furious, The Hunger Games, and more. He’ll be doing a mini shoot on stage with Sony equipment, showing you how to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro with his tips and tricks.

You’ll see:

  • How to use After Effects to create visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing in the post-production process
  • From lens to upload, how to export your content in different formats, and then upload your work through Vimeo for the world to see

By attending this session, your information will be shared with Sony.

Paul Del Vecchio
L521 - Colorist Techniques for the Video Editor

Colorists make video color correction and grading look easy, but is it? In this session, join colorist MAX Master Robbie Carman as he demystifies the basics of color correction and shows how you can easily achieve great results with a wide variety of tools in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.  

In this session, Robbie will show you how to: 

  • Use LUTs and Looks in Photoshop and After Effects
  • Apply Lumetri presets or create your own
  • Use the Lumetri Color panel to correct and enhance shots
  • Apply color grades on output with Adobe Media Encoder

Check out our Premiere Pro preconference bootcamp, which will dive deeper into this lab and more! 

Robbie Carman
S403 - Creating and Capturing Better Portraits

Portraiture is one of the fastest growing and dynamic types of photography, and as a practice it’s a great way to ignite your creativity. We all strive to capture better portraits of our family and friends, and we all need good portraits for social media, marketing, and more. Yet capturing natural, engaging, and authentic portraits isn’t easy. Join celebrated photographer and best-selling author Chris Orwig to learn how to make stronger portraits regardless of your creative field.

In this session, Chris will show you:

  • Practical and actionable steps to improve your photographs
  • How you can use natural light to capture the best shot
  • How to connect with your subjects and draw out their best, even if you don’t know them
  • Quick tips for making photos even better in Photoshop Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic
Chris Orwig
L518 - Creating Dynamic Media for Social and the Web

Don’t miss this fun, hands-on lab where you’ll create a range of dynamic media that’s perfect for the web and social media. Join Richard Harrington, graphic design and new media expert, as he shows you how to create media that is unique and engaging using a DSLR or mirrorless camera and applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. Designed for all experience levels, this class is great for those who have at least a basic knowledge of at least two of the applications being covered.

While you capture images and video on-site and transform it into dynamic online content, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a cinemagraph
  • Edit a simple looping video
  • Create a looping object video using a turntable  
  • Create a stop-motion animation
  • Render video for the web and social media 
Rich Harrington
L253 - Creating Modern, Responsive Sites with Bootstrap and Dreamweaver CC

Learn how to create modern, responsive web pages from scratch using a combination of Bootstrap components and a set of intuitive tools that caters to designers who need to code. This session will feature updates to Bootstrap and the latest integration with Dreamweaver CC.

In this hands-on lab, you’ll create a responsive design project, and Roman Villarreal, CEO of Lumenbrite Training, will show you how to:

  • Add and customize the latest Bootstrap components
  • Explore new features in Bootstrap and migration strategies to Bootstrap 4
  • Use timesaving workflows to rapidly design your pages
  • Leverage Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Libraries
Roman Villarreal
L246 - Creating Multiplatform Animations with Animate CC

Learn how to get started creating your own engaging animated content with Animate CC. In this hands-on lab, we’ll work with a variety of project types to design and produce animated banners, sweeping scenic animations, and even unique character animations. Let’s explore these creative possibilities and more with Animate CC.

Joseph Labrecque, creative developer and interactive designer, will show you how to:

  • Effectively utilize elements of the Animate CC interface through creative tools and focused panels
  • Make use of the rich capabilities of Animate to design an assortment of vector assets, reusable symbols, and custom animations
  • Take advantage of time-tested tips and techniques that let you work fast and produce compelling content for your projects
  • Produce a variety of animation types for assorted publishing platforms: HTML5 Canvas, HD video, and more
  • Push the creative envelope using the latest exciting features in Animate CC
Joseph Labrecque
S610 - Creating Products for Gen Z

Want to learn how to build a platform for Gen Z? Learn how to capture ever-shortening attention spans and engage today’s youth via design, usability, and prompts for action from the team that built the site for Project 1324, a new Adobe initiative that unlocks and supports the creativity in every young person.

In this session, Devin Fernandez, principal product manager, and Winsha Chen, principal scientist, will share:

  • Our findings on Gen Z’s expectations for apps, design, and content
  • Best practices for mapping user journeys in a social-first world
  • How to message without resorting to slang (woke, lit, swag, bae) or being patronizing
Devin Fernandez
Winsha Chen
S709 - Creating Professional and Immersive AR/VR Content

A multitude of companies are looking to create tools that capture and distribute 3D and 360-degree content. To push immersive content creation to the next level, RED and Facebook partnered to build a camera that captures and renders content that allows six degrees of freedom (6DoF) with incredible fidelity, resulting in a viewing experience in VR that was never possible before. Join Brian Cabral, engineering director at Facebook, and other partners like RED to hear more about this workflow and how it will shape the future of immersive filmmaking.

In this speaker panel, you’ll hear about:

  • What the workflow looks like with this one-of-a-kind camera
  • Balancing technical feasibility with creative freedom when working with 6DoF capture
  • The future of immersive filmmaking from all players in the toolchain: RED, Facebook, Adobe, and Foundry

By attending this session, your information will be shared with Facebook.

Brian Cabral
S714 - Creating Stunning UI Experiences on Samsung Wearable & Mobile Devices

With a combination of your own artwork and your favorite Adobe graphics editing tool, you can use the Samsung Theme Editor or Galaxy Watch Designer to create dynamic, stunning, UI experiences that allow end-users from across the globe to personalize their mobile and wearable devices. Join Samsung Technical Evangelist and artist as he demonstrates how to create Samsung Theme and Galaxy Watch Face designs.

You’ll learn:

  • How to customize UI components to create a Samsung Theme
  • How to apply a theme directly on a Samsung device
  • How to create a dynamic watch face using the gyroscope feature in Galaxy Watch Designer
  • How to apply a watch face on the Galaxy Watch
  • Tips on generating revenue from your designs

Plus, attendees will have a chance to win their very own Galaxy Watch, among other great Samsung prizes. Don't miss out!

By attending this session, your information will be shared with Samsung. 

Josue Bustos
L519 - Creating Your First Promo: Animation and Title Design in After Effects

Create your first promo project using After Effects, the most popular tool on the market for motion graphics, visual effects, and composting. Join motion design artist Eran Stern as he shows you how you can create animated promotions that capture audience attention.

In this lab, Eran will teach you how to:

  • Animate a layered Photoshop file
  • Create an animated background
  • Extrude, animate, and texture 3D typography
  • Apply effects, track mattes, and blending modes
  • Output your result

Check out our After Effects preconference bootcamp, which will dive deeper into this lab and more!

Eran Stern
W257 - Creation and Collaboration: Hands-on Image Making

Step away from the screen and put down the mouse. Here’s your chance to roll up your sleeves, relax, and explore the unpredictable process of making art with your own hands without ego or judgment. Join Christian Clayton, an artist and professor at ArtCenter School of Design, as he guides you to act on your intuition, push your personal expression, and create imagery that moves from artist to artist, delivering one-of-a-kind art that’s created together by you and your workshop colleagues. No experience is required and all materials are provided.

In this lively workshop, you’ll discover:

  • The joy of taking chances without worrying about expectations or end results
  • How to have fun with the spontaneous creative process 
  • What it means to be an active, experimental collaborator 
  • How amazing art can result from a group’s creative cooperation
Christian Clayton
S233 - Creative Cloud Libraries and Bridge CC: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Asset management is critical to creatives, and Adobe offers support via the dedicated app Bridge CC as well Creative Cloud Libraries inside Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps and services. In this session, senior Adobe product managers Hina Naqvi and Fernando Centurion will show how Creative Cloud Libraries and Bridge CC can simplify your creative and production processes. Discover how to create new libraries, add assets, reuse them across multiple applications and collaborate with your peers. Learn how Bridge CC accelerates workflows and allows you to organize, process, batch edit, and publish all the files and assets you need for your creative projects wherever they are stored.

Join Hina and Fernando in this exciting session to learn: 

  • Why you want to use Creative Cloud Libraries
  • How Creative Cloud Libraries ties into the Creative Cloud ecosystem
  • How Bridge CC can accelerate your workflows
  • New features released since MAX 2017
Hina Naqvi
Fernando Centurion
P603 - Creative Cloud@MAX: Bring Your Ideas to Life, Part 1 - Room 404A

From mobile to desktop, from application to application, and from creative to creative — Creative Cloud makes accessing and sharing your ideas and assets friction-free. This exciting day- and- a- half, project-based, hands-on session explores how Creative Cloud can make your work more efficient, and more inspired.

Learn what’s new in Creative Cloud and incorporate your learning into a hands-on creative project. We’ll dive into Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, the Creative mobile apps, and more. Apply the built-in Creative Cloud integrations to get your work done. Turn your ideas and inspirations into production-ready content and incorporate beautiful Adobe Stock assets. And with Creative Cloud your desktop and mobile devices are connected, so you can do great work anywhere.

Patti Sokol
Dave Weinberg
P605 - Creative Cloud@MAX: Bring Your Ideas to Life, Part 1 - Room 406A

From mobile to desktop, from application to application, and from creative to creative — Creative Cloud makes accessing and sharing your ideas and assets friction-free. This exciting day- and- a- half, project-based, hands-on session explores how Creative Cloud can make your work more efficient, and more inspired.

Learn what’s new in Creative Cloud and incorporate your learning into a hands-on creative project. We’ll dive into Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, the Creative mobile apps, and more. Apply the built-in Creative Cloud integrations to get your work done. Turn your ideas and inspirations into production-ready content and incorporate beautiful Adobe Stock assets. And with Creative Cloud your desktop and mobile devices are connected, so you can do great work anywhere.

Eric Rowse
A.J. Wood
Michael Murphy
P604 - Creative Cloud@MAX: Bring Your Ideas to Life, Part 2 - Room 404A

From mobile to desktop, from application to application, and from creative to creative — Creative Cloud makes accessing and sharing your ideas and assets friction-free. This exciting day- and- a- half, project-based, hands-on session explores how Creative Cloud can make your work more efficient, and more inspired.

Learn what’s new in Creative Cloud and incorporate your learning into a hands-on creative project. We’ll dive into Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, the Creative mobile apps, and more. Apply the built-in Creative Cloud integrations to get your work done. Turn your ideas and inspirations into production-ready content and incorporate beautiful Adobe Stock assets. And with Creative Cloud your desktop and mobile devices are connected, so you can do great work anywhere.

Patti Sokol
Dave Weinberg
P606 - Creative Cloud@MAX: Bring Your Ideas to Life, Part 2 - Room 406A

From mobile to desktop, from application to application, and from creative to creative — Creative Cloud makes accessing and sharing your ideas and assets friction-free. This exciting day- and- a- half, project-based, hands-on session explores how Creative Cloud can make your work more efficient, and more inspired.

Learn what’s new in Creative Cloud and incorporate your learning into a hands-on creative project. We’ll dive into Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, the Creative mobile apps, and more. Apply the built-in Creative Cloud integrations to get your work done. Turn your ideas and inspirations into production-ready content and incorporate beautiful Adobe Stock assets. And with Creative Cloud your desktop and mobile devices are connected, so you can do great work anywhere.

Eric Rowse
Michael Murphy
A.J. Wood
S326 - Creative Illustration: Techniques to Create Vibrant, Unique Portraits

See how to create fun, captivating portrait illustrations using Adobe mobile and desktop tools. Join Adobe Studio designers Erica Larson, Lidia Lukianova, and Kendall Plant as they share their favorite tips and techniques they used to take one inspirational image in three distinctive directions.

In this lively session, you’ll:

  • Explore unique ways to create using the mobile apps Adobe Capture, Illustrator Draw, and Photoshop Sketch in combination with Photoshop and Illustrator on the desktop
  • Discover how to take your artwork further with animation, augmented reality, and analog techniques
  • Get an inside look at the design process and exploration
Erica Larson
Kendall Plant
Lidia Lukianova
GS1 - Day 1 Keynote: The Next Generation of Creativity

You have no shortage of great ideas. Our goal is to help you bring those ideas to reality as beautifully and easily as possible. At the opening MAX Keynote, the Adobe Creative Cloud team will unveil the hundreds of new tools, features, and innovations that will accelerate your work, liberate your creativity, and drive new mediums.

Shantanu Narayen
GS2 - Day 2 Keynote: Community Inspires Creativity

Join us for a day that celebrates the power of community and creativity — you’ll hear from multi-faceted artists across different disciplines who will share their unique stories of triumph and inspiration. These include comic book artist Nicola Scott; photographer Albert Watson; a conversation with GRAMMY-winning artist Questlove and actress, producer, and writer Lilly Singh; and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ron Howard.

Nicola Scott
Ann Lewnes
Lilly Singh
Questlove -
Ron Howard
Albert Watson
S216 - Defining Your Design Journey

User experience. User interface. Product design. When you’re a digital designer building your career, there’s a lot of jargon to sort through. You want guidance, but with opposing ideas floating around, it’s hard to determine the kind of designer you want to be, especially if you’re new to design. Join product designer and writer Amélie Lamont as she walks you through her design journey and reveals how you can establish a fruitful career in UX/UI design and define your personal design journey.

In this session, Amélie will help you:

  • Understand the differences between a UX designer, UI designer, and product designer
  • Learn what your design strengths are
  • Develop your skills to become a better designer
  • Build a portfolio that employers want to see
  • Ace your design job interviews
  • See the value in joining a design community
Amélie Lamont
S214 - Design Automation with Adobe InDesign

Discover how brands use the power of InDesign to automate and personalize marketing collateral. If content demands are robbing your team of design time, or you’re trying to produce personalized versions of content but can’t see how, then this session is for you. Join Anubhav Rohatgi, director of product management at Adobe, to see how brands and agencies are working with InDesign to fulfill design automation needs.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Ways that InDesign data-driven design features, including variables, data merge, and online template editing, can significantly increase capacity in design teams
  • The latest solutions InDesign partners have developed to increase creative capacity in design teams
  • How you can free yourself and your team from mindless, repetitive work
Anubhav Rohatgi
Caleb Clauset
Dana Kendall
P263 - Design Bootcamp: Next Level Skills to Boost Your Workflow

Immerse yourself in your favorite Adobe tools and elevate your creative skills and techniques in the Design Bootcamp. This bootcamp combines three very popular MAX labs, expanded to offer additional content not available in their standard MAX format, and pairs them with top instructors.

  • Part 1 will focus on supercharging your design process using Adobe Illustrator CC with Brian Wood, certified Adobe trainer, MAX Master, and author of Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book.
  • In Part 2 Colin Smith, author and founder of Photoshop Café  to leverage the powerful tools in Photoshop to create eye-popping design elements and repurpose them without reinventing the wheel each time.
  • Part 3 concludes with essential Photoshop techniques for compositing, taught by Seán Duggan, popular Linkedin Learning trainer, workshop leader, and co-author of Photoshop Masking & Compositing

Visit the MAX website to view the full Design Bootcamp description.

Brian Wood
Colin Smith
Sean Duggan
S207 - Design: Controlled Chaos

Throughout history, there has never been a time when people were more fascinated by design. Design is becoming increasingly important in the business world as it extends into different design methods, making design less alien to non-designers, or at least less frightening. However, the result ultimately bypasses one of the most important — and difficult — states of design: chaos.

Natasha Jen, partner at Pentagram, will use vivid examples to explore design across a spectrum of two extreme states: control and chaos. And she’ll ask the questions: Why do the two need to coexist to enable great design? What is in between? And more importantly, how do we enable a culture where controlled chaos can thrive?

Natasha Jen
S600 - Designing a New Future for Your Brand

There are always multiple parallel futures vying for social dominance, emerging from corporate visions, science fiction, political parties, countercultures, and more. In all cases, they use design to compete and to thrive. Join Leland Maschmeyer, chief creative officer, Chobani, and Brian Collins, CEO/chief creative officer, COLLINS, to find out how they have created a new brand and design operating system based on their work with some of the world’s leading brands, including Spotify, Equinox, Instagram, and Chobani. Leveraging a brand’s beliefs, capabilities, and marketplace wants, this approach is aimed at inspiring a reimagination of how your organization leverages design to connect and make a leap into the future.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Hear about their approach and case study successes
  • Receive real-world advice and tools for using their system in your teams
  • Learn how you personally can make an impact with a new design system for your organization
Brian Collins
Leland Maschmeyer
S103 - Designing for Humanity

Design, at its heart, is an act of service. It’s the work of solving problems for the benefit of others. But the world’s most complex challenges require something more comprehensive than our existing design frameworks. Climate change, migration, and food distribution. The future of work and education. Bigotry, tribalism, and inequality.

In this session, SYPartners’ managing creative director, Rie Nørregaard, will explore:

  • How do we design for problems that exist on a global scale? 
  • How do we solve problems where everyone is really our end user? 
  • How do we truly design for humanity?
Rie Norregaard
S309 - Designing for the Real World in Augmented Reality

Join adidas and Chantel Benson, product manager at Adobe, to discover how augmented reality (AR) can extend design workflows beyond the screen and into the real world. Learn how designers can create AR content using popular tools they already know with Project Aero.

In this exciting session, adidas and Chantel will show you how:

  • adidas leverages AR to design the future of retail experiences
  • adidas’s design workflow for immersive media uses Creative Cloud by bringing elements from Illustrator and Photoshop into Dimension CC and Project Aero
  • You can get started with Project Aero today
Chantel Benson
S221 - Designing Systems, Not Pages

Stop thinking of your website or app project as a series of pages but rather as a system of reusable components and repeatable patterns. A design system is an incredibly valuable tool that provides scale and agility and helps to solve multiple challenges. It’s a language that both designers and developers can use to communicate. With roots in atomic design, a design system speeds up time to market, affords a more consistent user experience, and gives the business a set of leverageable assets.

Join Tor Gundersen, executive creative director of Perficient Digital, as he shares:

  • What a design system is and why it's important
  • How a design system can increase efficiency in the design and development process
  • How a design system can create ROI for the business
  • Real-world examples that show how to do it
Tor Gundersen
S604 - Designing Voice User Experiences – A Look at Headspace

Just as mobile design has emerged as one of the most important skills for designers, voice interaction design is becoming the next frontier for design talent. By 2021, more than 1.8 billion people will be using voice digital assistants. In this session, hear from RAIN, an agency that helps brands build meaningful experiences through a design model that integrates voice into the core business, and Headspace, a meditation company with over 30 million members across 190 countries that is making voice a key part of their platform.

Andrew Howlett, founding partner at RAIN, and Randhir Vieira, head of product at Headspace, will discuss:

  • Why voice design should be an essential new skill set you and your design team adopt
  • How to make voice part of your entire product ecosystem — the challenges and the opportunities
  • How voice will revolutionize the way you engage with your customers
Andrew Howlett
Randhir Vieira
P264 - Design, Prototype, and Test Digital User Experiences

Digital product design requires a lot of collaboration. Getting in front of the user and working with a team to tackle complex problems allows you to poke holes in assumptions, iterate, and ultimately produce the best end result possible.

See how Adobe Creative Cloud, including Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Stock facilitates collaboration throughout the design process.

In this lab, which combines hands-on work as well as group review and feedback, you will:

  • Apply methods of the iterative design process working in compressed sprints
  • Go from ideation to user testing, iterate through polished designs up to developer hand off
  • Learn how to leverage Creative Cloud tools and services to support the design process in a collaborative environment
  • Learn how to leverage Adobe Stock, Photoshop, Illustrator and popular 3rd party tools together with Adobe XD
  • Learn techniques and best practices for user testing with Adobe XD
Andre Jay Meissner
Mattia Compagnucci
Clive K Lavery
Claire lise Bengue
S224 - Design Systems Demystified

Design systems create a shared vocabulary that speeds up design and development, but the cost and effort associated with making and maintaining them can be overwhelming. Join XD team members Cisco Guzman and Sherif Assaf as they demystify design systems so you can focus on the elements most useful to you and your organization. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how to use XD to build an easy-to-see, flexible system for scaling and future-proofing your work.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a simple, powerful design system using the Assets panel and linked symbols to manage colors, character styles, and components
  • Use Creative Cloud Libraries to bridge workflows between XD and other Creative Cloud apps such as Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Use design specs to bridge design and development, reinforce design intent, minimize manual spec work, and provide easy access to design system components and assets
Cisco Guzman
Hoyle Wang
Sherif Assaf
S505 - Dialogue Editing Techniques for Adobe Premiere Pro

Let’s explore the editor’s role in cutting conversations — breaking down the choices that go into each edit. We’ll look at real-world examples to show how differently dialogue scenes can play out using different line deliveries, shot types, reaction shots, and nonverbal dialogue, as well as cut location and frequency. We’ll also explore specific Premiere Pro organization and editing techniques, such as smart metadata management, targeted trimming techniques, quick strategies for finding perfect cutaways, and some useful dialogue-specific editing techniques.  

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to look at scripts for dialogue cues
  • Creative ways of organizing footage
  • How to create dynamic select sequences
  • The best way to edit dialogue intelligently and instinctively
  • How to trim dialogue scenes with finesse
  • How to use effects built for dialogue editing
Ashley Kennedy
S209 - Dreamweaver 101: Building the Best Sites for Any Browser or Device

Learn how to get started with Dreamweaver, and discover fast, easy ways to design, code, and publish websites and web applications for any size screen. Justin Avery, host and curator of the Responsive Design Weekly newsletter, will show you how to format basic HTML and CSS using the visual and code-based tools in Dreamweaver. He’ll also explore site management techniques, including checking for broken links, connecting to a remote server, and managing multiple sites.

Join Justin as he takes you through how to:

  • Set up a site from scratch
  • Add content and reuse code snippets and content areas across your site
  • Publish your site and manage your content and links
  • Use powerful features like CSS Designer, Live Preview, and the DOM panel to work faster, smarter
Justin Avery
L522 - Editing 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Awesome Videos

Curious about video editing, but not sure how to get started? Meet Premiere Rush CC, the new all-in-one, cross-device video application that makes creating and sharing online videos faster and easier than ever. Join Adobe product managers Danielle Darby and Erin Norton as they walk you through the basics of creating your very first video in Premiere Rush CC. Bring your favorite clips on a flash drive if you have a video in mind! If not, no worries - we'll have sample media for you to work with.

In this hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Import clips and get started with basic editing using an iPad or a computer
  • Use color to achieve the right mood
  • Finesse audio to make sure your video sounds great
  • Add unique, customized titles and motion graphics to make your videos stand out
  • Share your videos online via YouTube, Facebook, and more
Danielle Darby
Erin Norton
S265 - Erik Spiekermann: Post-Digital Letterpress

p98a is an experimental letterpress workshop in Berlin dedicated to letters, printing, and paper. Made up of a group of multidisciplinary designers, p98a redefines letterpress in the 21st century through research, printing, collecting, publishing, and making things. In this session, discover how they mastered "post-digital printing," combining the best of digital typography with the 3D quality of letterpress.
Join Erik Spiekermann and Ferdinand Ulrich of p98a as they show what post-digital printing means through several recent projects and discuss:

  • Their experience guiding a group of international students to design new digital typefaces, recently released through Adobe Fonts, using the original Bauhaus lettering sketches and alphabet fragments
  • The curation of the Bauhaus archival material and their collaboration with the student group
  • The design process through the eyes of one of the students, Flavia Zimbardi
Erik Spiekermann
Ferdinand Ulrich
Flavia Zimbardi
L318 - Essential Photoshop: Compositing for Realizing Your Creative Vision

Learn indispensable ways to create multiple image composites in Photoshop CC. In this session, you’ll use existing photographs and designs to create entirely new images in a variety of projects. See how you can expand your creativity by using photographs and design elements in different ways. Also, find out how to shoot your own images or choose stock photos that will work well in composites, and use selections, layers, masks, Smart Objects, and blend modes to create amazing composites.

Seán Duggan, popular LinkedIn Learning trainer, workshop leader, and coauthor of Photoshop Masking & Compositing will demonstrate how to:

  • Use Adobe Stock images in the compositing process
  • Master selection techniques to remove subjects from their backgrounds
  • Work with layers, layer masks, and blending modes to combine images
  • Take advantage of Smart Objects for flexible transformations
Sean Duggan
L241 - Essential Photoshop Tools for Designers

In this session, learn how to leverage the powerful tools in Photoshop to create eye-popping design elements and then repurpose those elements without having to recreate the wheel each time. We’ll create a campaign for an album drop, making an album cover and repurposing the assets to also make a print ad and a social media banner. We’ll be working with type, styles, effects, photos, and vectors.

Join Colin Smith, founder of Photoshop Café, popular YouTube trainer, conference speaker, author of more than 20 books, and former MAX Master, and learn techniques including:

  • Quality: How to keep the highest quality through the process
  • Nondestructive editing: Smart Objects and Smart Filters
  • Use of layers: Masks, clipping groups, and blending modes
  • Reusable appearance attributes: Libraries, type styles, and layer styles
Colin Smith
S601 - Evolution of Work: How to Put Design at the Forefront of Company Culture

Creating a design-led culture is more than just sprinkling a few more designers across the company. It means democratizing creativity and design in a way that company leadership — and even non-design organizations — embrace it and put it at the forefront of overall strategy. Designers inherently put the user at the center of the experiences they design. And if more teams do the same, you end up with not only a design-led culture, but more importantly, one that is also customer-led. Join design icon Debbie Millman as she leads a discussion on the evolution of design-led culture with these experts who have found great success elevating the importance of design across organizations:

  • Kat Holmes — Founder, & Director of User Experience, Google
  • Elizabeth Kiehner — Global leader and design principal, IBM
  • Collin Whitehead — Head of brand, Dropbox
Debbie Millman
Kat Holmes
Elizabeth Kiehner
Collin Whitehead
L259 - Fail Fast to Succeed Sooner: Design, Prototype, and User Test with Adobe XD

The sooner you test and learn, the sooner you can iterate and achieve success. Learn how to design, prototype, and user test a modern iOS 11 application with Adobe XD, using Photoshop for complex bitmap editing and Illustrator for pixel-perfect icons. Start with high-fidelity designs, apply best practices, and use powerful UI kits to speed the design process. Switch to prototyping to create interactions and define the best flow. Then wrap up with user testing.

Join Adobe colleagues Demian Borba, strategic development manager, and Ainsley Wagoner, senior experience designer, and learn how to:

  • Prototype interactions to communicate expressive intent
  • Create a working prototype on your iOS device
  • Work with visual hierarchy, negative space, and composition
  • Collect feedback and iterate
  • Manage colors, typography, images from Photoshop, and icons from Illustrator
  • Run user testing sessions on your device (please bring your iOS or Android phone and cable to the lab)
Demian Borba
Ainsley Wagoner
Val Head
S300 - Finding Balance with Black Panther

It’s been said, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” But how do you avoid burning out? Find out from comic superstar Ken Lashley, who has worked on every big pop culture hit in recent memory, including Black Panther, The Avengers, Justice League, The Flash, X-Men, Suicide Squad, and the latest Star Wars. He encourages you to create work for yourself first and the client second, and you’ll always have a happy career.

Join Ken as he shares:

  • His experience working for AAA publishers of pop culture: DC, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Hasbro
  • Ways to bridge the traditional/digital artist divide and move from one world to another
  • How to challenge yourself to become a lifelong learner
Ken Lashley
S308 - Finding Yourself, Over and Over Again

Jessica Hische is a lettering artist, author, illustrator, letterpress printer, type designer, mother, procrastiworker, and a million other things. In this practical antidote to a “quit your job and do what you love” talk, she’ll explain that the key to answering the question we’ve all been asked since we were little — “What do you want to be when you grow up?”— is finding out who you are in the first place. She’ll talk through some of the tools that have worked for her, from the scientific to the witch-crafty, and how the answer to “Who am I?” is never static — it shifts and transforms over and over again as you grow, change, mature, hormonally implode, and so on. Only once you know yourself, discover what actually makes you tick, can you “do what you love.”

Jessica Hische
S708 - From A to Z: The Future of Creativity

Throughout history, technology and creativity have gone hand in hand. In today’s world, the convergence of technology and creativity means that one cannot exist without the other. What has that done for artistry?

This panel will discuss:

  • The evolution of art, creativity, design, and technology
  • What the future of technology holds for the creative community

By attending this session, your information will be shared with HP.

Paul Kurzeja
Barbara Marshall
Jody MacDonald
Shane Griffin
Alex Trochut
Chad Paris
S612 - From the Street to the Bank with Urban Artist Scape Martinez

The last thing Scape wants to do is paperwork. This color master gives new life to 100-foot walls, overpasses, and entire buildings. If you want to spend less time on ho-hum tasks, see how Scape uses Creative Cloud to create his work, share it, and take care of business.

Come check out:

  • Live graffiti
  • Creative ways to do business with your Creative Cloud tools
  • Inspiration from artist/author/educator Scape Martinez
Scape Martinez
L517 - From Video Pro to Social Maven: Editing Tips for Social Media Video

With the vast number of videos posted online daily, it’s a challenge to continually push out uniquely branded video content that stands out in the ocean of social media. Using the video tools and features in Creative Cloud, you can create short-form videos that are designed to capture audience attention and elevate your skillset.

In this lab, Kelsey Brannan, aka Premiere Gal on YouTube, will show you:

  • How to select the best content for short-form videos
  • Time-saving shortcuts in Premiere Pro that will help you edit your content quickly
  • Best practices for designing graphics using Motion Graphics templates
  • How to make your designs responsive, so you can re-use in multiple social contexts
  • Other Creative Cloud tools (like all-new Premiere Rush CC) that can help you make quick-turn edits on the go
Kelsey Brannan
S615 - Getting Sh*t Done (GSD) with Acrobat DC

Did you know that Acrobat is the second most used application in Creative Cloud? Learn how to use Acrobat and Adobe Document Cloud apps to go digital, stay digital, and speed processes so that you can get back to being creative. Discover how to conduct business from anywhere with Acrobat and Document Cloud apps for both desktop and mobile.

In this session, you’ll explore new features and best practices with Patti Sokol, Adobe Sr. Solutions Consultant and MAX Master, and Keith Gilbert, Principal at Gilbert Consulting, as you learn how to:

  • Go digital with Adobe Scan
  • Stay digital with Adobe Fill & Sign — mobile and desktop
  • Be digital on the go with the Acrobat Reader mobile app
  • Speed the feedback process with the new Document Cloud Review service
Patti Sokol
Keith Gilbert
S513 - Getting Started with Color in Adobe Premiere Pro

Color correction shouldn’t be hard, but for many people it is. Join colorist and MAX Master Robbie Carman as he shows you how to make even the most complex color correction tasks approachable inside Premiere Pro.

In this session, Robbie will show you:

  • How to transform a shot with the right color-correcting approach
  • How to quickly diagnose problems in shots
  • How to build a repeatable workflow with the color tools in Premiere Pro
  • What tools, like shot comparison and shot match, allow you to quickly work through clips when coloring any project
Robbie Carman
S262 - Getting Started with XD Plugins

Adobe XD is now extensible! Learn how XD plugins can enhance your design workflow. Ash Ryan Arnwine, lead technical evangelist, and Kerri Shotts, developer advocate, will explore the plugins built by community and Adobe partners that are available to you today, and show you how simple it is to build your own plugins with just a little JavaScript to customize your XD experience.

Join Ash and Kerri in this exciting first-ever session for XD, and you’ll learn:

  • What XD plugins are and how they can supercharge your design workflow
  • How to write your own plugin without being a JavaScript rock star
  • Where to go to get awesome plugins created by the XD community
Ash Ryan Arnwine
Kerri Shotts
P262 - Go Big! Lettering & Mural Design with Gemma O’Brien

Join Gemma O’Brien in a half-day workshop designed to teach you lettering skills and techniques for creating large scale murals. 

The first part of the class will focus on two methods of letter creation: drawing and writing. Gemma will share a variety of methods used in her practice to create bold and dynamic designs. The second part of the day will focus on taking a design from the page to the wall. You’ll be taught how to rework and resize drawings for a large-scale space and other tips and tricks to consider when painting a mural, including setup, measurements, and paint and brush selection. 

Gemma O'Brien
S106 - Hack Your Creativity: Banish Your Inner Critic!

What if there were simple, effective ways to silence the inner critic to do our best work as contributors, collaborators, and leaders? Discover three mental power tools you already possess to stop the inner critic in its tracks, learn methods to deal with the fear of being judged and criticized, ways to feel that your ideas are good enough, and how to stop committing “ideacide.” Leave with a roadmap to get unstuck, do your best work, and channel creativity as a force for positive change in the world.

Join creativity evangelist Denise Jacobs, founder of The Creative Dose and author of Banish Your Inner Critic, and discover:

  • How to get creatively unstuck by managing the inner critic and minimizing self-criticism
  • Techniques to work smarter, not harder, and how to learn from critiques and setbacks
  • Methods and tools to move from debilitating and immobilizing comparison into action
Denise Jacobs
S302 - Hero Props: Graphic Design on Film

Telegrams, love letters, prison escape maps. Every time a character in a movie picks up a newspaper, somebody, somewhere has to design and make that prop — sometimes to excruciating levels of detail. Join Annie Atkins, graphic designer on Isle of Dogs, Bridge of Spies, The Boxtrolls, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, as she takes you through the making of some of cinema’s most beloved artwork.

As Annie shares her work and stories, you’ll discover how design decisions contribute to the creation of a cohesive visual world, including:

  • Show don’t tell: how props take the audience on a journey
  • Designing for imaginary worlds: authenticity versus realism
  • How to avoid ending up on the IMDb Goofs page
  • How to apply lessons from filmmaking to commercial design work
Annie Atkins
S609 - Hiring Next Gen Creators: Who They Are and What They’re Creating

As the next generation launches their careers, they bring new perspectives and experiences. How are educators and design schools preparing them? What is industry looking for? And how does this generation think about the creative process and work? 
Hear from Michael Lebowitz of Big Spaceship, Gordon Silveria, an educator and program director at the Academy of Art University, and an award-winning student. Adobe’s Tacy Trowbridge will share trends from the ADAA, a global competition for students across disciplines.

Join us to learn about future creators and the future of creative work:

  • What and how this generation is creating
  • How design schools are evolving to prepare them
  • Implications for hiring and the future of design
Gordon Silveria
Tacy Trowbridge
Michael Lebowitz
S230 - How Machine Learning Impacts the Products We Design and How We Design Them

Why care about machine learning when designing a product? And what is it anyway? Join Megan Donahue, director of product management for Adobe Sensei Intelligent Agents, and Patrick Hebron, author of “Machine Learning for Designers” and “Rethinking Design Tools in the Age of Machine Learning,” in this thought-provoking and entertaining look at the landscape of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), its impact on designers and designing, and where Adobe is headed in this space.

You’ll leave this session with:

  • What it is: Gain a deeper understanding of ML and AI for designers and product people, not developers or computer scientists
  • Where it’s going: Get excited about living during a true design renaissance
  • Who to watch: Trend setters, visionaries, and risk takers in this space
  • How to use it: Ideas and guidance for applying AI and ML to your own work
Megan Donahue
Patrick Hebron
S502 - How to Animate Logos and Icons for the Web in After Effects

Many designers have been intimidated by the prospect of transitioning to the animated world of After Effects. But there’s no need to hesitate — you simply need to know where to start. Learn from former Fox Sports motion graphics designer Sergei Prokhnevskiy how to bring your vector art to life using the simple animation tools in After Effects.

In this session, Sergei will show you how to:

  • Import and work with Illustrator files
  • Use shape layers to build a basic animation
  • Use presets that simplify the process
  • Export for the web
Sergei Prokhnevskiy
S400 - How to Create Sellable Stock Content

Do you own a camera? Then you can become a stock photographer! Regardless of your level of experience, you can submit your work to Adobe Stock and start generating income. See how Mat Hayward, Adobe Stock contributor success manager, incorporates his personal photography hobby using his family, friends, and even pets to create one of the most successful Adobe Stock portfolios in the United States today. Learn how Mat generates passive income by seeking stock photo and video opportunities in all areas of his life. He’ll share his success stories and learning opportunities that will inspire you to try shooting for stock.

Join Mat as he shares tips and tricks for:

  • Creating stock photo and video opportunities around your life
  • Shooting content with buyers in mind
  • Seeing the world around you differently
  • Determining what images and topics will sell
  • Presenting your work so it will be discovered on Adobe Stock
Mat Hayward
L515 - How to Creatively Change Your Footage: Masking and Tracking in Premiere Pro

Learn about the built-in masking and tracking tools in Adobe Premiere Pro that allow you to cover, change, color-correct, and layer your footage in creative ways. If you need to change specific parts of the frame while leaving other parts alone, such as blurring someone’s face as they move across a complex frame, color-correcting isolated components of moving video, or layering titles and other graphics, this intermediate lab explores both automatic and manual masking/tracking strategies.

You’ll find out how to:

  • Draw and manipulate masks
  • Access the most popular effects for masking
  • Manually adjust masks across the frame
  • Use automatic tracking techniques to follow motion across the frame
  • Layer and manipulate titles and graphics
  • Understand when to stay in Premiere Pro and when to move to After Effects
Ashley Kennedy
S223 - How to Talk So Clients Will Listen and to Listen So Designers Will Talk

People who work in creative fields often complain about clients interfering in their creative process, making it more difficult for them to do their best work. Consider what would happen if we educated our clients on the best way to work with creatives to get the most out of the client/creative working relationship.

Join Bonnie Siegler, author of Dear Client, as she shares:

  • How to get off to the right start
  • The best ways to respond to presentations
  • Why focus groups are worthless
Bonnie Siegler
L244 - Illustrator + Animate: Creating a Pixel-Perfect Icon Set and an Animation

In this hands-on lab, get all the tools you need to create a stunning, consistent icon set in your own or your company’s corporate style using Adobe Illustrator. Then learn how to export these icons and use them in a professional, clear-cut infographic. But we’re not stopping there: You’ll also see how simple it is to bring life to your static infographic using Adobe Animate.

In this inspiring, practical session, Rob de Winter, Adobe Certified Instructor and designer, will show you how to:

  • Set up artboards, grids, styles, and sizes for your icon set in Illustrator
  • Create and export your icon set
  • Use the icons in a static infographic for print
  • Animate your infographic in Animate and export it for online use
Rob de Winter
L320 - Illustrator CC: Illustrating Friendly Monsters and Cheerful Villains

Would you like to illustrate fun, quirky, and unique characters? In this hands-on lab, you’ll learn all about character design and Illustrator best practices. Join this action-packed workshop no matter how good you are at drawing, and create something amazing to take home with you.

As you create your own custom illustration, Adobe Certified Instructor Martin Perhiniak, voted one of the top 10 Adobe instructors in the world, will show you how to:

  • Understand Character Art 101: Body language, exaggeration, and humor
  • Vectorize characters with the Pen and Curvature tools
  • Color and shade like a professional
  • Add extra flair to your character with textures
  • Get noticed on Behance and sell your artwork on Adobe Stock
Martin Perhiniak
S325 - Improvising with Adobe Illustrator

Faced with a blank artboard and a deadline, do you spend endless time clicking and scrolling, searching for inspiration? With a 25-year career in illustration, Laura Coyle knows the familiar temptation to search outside herself, and the freedom that comes from relying on her own intuition. In this session, get inspired to trust your imagination and look inward to kick-start your creativity. Join Laura and discover the limitless expressive environment you can foster in Illustrator — playing with improvisations in color, pattern, letterform, and shape geometry —  to find the wellspring of idea generation that resides within.

As Laura demonstrates with equal parts inspiration and practical know-how, you’ll learn about:

  • Color tools that create eureka moments
  • Appearance panel and pattern generation tricks to defeat the empty canvas 
  • Quick grid-making and typographic artistry
  • Transforming improvisations into practical projects
Laura Coyle
L247 - InDesign: Creating Interactive Documents with Fixed-Layout EPUB

With the fixed-layout (FXL) EPUB format added to the export options in InDesign, Adobe has breathed new life into the Animation panel and other panels in InDesign. You weren’t aware that InDesign has an Animation panel? You’ve been struggling to create interactive content that PDF can’t support? Then join Chad Chelius, Adobe Certified Instructor, author, and speaker, as he walks you through features you can add to a layout in InDesign to create rich interactive experiences when exported to the FXL format.

In this hands-on lab with Chad, you’ll learn:

  • Which interactive features work with FXL
  • How to build a slideshow natively in InDesign
  • How to add and control video
  • How to animate objects
  • How to add and preview custom interactivity
  • How to create buttons
  • How to push the limits of the FXL format by adding scrolling text to your design
Chad Chelius
S235 - InDesign: Interactive Web with Publish Online and Animations

InDesign is the industry standard for creating print layouts, but it can also create rich, interactive documents and publish them to the web with one click using Publish Online. Join Diane Burns, author of’s InDesign: Creating Animations and InDesign: Publish Online, as she shows you examples of Publish Online projects from around the world and takes you through the design and animation techniques used to produce highly interactive InDesign documents for desktop and tablets.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to use InDesign animation features and incorporate them effectively into your document
  • Tips and tricks for creating advanced animations
  • Best practices for using Publish Online
  • How to embed Publish Online projects into your own website
Diane Burns
S237 - InDesign Power Shortcuts

Learn the secrets of InDesign power users in this fast-paced, fun-filled session guaranteed to boost your design productivity. You’ll leave smacking your forehead and saying, “I wish I’d known that years ago!”

      James Fritz, senior manager of content at LinkedIn Learning, will cover:

  • Personalizing InDesign default settings to work for you
  • Shortcuts for working with styles and typography that will blow your mind
  • Shortcuts for placing files
  • The “secret” Live Distribute feature
  • And much more
James Fritz
P260 - InDesign Secret Techniques Every User Needs

You know you could be better at using Adobe InDesign, if only there were a convenient time to learn. Now there is: join InDesign guru David Blatner in this deep dive into our favorite page layout app. Whether you’ve been working with InDesign for 9 months or 9 years (intermediate to advanced users), this full-day MAX preconference tutorial will help you take it to the next level.

Topics include:

  • Working more seamlessly with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Automating common formatting and document layouts
  • Techniques for creating and managing RGB and CMYK color
  • Fast and efficient text import and cleanup
  • Adding easy-to-use scripts to your toolbox
  • Taking InDesign beyond print for awesome interactive documents
  • The three steps you must take before printing or exporting a PDF
David Blatner
B255 - Infographics 101: Drawing and Data

Infographics aim to tell a story in an engaging and easily consumable way, and Illustrator is the designer’s tool of choice for creating rich infographic elements, graphs, and charts. In this lab, discover tips, tricks, and techniques to go beyond a flat chart or graphic, making it — and your data — come to life without losing your connection to the numbers.

Join Design Ninja Tony Harmer — an experienced illustrator, designer, and author — in this fun, informative infographics lab, where you’ll learn:

  • How to find sources of information
  • The essentials of working with and preparing data
  • Infographic production techniques
  • Hidden gems and insider tricks

Note: You will need to bring a laptop with Illustrator CC installed and an active Creative Cloud membership to participate in this lab.     

Tony Harmer
S263 - Into the Spider-Verse: The Making of Animated Spider-Man

Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation’s highly-anticipated Spider-Man™: Into the Spider-Verse will introduce a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind animation style to debut Miles Morales’ journey as Spider-Man on the big screen. The production team spent years creating the world and look of the movie, merging classic techniques and cutting-edge technology to bring to life characters and environments like audiences have never seen before.

In this panel, you’ll hear from several of the visionary artists behind the movie on how they designed using Adobe tools a place where more than one can wear the mask:

  • Dean Gordon, art director
  • Seonna Hong, visual development painter
  • Shiyoon Kim, lead character designer
  • Patrick O’Keefe, art director
  • Justin K. Thompson, production designer


Dean Gordon
Seonna Hong
Justin Thompson
Patrick O'Keefe
Shiyoon Kim
S219 - Just Say No

The customer isn’t always right — in fact, some of the most successful corporate identities were born out of intense, sometimes dramatic, pushback between designer and client. This tension between what the client asks for and what the designer delivers can lead to unexpected and wonderful outcomes. No one understands this dynamic better than Sagi Haviv, partner and designer at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, the graphic design firm behind many of the world’s most iconic brands.

Join Sagi as he shares case histories and vivid examples such as Chase Bank, Harvard University Press, Conservation International, the US Open, and others. He’ll provide an inside look into Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv’s process of helping a client adopt a logo that may at first be unfamiliar, uncomfortable, or even scary.

Sagi Haviv
L410 - Lightroom Classic Crash Course

Join renowned Lightroom and Photoshop instructor and Sony Artisan Matt Kloskowski to dig deeper into Photoshop Lightroom Classic and see how its editing features work on various photos. Also learn what some lesser used tools really do. Along the way, you’ll see how a few adjustments can totally transform your photos, and we’ll even finish up with some fun ways to share your photos and get them out there for the world to see.

In this lab, you’ll learn:

  • How one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to editing and that you need to be flexible
  • How to know when a photo only needs some simple edits and when to look deeper
  • Different ways to add or enhance the light in your photos
  • Where profiles and presets fit in and how best to create a consistent, repeatable style for your photos
Matt Kloskowski
S105 - Love for the Uncertain: How Designers Wield Ambiguity

In the words of Twyla Tharp, dancer and choreographer, “The blank space can be humbling. But I’ve faced it my whole professional life. It’s my job. It’s also my calling.” Similarly, every designer faces the blank slate. How you react decides your path forward. Join Arianna Orland, designer, consultant, and co-founder of the In/Visible Talks conference, to find out how designers who see ambiguity as a space for opportunity, rather than a source of fear, position themselves to lead and thrive. It’s all a question of perspective.

Arianna will share:

  • Techniques to shake off the fear, foster alignment, and move the ball forward
  • How managing ambiguity differentiates leaders
  • Encouraging stories from her 20-year career as an ambiguity wielder
Arianna Orland
S101 - Making a Case for a Kinder, More Joyful, Heart-Centered Leadership Approach

If you’re thinking about how to motivate your team, be a fair and inspiring leader, and attract new talent, this session is for you. Join Tina Roth Eisenberg — founder of Creative Mornings, Tattly, TeuxDeux, and FRIENDS — for a refreshing take on leadership that comes from the heart and involves a lot of GIFs and confetti. Tina believes that when you make your employees feel loved and appreciated, magic happens.

She’ll share:

  • Her history of building four creative companies
  • Personal stories about how she boosted her confidence as a heart-forward leader
  • Why every business needs a confetti drawer
Tina Roth Eisenberg
S304 - Making Photoshop Selections Work for You

There’s no escaping it — whether you’re a photographer, designer, or just love playing around in Photoshop, being able to make accurate selections and cutouts is a necessary skill. But often it’s not as easy or straightforward as you would like. Join Photoshop instructor and MAX Master Glyn Dewis as he gets you up to speed and shows you how to effectively tackle selections. With a little insider knowledge and “outside the box” thinking, Glyn will leave you armed with the skills to master selections with confidence and achieve great results every time. There’s no such thing as a tricky selection — all that’s needed is a different approach!

Attend this session to learn how to:

  • Get the best results with tools you already have
  • Make easy work of complex selections
  • Use layer masks to fake selections and cutouts
  • Take advantage of brushes, blend modes, and other tools
Glyn Dewis
S613 - Making Reviews a Slam Dunk at the Sacramento Kings

Every job can be an alley-oop when you have a surefire way to speed up reviews and collect feedback — even across time zones and teams. Find out how all-star designers Sara Molina and Nichole Amberg use Acrobat to collect feedback faster, reduce miscommunication, and score approvals.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How the new review service works
  • The best way to collaborate securely from anywhere
  • How to speed and simplify PDF reviews
Sara Molina
Nichole Amberg
W256 - Making Signs of Resistance

Americans have been protesting (and making protest posters) for more than 250 years. From the many marches and protests in recent American history, we have all seen amazing posters made by hand by people from 9 to 90 years old. Join designer Bonnie Siegler, author of Signs of Resistance, as she shares some history and the basic principles of creating powerful protest posters.You’ll then create your own original poster in collaboration with your workshop colleagues. No experience is required, and all materials will be provided.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use your frustrations to express hope for change
  • Get back to basics with hand lettering, cut paper, drawing, scissors, and glue
  • Be part of a resistance group for an issue you believe in
Bonnie Siegler
S315 - Making Your Personal Story Pop with Creative Cloud

Storytelling is a critical survival skill for humans, and empowering the next generation of storytellers to create meaningful, eye-catching narratives is more important than ever. Join Jerry Silverman, senior product marketing manager and Adobe Founders’ Award recipient, on an odyssey of creative expression as he recounts the killer tips, tricks, and collaborative methods he and his family use across Creative Cloud to create award-winning, international genealogical stories.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create accessible stories with Adobe Spark Video and effortlessly finish them with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Sweeten, normalize, and edit audio quickly and efficiently with Adobe Audition
  • Select, adjust, and output your best images with Photoshop Lightroom
  • Experiment with visual themes in Photoshop and Illustrator using Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Market
  • Wireframe, prototype, and create animated, interactive fixed-layout EPUB documents with InDesign
  • Engage social communities across platforms with Spark Page


Jerry Silverman
L408 - Making Your Photos Shine with Lightroom CC

Whether we snap pictures with our phone, shoot seriously with an SLR, or use anything (and everything!) in between, we all take pictures. When you’re ready to take yours to the next level, you need Photoshop Lightroom CC. Come learn just how easy it is to make your photos shine.

In this introductory course covering the new Lightroom CC (not Lightroom Classic), you’ll:

  • Learn specific editing tips and techniques for common subject types, from landscapes to people
  • Discover how to find a photo you’re looking for without spending time organizing
  • Experience the benefits of being able to work with your photos anywhere, on any device, at any time
  • Share photos fast in a variety of ways, from a quick online post to a beautifully laid out gallery


Benjamin Warde
S506 - Making Your Type Move Easily and Fluently in After Effects and Premiere Pro

Animating with type immediately captures audience attention and adds a powerful emotional element to any video project. Join After Effects guru Nick Harauz as he shows you some of the key elements in working with moving type and how you can animate your text with finesse.

In this beginner session, you’ll learn the basics, including:

  • The must-know principles of type animation and options for type in Premiere Pro
  • Working with pre-animated Motion Graphic Templates
  • Viewing text presets and working with the text animator in After Effects
  • How to save text animation presets for future work
  • How to export your text animations to be edited in Adobe Premiere Pro
Nick Harauz
S509 - Making Your Video Presentations Pop for Business

It’s now more important than ever to have engaging content in a presentation to keep your audience interested. While beautifully designed static slides get you part of the way there, rich media can make your presentation the one that will truly be remembered. Join Adobe certified trainer and video expert Nick Harauz as he introduces you to applications and features within Creative Cloud that are designed to add professional motion graphics content to your next video presentation. 

This intermediate session will teach you how to:

  • Add moving text to presentations using After Effects
  • Apply special effects within Adobe Premiere Pro to make your slides stand out
  • Create motion graphics templates in After Effects or Premiere Pro, or choose a professionally designed template from Adobe Stock
  • Set up an After Effects project for continuously changing data-driven animations
Nick Harauz
S508 - Making Your Videos Pop for Social Media

While static graphics can convey messages for a presentation, they may not make your project POP. Especially if your audience is bombarded with content every second of the day. That’s where video and motion graphics come in. They can breathe life into your social media presentations — and better yet, you can create this content easily. Join certified Adobe trainer and video expert Nick Harauz as he shows you the basics of working with Creative Cloud for social media presentations. 

In this beginner session, you’ll learn:

  • What tools are available to simplify video content creation 
  • How to access ready-made footage and motion graphics with Adobe Stock
  • How to edit content shot on a mobile device to create quick and easy videos

This class leverages easy-to-use skills to make your presentations stand out. Take your social media presentation chops to the next level with moving content.

Nick Harauz
S705 - Mapping Your Way to Total World Domination

Your designs can have it all with the power of maps. Give a genius spin to your work with location-based information for digital media, marketing materials, or anything else where “where” matters. Harness these timeless visualization diagrams for storytelling and brand reinforcement, and get ready to take over the world (not literally). Join James Hitchcock, CCO of Esri, the world leader in analytics and mapping software, for a discussion around the creative process and the role maps can play at your command.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Hear what it’s like to run one of the largest in-house design departments in America
  • Learn the basics of cartography – where art and science collide to communicate location
  • Discover how to fuel your designs with data-driven maps directly inside Illustrator and Photoshop

By attending this session, you agree that your information will be shared with Esri. 

Clint Loveman
James Hitchcock
S203 - Marketing Your Side Hustle with Adobe Spark

Are you a solo entrepreneur wearing all the hats? A designer trying to get the next gig? An office warrior with a passion project? Learn how people like you leverage Adobe Spark to take their brand to the next level and grow a following.

Join Spark editorial content and social lead Amy Copperman, experience design manager Amanda Fetterly, and director of experience design Benjamin Matthews to:

  • Dive into the tenets of effective branding
  • Learn about the tools that empower creative communications at the speed of social media
  • See great examples of what others have done to shine
Benjamin Matthews
Amanda Fetterly
Amy Copperman
L249 - Mastering Adobe XD for Beginners

Dive into Adobe XD, the ideal tool for quickly designing, prototyping, and sharing user experiences. In this hands-on lab with designer Bradley Gabr-Ryn, you’ll learn everything you need to create and communicate interactive experiences for any screen. Discover the features and strengths of XD while designing a user flow from end to end. Take an idea from rough sketches to a high-fidelity, sharable prototype.

As you create your design, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of XD from the ground up
  • New workflows using XD and Creative Cloud
  • How XD can be used in every stage of the design process
  • How to use the XD toolkit to share your designs with stakeholders and developers
Bradley Gabr-Ryn
GS4 - MAX Bash

If creativity were a party, it would be the MAX Bash. Quirky, weird and wonderful, this is one amazing conference party. Tons of food and drinks; eye candy and entertainment; and live music from headliner Beck.

If you are taking a ride share, use the location ‘Banc of California Stadium Gold Lot’ via Martin Luther King Blvd.

Important information about what you can bring to the Bash:

  • Everyone will go through security checks
  • Jackets are OK
  • Guests may carry in a small clutch bag or purse no larger than 4.5” x 6.5”, with or without a handle or strap
    • Exceptions will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection and Stadium Management approval
  • All camera bags must comply with above bag restrictions
  • Per venue rules, no tripods, selfie sticks, or camera long lenses will be allowed

IMPORTANT: Check the Bash shuttle schedule here or in the MAX app.

GS3 - MAX Sneaks

Take a peek into the Adobe labs and expect the unexpected. Some demos will work and some might not — some features will end up in Creative Cloud and some might not. Actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish hosts this year.

Tiffany Haddish
Paul Trani
S301 - Movie Poster Magic: How to Create Winning Looks

Creating captivating movie posters or similar design projects isn’t as hard as you think. Join Photoshop master and movie poster guru Lisa Carney as she reveals how to recreate exciting movie poster looks. Using only Adobe Stock images, Lisa will reconstruct popular movie posters and walk you through the newest techniques used on the most popular movie posters. Learn innovative tricks used by Photoshop wizards to wow audiences that you can apply to your next project.

In this session, Lisa will share her Photoshop secrets and show you how to:

  • Apply effects from unexpected sources
  • Quickly and easily create classic ’80s-style illustrated posters
  • Add atmosphere, depth, and scale to images
  • Create cinematic color effects using adjustment layers and color match using Adobe Capture
Lisa Carney
S407 - Multishot Mayhem: HDR, Panorama, and Time-lapse

Learn how to bracket and stitch multiple photos into one photo. Join PhotoshopCAFE founder Colin Smith as he uses his award-winning drone photographs to demonstrate these techniques. Colin will dispel some common myths about HDR and show how you can easily create stunning HDR photos. He’ll explore panoramic photography and how to correctly shoot and stitch a sweeping panorama — even a panoramic HDR. See some finishing techniques that will turn your images into works of art as well as how to make a time-lapse video — all in Photoshop — without breaking a sweat. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Make HDR photos in Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom Classic
  • Process 360 photos in Photoshop
  • Merge multiple photographs into a sweeping panorama in Lightroom Classic and Photoshop
  • Use Photoshop to quickly turn individual photos into a stunning, shareable time-lapse video
  • Shoot for HDR, panorama, and time-lapse
Colin Smith
S310 - Mural Magic: An Inside Look at the Large-Scale Design Process

Join Australian artist Gemma O’Brien for a step-by-step look at her process to create lettering artwork for large-scale murals. From collecting inspiration and references to sketching by hand, coloring on the iPad Pro, and painting the final piece, Gemma will share insights and tips on how to take your designs from the page to the wall. This session is perfect for designers who already have skills in lettering and are interested in taking these to the next level and working at large scale.

As Gemma creates live in both analog and digital, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of creating lettering or calligraphy for mural design
  • How to use references as inspiration for your work
  • Techniques to add illustration and embellishments to designs by hand
  • How to color hand-drawn sketches in Illustrator Draw
  • Methods to transfer final designs into a physical space to begin painting


Gemma O'Brien
S712 - New Game, New Rules, New Toys: Escapades in Digital Printing

The agility of digital printing is changing the way brands and designers are making the everyday unique. Join designers Yarza Twins and Silas Amos as they discuss what they brought back from playing with the technology in award-winning collaborations with brands, artists, and HP and how you can get the most out of it. This session presents an overview of the creative shift happening right now and is full of practical and inspiring tips.

Specifically, the Yarzas and Silas will share:

  • How to access and use the software driving the revolution
  • Creative best practices for successful outcomes
  • Principles for forging your own innovative application of the technology
  • Colorful work that embodies “purposeful play”

By attending this session, your information will be shared with HP.

Eva Yarza
B322 - Next-level Lettering Design on Mobile Devices

Push your typography and illustration skills to new heights using the devices we carry everywhere. In this hands-on lab, explore Adobe mobile apps that let you warp and embellish letterforms on the fly, so you can do great work anywhere. Start with the perfect canvas of a single letter, and discover intuitive brushes and tools so you can create designs that go far beyond the screen. 

Join designer Jennet Liaw and learn how to: 

  • Sample letters in the wild that import directly into your apps
  • Customize brushes to build a personal creative toolkit
  • Combine illustration and layer manipulation to mold unique forms and add personality to your typography 
  • Craft an impressive, unique design and be inspired to keep creating on mobile

Note: You must bring an iOS or Android device, tablet and stylus is preferred, with Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch and Capture CC installed to participate in this lab.

Jennet Liaw
S605 - Nordstrom: Connecting Creative and Marketing Teams for Better Results

Ever wonder about the value of connecting your creative and marketing teams more effectively? Adobe recently conducted a study that found that the fastest growing S&P 500 businesses were more likely to achieve higher performance and deliver more engaging experiences if they built connections between their creative and marketing technologies. Join Steve Gustafson, Adobe Executive Creative Director, and David Schripsema, Nordstrom Design & Marketing Manager, in this visual and compelling session to find out how leading fashion retailer Nordstrom has seen great success with connected systems, driving smoother, more efficient collaboration — from content creation to delivery.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Adobe’s vision for accelerating the creation of brand experiences
  • Nordstrom’s real-world experience tackling this challenge
  • Next steps for your organization to reap the proven benefits
David Schripsema
Steve Gustavson
S406 - Photography Essentials for Improving Your Photos

Whether you’re new to photography or just want to improve your skills, join  instructor Matthew Richmond to learn photography fundamentals. You’ll gain the knowledge necessary to take better photos and probably increase your passion for photography as well. See how you can create amazing images from your camera or smartphone.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Foundation: Principals of exposure and cameras
  • Capturing: How to have more control of your shots
  • Seeing: Composition and light hacks
  • Engaging: Tips on photographing people
  • Editing: What you can fix in post and what you can’t
Matthew Richmond
S405 - Photography for Social Media

Research shows that social media content that includes a visual element is processed more quickly, understood more thoroughly, has higher retention rates, and results in exponentially higher engagement and share rates. In this session, join photographer and social media maven Pei Ketron to learn the secrets of creating quality photographic content that will let you take your social media following to the next level. Whether you’re a creative, an executive, or a small business owner, you’ll discover creative ways to improve your photographic content and learn tricks that will help you capture and edit your own powerful images for sharing.

Pei will cover:

  • Selecting and creating photographic content that is brand aligned for your feeds
  • How to avoid redundancy when deciding what images to share on different platforms
  • Basic photography tips
  • Simple, yet effective editing techniques in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
Pei Ketron
B254 - Photoshop + After Effects = Awesomeness

Add a new tool to your design toolbox, and supercharge any design project with stunning visual effects. In this hands-on, step-by-step lab, we’ll combine Photoshop and After Effects to create jaw-dropping images — suitable for any medium. Learn how to leverage the power of After Effects to create unique artwork and visuals for print, web, illustration, and photography projects. And the best part? If you know Photoshop, you already know the basics!

Join Chris Converse in this unique lab and learn how to:

  • Create your own custom artwork
  • Design jaw-dropping special effects fast
  • Generate custom textures and natural phenomena like rain, smoke, and snow
  • Achieve advanced transparency effects within your images
  • Export artwork to Photoshop — with layers and transparency

Note: You will need to bring a laptop with Photoshop CC and After Effects CC installed and an active Creative Cloud membership to participate in this lab. 

Chris Converse
L316 - Photoshop: A Journey in Creature Creation

Get hands-on experience in designing creatures with character designer Bobby Chiu. You’ll learn Photoshop tips and methods to enhance your process, speed, and creativity. Discover new tricks to help improve your workflow, while he guides you through creating your own creature.

Bobby will show you how to:

  • Create an efficient workspace
  • Organize brushes effectively
  • Strengthen your visualization abilities through Photoshop techniques
  • Master libraries, symbols, the Appearance panel, and more
Bobby Chiu
S306 - Photoshop Brush Magic

Join Adobe’s newest Design Evangelist and creator of the KyleBrush library, Kyle T. Webster, as he leads a deep exploration of the illustrative power of advanced Photoshop brushes. You’ll learn expert drawing and painting techniques that take full advantage of the complex (and often underutilized) Brush Settings panel, discover ways to effectively emulate your favorite natural media tools, and gain a better understanding of how the right brushes can improve your digital art workflow.

Topics covered include:

  • The magic of Color Dynamics
  • The misunderstood Mixer Brush tool
  • Painting faster, painting smarter
  • Overview and explanation of the new, expanded Creative Cloud brush library
  • Efficient drawing, painting, and blending techniques
  • Better natural media emulation
Kyle Webster
S212 - Photoshop CC: Advanced Tips and Tricks

In this fast-paced, information-packed session for advanced Photoshop users, join Adobe Digital Imaging Evangelist Julieanne Kost as she showcases her favorite Photoshop techniques, little-known features, and hidden gems to empower you to create your best work faster than ever. If you’re a photographer, an illustrator, or a designer looking for serious insights and solid skills that you can put to use immediately, then this is a session you can’t afford to miss!

Julieanne will cover topics that include:

  • Tips for customizing Photoshop for the work you create
  • Layers, masking, and compositing secrets
  • Using Smart Objects, Smart Filters, and libraries to edit nondestructively
  • Vector shapes, layer styles, paths, and type shortcuts
  • Content-Aware, Camera Raw, adjustment layers, and more timesaving features
Julieanne Kost
L240 - Photoshop CC: For Beginners and Users Who Need a Refresher

So you’ve downloaded Photoshop CC, now what? Using Photoshop doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it’s a lot of fun and jam-packed with awesome features and tools. In this hands-on lab for beginners or users who need to polish their core Photoshop skills, gain basic knowledge of all the essential buttons, tools, panels, and commands necessary to get up and running with Photoshop CC. Also learn how to leverage Creative Cloud to boost your productivity and share assets with your team or clients. You’ll get a rock-solid foundation and walk out with the confidence to tackle your next creative project.

Renowned designer and author Justin Seeley will show you how to:

  • Jump-start your workflow with Camera Raw
  • Make pain-free selections for composites
  • Work non-destructively with layers and Smart Objects
  • Use Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Fonts effectively
  • Apply a ton of tips, tricks, and timesaving workarounds
Justin Seeley
L409 - Photoshop for Photography: New, Quick, Easy, and Overlooked Lifesavers

Where Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw leave off, Photoshop takes over. From magical retouching and filtering tools to layered compositing, when it comes to pushing pixels, Photoshop is still the king. The question is how to maximize and even automate these amazing capabilities so that you can create breathtaking masterpieces and still go home at night. Join Photoshop Hall of Famer Jack Davis as he guides you through essential tips, tricks, and techniques to take your Photoshop work to the next level.

In this hands-on lab, you’ll:

  • Learn when it makes sense to use Photoshop
  • Use the latest Photoshop features in real-world projects to maximize your workflow
  • Discover new ways to select, filter, composite, and blend various layers
  • See new ways to quickly retouch and improve your photographs
  • Create your own actions and presets to automate techniques you’ll use over and over again
Jack Davis
L319 - Photoshop Selections and Masking: A Crash Course

The ability to make accurate selections is a necessary skill for any Photoshop ninja. Learn how to think differently about the selection process, and you’ll be amazed how much faster you can work. Explore different techniques for making selections, depending on whether you’re focused on corrections or masking. Let one of the top finishers in the business break down the process for you.

Join master Photoshop retoucher Lisa Carney in this hands-on lab, and you’ll leave with the skills to:

  • Simplify and streamline your workflows
  • Apply different selection techniques to correct and mask images, so you’ll always have just the right process for each and every job
  • Master selections for color correction and enhancements
  • Understand how to manipulate masks for more convincing composites
Lisa Carney
L248 - Photoshop to Save Your Life: Techniques for Consistent Marketing

If you’ve ever struggled to maintain a consistent look and feel across all the touchpoints of your content marketing, this lab is for you. Beautiful design is only half the battle when you’re designing for an integrated campaign in which you have to deliver, repurpose, and repeat design elements consistently and efficiently. In this fun, fast-paced, hands-on lab with Adobe Certified Instructor Daniel Scott, learn how to professionally use Photoshop to repurpose your designs across multiple media and formats.

While becoming a design implementation wizard, you’ll learn:

  • How to structure content for multisize social imagery
  • The best workflows for social, print, ad banners, and video
  • The top tools for nondestructive design
  • How to master layers, artboards, Smart Objects, and libraries
  • How to become the master of productivity in your office
Daniel Scott
P532 - Premiere Pro Bootcamp: Core Skills for Editors

This one-day bootcamp is designed for the experienced editor or the editor that wants to go deeper with Adobe Premiere Pro. You’ll get step-by-step mentorship through the entire editing process using Adobe Premiere Pro. From file creation to output, you’ll experience the best way to work in Premiere Pro and get up to speed on time-saving tools within Creative Cloud such as Dynamic Link and Motion Graphics templates.

In this bootcamp, you’ll learn:

  • The ins and outs of file management
  • Essential and intermediate editing techniques
  • Color correction, audio mixing, and repairing
  • Titling and effects
  • How to deliver your content to tape, the web, and mobile devices

By taking this Premiere Pro Bootcamp, you will not need to sign up for the following labs, as you will get all that content and more in this bootcamp:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: An Introduction to the Basics
  • Colorist Techniques for the Video Editor
Abba Shapiro
Jeff Greenberg
S104 - Presenting Like a Pro

If you want to learn the secrets to communicating your message in an engaging, impactful way to a small crowd or a large audience, then don’t miss this session. Scott Kelby, president and CEO of KelbyOne, will reveal some of his favorite, powerful, and effective techniques for slide design and delivery, including when, why, and how to use music, video, and images. Rather than the typical presentation tips you find online, these are proven methods that Scott has learned from giving presentations all over the world. He’ll share what works, what doesn’t, and how to make your presentation rock the house.

You’ll learn: 

  • How to create presentations that move and influence your audience
  • Slideshow design and layout techniques for creating maximum impact and retention 
  • How to create a message that sticks with your audience 
  • Public speaking and presentation tips to take your talk over the top 
Scott Kelby
S220 - Prototyping UI Animation with Adobe XD

Experience design has evolved: Design is no longer static. Adding interactivity to your designs is essential to convey intent and flow. Join XD team members Jonathan Pimento, product manager, and Anirudh Sasikumar, principal scientist, and learn how to use Adobe XD not just to prototype between artboards but also to animate objects across artboards and deliver higher fidelity prototypes. Get an overview of prototyping, from scrolling with fixed headers and footers to menus, dialogs, and keyboards with overlays. See how to use auto-animate to prototype object-to-object micro-interactions and leverage gestures and timed transitions for more complex prototyping.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Learn to produce low- and high-fidelity prototypes with Adobe XD
  • Pick up tips and tricks to increase productivity and speed the design process
  • Receive resources and case studies to learn more
  • Get a glimpse of what’s next for Adobe XD
Jonathan Pimento
Anirudh Sasikumar
S701 - Pull Up a Chair: How Creatives Can Take Their Place at the Strategic Table

The average in-house creative spends a full day each week, cumulatively, on administrative tasks. In order for creative teams to be more productive and meet the increasing demand from their clients, creatives need to streamline their processes so that they can stay in their creative cloud, while simultaneously building an effective bridge of communication and strategic partnership with their internal clients. 

In this session, Alex Withers, CSMO of inMotionNow, will discuss how new innovations in the creative cloud:

  • Enable close collaboration between creative teams and their stakeholders
  • Provide key insights for how creatives can spend more time in Creative Cloud and less time on administrative tasks, while building a closer, more strategic partnership with their in-house clients. 

During the session inMotionNow will be giving out two Series 4 Apple Watches!

By attending this session, your information will be shared with inMotionNow.

Alex Withers
Christina Chang
Gareth Breunlin
S617 - Pushing the Limits of Email Design and Innovation

Join David DeVore, CEO of StoryPorts, and Bruce Swann, group product marketing manager at Adobe, as they explore bold new frontiers in email design and capabilities. Never before has the medium been as interactive, engaging, or prolific. Consequently, the intersection of cross-channel experiences between email, mobile, social, and websites is ripe for design disruption. Yet, despite the many innovations available today, many designers are still stuck in the past.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Learn about email design innovations, including interactive emails, personalized content, and mobile-first experiences
  • Gain efficiencies in production and learn how to cut the effort of creating amazing email designs
  • Review current best practices and learn where email design is ripe for creative disruption
Bruce Swann
David DeVore
S311 - Pushing Your Characters to Pop off the Page

Of all the fictional characters you’ve seen, how many do you remember for their distinctive design? In a vast world of character designs, yours must leap out, even when they’re just sketches on the page. Join children’s book illustrator and Adobe Creative Resident Anna Daviscourt as she lays out the building blocks of what makes a character design unique, logical steps to use when faced with the dreaded blank canvas, and helpful tips for editing your work to push your characters to their fullest potential.

Anna will share:

  • Design principles of creating unique shape-based characters
  • Techniques to create strong silhouettes and pushed proportions using Adobe Photoshop Sketch
  • Editing tips to help you know when your design is complete — or far from it
  • Her experiences as an artist in the commercial art industry and becoming an Adobe Creative Resident
Anna Daviscourt
S218 - Reimagining Stock as a Creative Weapon

What comes to mind when you think of stock photography? Unless it’s words like inspiration, asset, tool, and advantage, you’re missing out. Let Pum Lefebure, co-founder and chief creative officer of the award-winning graphic design firm Design Army, show you how to find inspiration and create beautiful images for your clients by using stock photos as your creative launching pad.

In this session, you’ll discover how to use stock assets to your advantage:

  • Change your relationship with stock and see its potential
  • Avoid the time and expense of a shoot by browsing a vast library at your disposal
  • Browse stock as a starting point for your creative concept
  • Enhance your animation with stock assets
  • Create a visual symphony using multiple kinds of stock: vectors, video assets, and photographs
Pum Lefebure
P600 - Russell Brown@MAX: MAX Forward into the Past - with AR, Part 1

Russell Brown@MAX is designed for art directors, designers, illustrators, and photographers to learn advanced imaging techniques. Led by Adobe Principal Creative Director and world-renowned time traveler Doc Brown, along with his distinguished team of creative futurists, you’ll work with some of the best designers and instructors in the industry.

Learn to capture, edit, and create compelling augmented reality worlds. We’ll turn your vision into compelling graphic imagery, and when we’re done, you will have mastered new skills in advanced image editing and discovered unique ways to use Adobe’s latest tools.

In this class, you will:

  • Create an amazing augmented reality project
  • Capture images in a professional photography studio - BYO smartphone, iPad, or camera for taking photos.
  • Exhibit in a MAX gallery displaying all class projects in the Community Pavilion

Please note a good working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator is essential for this course.

Russell Brown
Von Glitschka
David Towers
Dan Mumford
Jeanette Mathews
P601 - Russell Brown@MAX: MAX Forward into the Past - with AR, Part 2

Russell Brown@MAX is designed for art directors, designers, illustrators, and photographers to learn advanced imaging techniques. Led by Adobe Principal Creative Director and world-renowned time traveler Doc Brown, along with his distinguished team of creative futurists, you’ll work with some of the best designers and instructors in the industry.

Learn to capture, edit, and create compelling augmented reality worlds. We’ll turn your vision into compelling graphic imagery, and when we’re done, you will have mastered new skills in advanced image editing and discovered unique ways to use Adobe’s latest tools.

In this class, you will:

  • Create an amazing augmented reality project
  • Capture images in a professional photography studio - BYO smartphone, iPad, or camera for taking photos.
  • Exhibit in a MAX gallery displaying all class projects in the Community Pavilion

Please note a good working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator is essential for this course.

Russell Brown
David Towers
Erik Natzke
Joseph Caserto
Mark Lewiecki
P602 - Russell Brown@MAX: MAX Forward into the Past - with AR, Part 3

Russell Brown@MAX is designed for art directors, designers, illustrators, and photographers to learn advanced imaging techniques. Led by Adobe Principal Creative Director and world-renowned time traveler Doc Brown, along with his distinguished team of creative futurists, you’ll work with some of the best designers and instructors in the industry.

Learn to capture, edit, and create compelling augmented reality worlds. We’ll turn your vision into compelling graphic imagery, and when we’re done, you will have mastered new skills in advanced image editing and discovered unique ways to use Adobe’s latest tools.

In this class, you will:

  • Create an amazing augmented reality project
  • Capture images in a professional photography studio - BYO smartphone, iPad, or camera for taking photos.
  • Exhibit in a MAX gallery displaying all class projects in the Community Pavilion

Please note a good working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator is essential for this course.

Russell Brown
Will Eisley
Abby Larner
David Towers
Daichi Ito
S327 - Russell Brown’s Creativity Power Hour

Are you ready for some creative inspiration? Don’t miss out on the comedy and musical stylings of Adobe’s very own and not-to-be-missed Russell Preston Brown as he showcases the possibilities of making good photos great for social media with Photoshop Lightroom for mobile. In addition to Russell’s awe-inspiring photo editing tips, you’ll be inspired by London graphic designer Rob Lowe (aka Supermundane) as he shares his legendary portfolio of graphic design. Your ears will also be treated to the musical stylings of Nick Kennerly, Gabriel Wheaton, and Robert Shapiro.

In this session, expect to be:

  • Inspired 
  • Entertained 
  • Amazed
  • Energized
Russell Brown
Gabriel Wheaton
Robert Lowe
Nicholas Kennerly
S706 - Scaling Up: Lessons from Stitch Fix on Nailing Creative Delivery

Having a high-output marketing operations machine that delivers top-notch creative at every touchpoint can mean the difference between success or failure. Unfortunately, delivery today too often means plowing through volumes of work with convoluted workflows and disjointed communications. More than 80% of managers are challenged by collaboration and the effective use of resources. Cristina Bravo Olmo, VP of Marketing, Wrike, and Eve Maidenberg, director of Creative Operations, Stitch Fix, as they illustrate how Stitch Fix, a game-changing fashion retailer, is tackling this challenge by prioritizing operations as highly as creating content itself.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Organize work and drive better processes for work intake and collaboration
  • Gain new levels of visibility into how your team is functioning
  • Make more space to think strategically so your organization can meet expectations and dominate the on-demand market

By attending this session, your information will be shared with Wrike.

Cristina Bravo Olmo
Eve Maidenberg
P415 - Small Camera – Big Results

The quality of our smartphone and compact point & shoot cameras are simply astounding! In this hands-on session you’ll learn how to hone your vision, build photographic skills, and practice effective image editing. Join photographer, artist, author, and educator Katrin Eismann for this workshop that combines photographic theory with hands-on practice. You’ll photograph a variety of scenarios from portraits, to still life, to spontaneous street scenes. And you’ll gain knowledge on how to make your images shine with insider tips and image editing techniques using Lightroom CC on mobile.

Katrin will combine learning and laughter, while showing you how to:  

  • Create better photographs before you pick up a camera
  • Work with light and composition 
  • Use Lightroom CC on Mobile to make your images shine
  • Develop a new photographic mantra: Frame, Shoot, Review, Repeat
  • Share your images on social media
Katrin Eismann
Matthew Richmond
S305 - Small Studio, Big Work — How to Collaborate to Spark Creativity

Thinking about growing your one-man operation? Or about leaving the corporate world to strike out on your own? See how you can carve out your niche and create a studio that others will want to join. Learn how can you improve your workflow and increase your collaborative abilities to best connect with others. Find out how Jolby & Friends started and run their small creative studio, and discover the keys to their unique process of collaboration.

Join Jolby & Friends co-founders Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols as they share:

  • What it’s like to start, run, and work at a small creative agency
  • Jolby’s uniquely collaborative style and hands-on approach to creativity and work
  • Their insights on spurring creativity and collaboration so you’ll be able to add “Jolby-ing” to your LinkedIn profile
Colby Nichols
Josh Kenyon
S260 - Solving Design Collaboration with Adobe XD

Successful design collaboration is key to maximize team efficiency and fill in communication gaps. Whether you’re working with other designers or staging reviews with stakeholders, aligning your design with the design process can be time consuming. Adobe XD aims to solve this problem by building collaboration into the core of the product. Join Kate Eom, senior product manager, and Talin Wadsworth, senior experience designer, to discover how XD makes it faster and easier to present designs, collect feedback from stakeholders, hand off to production, and share with your team.

In this session, you’ll learn how to use XD to:

  • Effortlessly communicate and manage your design process within a team
  • Collaborate, experiment, and test much more effectively and efficiently
  • Present designs and gather feedback with one tool
  • Easily hand off your designs and assets to bring your ideas to production
Kate Eom
Talin Wadsworth
S524 - Storytelling Beyond Linear: Real-time 2D Animation at Nickelodeon

Animating characters in real time is entirely possible. Animation Director David Gerhard, along with Nickelodeon’s Entertainment Lab, has been exploring new ways of storytelling beyond the traditional linear narrative using Adobe Character Animator. Join David to see how Nickelodeon tells a great story and how they’ve been using Character Animator on familiar Nickelodeon characters to bring unique experiences to audiences in new and exciting ways — from social media, emerging new platforms, and live performance.

The puppets are real, but David is not. David will show how Nickelodeon:

  • Blurs the line between the real world and the cartoon world
  • Engages with their audiences no matter the platform
  • Overcomes the terrible actor syndrome by making puppets come alive! 
David Gerhard
L238 - Supercharging Your Design Process with Illustrator CC

See how to supercharge your design process in this hands-on design lab using Adobe Illustrator CC. Discover how you can take advantage of the latest tools in Illustrator, sharpen your existing Illustrator design skills, and learn powerful new techniques for doing your best work in less time.

Brian Wood, certified Adobe trainer, MAX Master, and author of Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book will cover:

  • The latest tools and techniques in Illustrator, including the Puppet Warp tool, and how they fit into your everyday design workflow
  • Easier methods for creating and editing your vector artwork
  • Ways to speed up content selection and organization
  • Faster ways to recolor artwork and change artwork appearance
  • Best practices for saving and exporting content
Brian Wood
S202 - Talking About Feelings: Personal Work for Fun (!) and Profit (?)

In an industry full of multi-hyphenate creatives, the best way to stand out is to be our authentic selves — whatever that means. Personal work is the perfect opportunity to explore what matters most to us, while letting potential clients and fans know exactly who we are.

Join artist and author Adam J. Kurtz (aka ADAMJK) for a hilarious dissection of his accidental career and lessons learned along the way. You’ll hear:

  • How to figure out who you are and what to do once you know
  • Why we don’t need anyone’s permission to create exactly what we want
  • How to grow a supportive audience online
  • Insights and anecdotes on everything from ex-boyfriends to working with your teen pop idol
Adam J. Kurtz
W413 - Tell a Great Story: Shooting and Editing Better Photos and Videos on Mobile

Great photos and videos can tell stories with a proven approach using mobile devices. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to hone your vision, develop photographic skills, and practice effective image and video editing skills. Join photographer, video producer, and editor Abba Shapiro as he helps you become a better visual storyteller. You’ll shoot photographs and videos in a few preset scenarios and learn to make your work shine with insider tips and editing techniques. 

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create better photographs and videos before you pick up a camera
  • Work with light and composition
  • Use Photoshop Lightroom CC for mobile to improve your photos
  • Use Project Rush for mobile to easily edit videos
  • Share your masterpieces on social media

This session requires that you have Lightroom CC for mobile, and we’ll send instructions on how to download Premiere Rush CC for mobile before the workshop. 

Abba Shapiro
S704 - Telling a Cinematic Narrative Through Montage with Adobe Premiere Pro

In a generation where people’s attention spans can cap at six seconds, telling a compelling story though just visuals is incredibly powerful. Putting shots together in perfect context and harmony paints a narrative for the audience to digest immediately.

In this session, Jordan Taylor Wright of Taylor Cut Films will show his workflow of setting up a project sequence, and how he selects shots when creating a visual narrative. With some of his videos reaching billions of views on social media, Jordan has the right recipe for creating a visceral world of entertainment through short form videos. Come and watch as we dive into this process, and discover the tools used in Adobe Premiere Pro to edit, color, and export a beautiful video for the world to see.

By attending this session, you agree that your information will be shared with DJI.

Jordan Wright
B411 - Telling Compelling Photographic Stories with Lightroom and Adobe Spark

Join photography and Adobe app instructor Theresa Jackson to get hands-on experience in editing and sharing images and in storytelling. Learn how the Photoshop Lightroom CC ecosystem keeps you connected to your images and makes editing and sharing possible from anywhere. Then create a beautiful visual story using Lightroom CC images and Adobe Spark.  

In this hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use Lightroom CC to access and edit your images anywhere on your own device (phone, tablet, laptop, web)
  • Improve and edit mediocre images for maximum impact
  • Build a story using Spark Page with photos edited in Lightroom CC
  • Use custom branded Spark templates
  • Publish and share your web story

You’ll need to bring a mobile phone or tablet with Lightroom CC for mobile installed OR a laptop with Lightroom CC installed. An active Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is required.

Theresa Jackson
S215 - That’s the Best Wireframe I’ve Ever Heard!

Are you a UX/UI designer who’s wondering how to survive in a world where voice assistants like Alexa and Siri are becoming embedded in everyday human interactions? If voice really is the next big thing, what does this mean for the established methods and tools we’re using to design meaningful, screen-based experiences? And can we apply what we know about graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to the restricted world of voice user interfaces (VUIs)?

Join Freelance UX Person Clive K. Lavery on his mission to answer these questions, and discover:

  • The present limitations and future opportunities of voice
  • What to consider when designing for VUIs versus GUIs
  • When to consider multimodal approaches that combine VUI and GUI
  • Skills, tools, and methods you can apply and what you need to learn
  • How to get excited about voice and sound as design ingredients
Clive K Lavery
L239 - The Art of App Icon Design with Photoshop

Join designer extraordinaire Michael Flarup as he takes you on a quest for the long-lost art of icon design. Designed for those new to icon design, this hands-on lab will show you how to use Photoshop to create the single most important visual aspect of your product: the app icon. Topics range from initial concept to export of final files, with a wrap-up of presentations from willing participants and open critiques using the knowledge learned. You’ll walk out with a solid foundation of icon design theory and the tools involved in delivering successful app icons.

Michael will walk you through:

  • The five core aspects of successful icon design
  • Examples of great iconography
  • Working with icons in Photoshop
  • How to use Smart Object templates in Photoshop to generate many icon sizes
  • Tips, tricks, and stories from the world of making things
Michael Flarup
S231 - The Art of Efficiency: Illustrator Tips from a Japanese Master

Assailed by famously demanding monster clients with unreasonable change demands, Japanese designers use Illustrator in super efficient ways. Streamline your Illustrator work with tips and techniques from a master of the art of efficiency, Masahiro Takano. Learn features for your workflows to create data-light, easily editable, and time-efficient designs. This is Takano-san’s first time in the USA to share tips on how to hone your creation and production design in Illustrator.

Join Takano-san in this energetic session to:

  • Put time saving techniques hidden in Illustrator CC to work for you through easily grasped, step-by-step examples
  • Bulletproof your Illustrator production design with easy-to-sync and live features — Symbols, Recolor Artwork, and more — so last-minute changes can be handled with elegance and ease
  • See the latest Illustrator features in action
  • Incorporate and take home some of Takano-san's favorite Scripts from the Japan Illustrator community​
Lynn Shade
Yuki Ishioka
Masahiro Takano
S100 - The Designer-Founder: How Creatives Can Be Savvier Entrepreneurs

From Airbnb to Pinterest, more designers are launching and leading companies, and many are doing it without traditional experience or backgrounds. Instead, they’re learning how to build a business while building their businesses. Join Design Army co-founder Pum Lefebure and Lumi CEO Jesse Genet as they share their experiences in a conversation moderated by 99U Editor Matt McCue. Think of this session as an MBA class for creatives, with designers as teachers and real-life lessons as the curriculum.

You’ll improve your entrepreneurial skills by learning:

  • How Pum and Jesse launched leading companies
  • A shrewd approach to starting your dream company, not just quitting your day job
  • Ways to make your product (or yourself) stand out in a crowded market
  • Tips to avoid the biggest mistakes creatives make when trying to sell their ideas
  • Why it’s better to hook clients on your services rather than a single product or project
Matt McCue
Pum Lefebure
Jesse Genet
S603 - The Future of Experience Design: Beyond the Screen

Today’s designers are challenged like never before to create experiences that are not only accessible for today’s world, but also aspirational — to meet future challenges and opportunities. Worldwide, companies are pursuing ways to create memorable experiences for their customers through new and compelling mediums, including voice, AR, and VR, while still honoring our current technologies and devices.

In this inspirational session, Albert Shum, CVP of Design at Microsoft, talks about the experience design industry revolution we are immersed in today, and shares practical advice on how to: 

  • Design for a multi-sense, multi-device world — and the mixed realities of creating coherence and engagement across all of it
  • Explore the role that AI could and should play in creativity and design
  • Build diverse teams that create products and experiences for real-world audiences 
Albert Shum
S261 - The Future of Mentorship: Hyperlocal, Mobile, and Real Time

The Future of Mentorship: Anonymous, Altruistic, and Ambient

Countless professional careers and team performances have been hamstrung because the right advice wasn’t available at the right time. Discover a vision of mentorship that transcends traditional mentorship models and becomes an engaging, everyday experience. Amelia Sander and Sharon Monisha Rajkumar, UX designers at Goldman Sachs, will use examples from their award-winning app All Ears to show how the diffusive power of mobile mentors can help conquer workplace issues in both reactive and proactive ways.

You’ll walk away with a fresh perspective on self-help by learning:

  • How to harness the good side of anonymity
  • How your digital neighbors could be ambient mentors
  • How to amplify and leverage altruism 
Amelia Sander
Sharon Monisha Rajkumar
S208 - The Future of Typography

Font technology is taking major leaps forward for the first time in decades, just as it’s becoming easier to discover and work with great typefaces in everything you create. Come take a look at what’s new and what’s next in the world of typography.

Join Dan Rhatigan, manager of Adobe’s in-house type foundry, to find out what’s in the works including:

  • Color fonts you can use in more applications and how to create your own custom color fonts inside Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Variable fonts with new technology that combines all the styles of a family in a single font, letting you specify just the right version you need
  • How it’s becoming possible to work with fonts that support more of the world’s languages
  • Ways to choose and work with fonts from Adobe Fonts, Google, and other services that make it easier to find the right typeface for any project
Dan Rhatigan
S700 - The Future of Work: Trends That Will Impact Your Business and Career

No one can predict the future with complete confidence. That said, join Diane Domeyer, executive director of The Creative Group, and LaCinda Clem, executive director of Robert Half Technology Staffing Services, to find out how technological and business trends now under way at some companies provide strong clues as to what we can expect from the workplace in the coming years.

You’ll discover:

  • Key trends impacting creative professionals today
  • A glimpse into the future of work
  • How today’s creative professionals really feel about their jobs, companies, and employment prospects
  • What forward-thinking companies are doing to attract and retain talent in an increasingly competitive market
  • How to prepare for the future of recruiting and career development

By attending this session, your information will be shared with The Creative Group.

Diane Domeyer
LaCinda Clem
S614 - The Gig Economy Is Getting “Gigger” by the Minute

Many Americans are saying goodbye to the traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle in favor of a more flexible schedule that works around what they need. In 2016, nearly 53 million Americans were freelancers (34% of the workforce), projected to reach 43% by 2020. Though creatives and agencies are excited about the flexibility of freelance and contract work, new models come with new challenges, including how to onboard talent and ensure client brands and content stay secure. Join analyst Jeremiah Owyang as he shares how digital processes can help.

In this session, we’ll explore:

  • How can agencies and marketers find and manage freelancers?
  • A freelance artist’s perspective — how does this impact our career trajectory?
  • What’s the future of freelancing — will a majority of work be gig related?
  • How can we protect client IP, while managing a team of gig workers? 
  • How Behance is supporting its artists
Jeremiah Owyang
Tyler Shelton
Susanna Leighton
Cathi Kwon
Ryan Mulvaney
P261 - The Home Print Maker: Hands-On Printing Techniques That Can Be Done Anywhere

Mixing a collection of provided images along with your sketches, we’ll be making tactile, printed artwork. It’s the stuff that home printing dreams are made of, as every technique we use will be easily replicated in any living room, garage —  even in a conference ballroom! We’ll be providing screens for screen printing, linoleum for cutting, as well as a selection of artwork. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm! We’ll be drawing, carving, and practicing other techniques you can accomplish without a darkroom. You’ll leave with a basic understanding of screen and linoleum cut printing, a stack of commemorative prints from both processes to prove it, and quite possibly some inky hands.

Nick Sambrato
Clark Orr
S501 - The Most Important Things in After Effects You Need to Know

After Effects is a massive tool full of many useful features. However, it can also be overwhelming to someone who is just starting out. In this session, join former Fox Sports motion graphics designer Sergei Prokhnevskiy, who will start at the very beginning and showcase need-to-know features that will help anyone get started on the right foot.

In this session, Sergei will:

  • Introduce you to the UI and show you where to start
  • Highlight the most important features first
  • Help you get a good result quickly using built-in animation templates
  • Reveal timesaving keyboard shortcuts and more
Sergei Prokhnevskiy
S227 - The New Digital Workflow for Design Teams: The 3D Revolution

Why 3D? In this session, Benny Lee, 3D Design Lead at the Coca-Cola Company, discusses how his design team leverages 3D to revolutionize time to market, increasing efficiency without sacrificing quality.  

Join Benny Lee and Ross McKegney, director of engineering at Adobe, and learn:

  • Real-life examples of how 3D can be a powerful secret weapon for graphic designers
  • How to optimize your digital pipeline to repurpose existing 3D assets for design and marketing
  • How to integrate 3D into your design workflow with other Creative Cloud tools like Photoshop and Illustrator
Benny Lee
Ross McKegney
S201 - The One That Got Away and More

Join designer Aaron Draplin, founder of Draplin Design Company, for an investigation into the tragedies, as opposed to the triumphs, of graphic design — from falling flat on your face, to cutting room floor logo scraps, to lessons learned — and how his company made lemonade out of lemons. He’ll be pulling back the curtains on the stuff that’s best forgotten but absolutely crucial in forming your life in design and, oddly enough, everywhere else.

Aaron will show examples of how tenacity, creativity, and solid process get them through the tough times, including:

  • Ruminations on tenacity and how to guide the client
  • Lighthearted examples detailing how things went south for the DDC
  • Rapid-fire iterations to ignite stalled logos
Aaron Draplin
S402 - The Power of Mobile Photography—Tips for Great Photos with Your Phone

We all have great cameras with us wherever we go, but how many of us use our full potential? Join photographer and Photoshop Lightroom guru Josh Haftel as he shares techniques for making your photos look professional, without needing to become a professional photographer. You’ll learn shooting and composition basics and how Lightroom CC enhances photography from shooting to sharing. Discover how easy and worry-free it is to store your photos, access and edit them from anywhere, and easily search your photo library. See what’s possible and unleash your creativity with mobile phone photography.

Join this session to discover how to:

  • Take better pictures
  • Shoot with a mobile phone
  • Easily edit and fix photos on your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Access, search, and share photos from anywhere
Josh Haftel
S703 - The Top 10 Traits of the Best Creative Directors

It goes without saying the best creative directors have impressive creative talent and experience. But creativity and design skills aren’t the only skills recruiters and CMOs look for when searching for the best of the best. In fact, design skills are only one small piece of the creative director pie.

Attend this session to learn the secrets of the best creative directors including:

  • The ability to inspire
  • Priority mastery
  • Playing to your team’s strengths
  • Proving the value of your team
  • and more!

By attending this session, your information will be shared with Workfront.

Heidi Melin
S525 - Turn Long-Form Content into Customized Social Media Teasers Quickly

Every social platform is important, and they all have unique considerations. Publishing the same video to multiple platforms often means making a unique version for each one, and that takes a LOT of time. Join Kelsey Brannan and see how to transform the way you create and share online video.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Quick tips on how to trim down your content efficiently
  • Best practices for creating tailored videos for each of the major social media platforms
  • The latest guidelines for each social channel and what performs best
  • How to save time publishing directly to all your social media channels using Adobe’s new app, Premiere Rush CC


Kelsey Brannan
L251 - Type and Layouts in InDesign CC

Good typography is essential to design. It gives your documents visual appeal, makes them more readable, and gains a reader’s trust. Join designer, author, artist, and trainer Nigel French as he discusses the wealth of type-specific features in InDesign CC. Nigel will demonstrate an approach that maximizes efficiency and creativity.

In this hands-on lab for intermediate InDesign users, you’ll learn how to:

  • Prevent and fix common composition problems like widows, orphans, and runts
  • Give your designs structure and hierarchy with grids and the effective use of white space
  • Leverage InDesign support of OpenType features
  • Develop a sixth sense for the fine details while keeping the focus on the bigger picture
Nigel French
L321 - Type-o-licious: The Poster Workshop with Illustrator and Photoshop

Get your creative juices flowing! Design posters with stylized type for visual impact, and pick up pro tips and tricks for beautiful typography that you can use in posters, magazines, illustrations, cinematography, and more. Join Mark Heaps, executive director of Heaps LLC, as he shares his favorite techniques for type, patterns, and organic brush elements — the same ones he uses for the tech industry’s largest brands. You’ll practice new features, master old ones, and learn techniques for accelerating your workflow. And you’ll leave with your own printed poster to showcase your newly mastered techniques.

In this hands-on lab, you'll:

  • Make stylized typography using appearance properties, filters, styles, blends, and more
  • Conquer patterns: Go beyond standard tile/brick layouts to create rotational and advanced geometric styles
  • Learn how to complement your graphically enriched type with patterns and brush textures
  • Pair Illustrator and Photoshop through Creative Cloud Libraries for maximum impact
Mark Heaps
S702 - Typography Dilemma: Choosing Between Custom, Modified, and Library Type

Choosing the right typeface can be a daunting task for any brand. The typeface is the voice that carries the brand’s message. Brands often grapple with whether to commission the design of a custom typeface, take an existing one and modify it for their purposes and identity, or simply select an existing one from a type library. Join this session, as three well-known brands examine the typographical paths they took to create effective, engaging, and enduring identities.

You’ll learn about:

  • How they arrived at their type decisions
  • The criteria they evaluated
  • The impact their choices had on their brands
  • The factors that brands should consider when faced with this decision from a world-class type designer

By attending this session, your information will be shared with Monotype.


Charles Nix
Steve Matteson
Andrew Johnson
Jason Schragger
Theresa Mershon
S234 - Upping Your Mobile Illustration Game

Being part of the illustration major leagues takes skill and determination, but you also need to work quickly. Adobe’s mobile apps are powerful tools included with Creative Cloud that let you create anywhere with your mobile studio — at home or away. Join award-winning educator and illustrator Rob Generette III to see how the pros “play ball.”

He’ll share:

  • The top rules for better drawing
  • His professional experience designing for ESPN, Nike, and the NBA
  • The latest tips and tricks for Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Illustrator Draw, and Capture


Rob Generette III
S303 - Variable Fonts: The New Frontier

The OpenType variable font format, introduced in September 2016, brings you unprecedented typographic control. Instead of being limited to specific style instances, variable fonts can be fine-tuned to take on any weight, width, or other variation, and they are now supported in Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. In this session, let Adobe Typography Customer Advisory Board’s Yves Peters teach you all you need to know about this exciting font format.

You’ll learn about:

  • The history of variable fonts, from multiple master fonts to OpenType font variants
  • What variable font axes are and how they control the appearance of variable fonts
  • How to get the most out of variable fonts in Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC
  • Variable fonts on the web: more typographic diversity, faster download times, responsive typography
Yves Peters
L520 - VFX in After Effects: Digital Effects for Video Editors

After Effects allows editors to create stunning results with video using a vast array of tools and techniques. Join MAX Master Ian Robinson as he helps you navigate the most important tools to make your video projects stand out. This beginner VFX class will give you the basic knowledge to start navigating and using After Effects efficiently and effectively for your video projects.

In this lab, Ian will teach you how to use:

  • Masks to separate foreground and background elements to play with various scene elements and create visual impact
  • The 3D Camera Tracker effect to place type into a scene
  • Particles and filters to blur unwanted elements, create fire, replace the sky, and other eye-catching effects
  • Warp Stabilizer VFX and Camera Shake Deblur to analyze and fix video clips

Check out our After Effects preconference bootcamp, which will dive deeper into this lab and more!

Ian Robinson
S602 - VICE Media: Disrupt Your Content and Better Communicate with Video

VICE Media has grown from a free punk rock magazine into a multiformat, international media company with a news network, a thriving ecosystem of publishing brands, and a feature film studio. In this session, find out how they’ve achieved massive expansion by equipping this new generation of creators with a digital toolset that can be used as easily in Brooklyn as in Damascus. VICE correspondents bring back stories imprinted with their own unique worldview and scaled to a worldwide audience. 

Ben Baker, VP of Post Production for VICE, will share:

  • His battle-tested plan for leveraging video to scale their news and social and marketing programs across a variety of communication channels
  • How the company spun up a live daily news show with six international news bureaus in just 60 days
  • How video has been the driver of the company’s significant growth and expansion 
Ben Baker
S527 - Video Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Video is a great medium for grabbing attention and connecting with your audience. Join Adobe product managers Danielle Darby and Erin Norton to learn tips and tricks for creating engaging, compelling videos, even if you have no experience. In this session, you’ll learn how to shoot great videos and how to do it using Premiere Rush CC, an all-in-one, cross-device video editing application. You’ll leave feeling inspired and ready to share your videos with the world! 


Topics covered include:

  • Overall trends in video and what makes videos pop
  • Best practices for capturing and editing videos
  • How to optimize your videos for all your favorite social channels
  • Much more


Danielle Darby
Erin Norton
S512 - VR on a Budget: Getting Started Creating Immersive Content

Affordable VR? Learn new ways to create and experience immersive storytelling when you join Master Trainer Jeff Greenberg, as he shows you how to create virtual reality on a budget. If you’ve been wondering how to make VR, or you’ve already started experimenting in this new medium, this session is for you. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to get started shooting 360-degree videos, both monoscopic and stereoscopic, for as little as US$100
  • The lowdown on affordable shooting and viewing
  • The differences between standard video and 360 editing workflows
  • What Adobe tools will help you create the best story in VR
Jeff Greenberg
S108 - What Nobody Told You About Making the Jump to Creative Director

The chasm between a senior creative and a creative director is massive. But every senior writer or designer who approaches this big step has no idea what it takes to make the leap. Far too often, they believe that just being talented and knowing the craft is enough. They also believe that senior management will see their hot skills and promote them to CD based on merit. Sorry to burst any bubbles, but it never works that way. You need a completely different skill set to make the move to CD.

In this session, we’ll explain what it takes and how you can prepare now to make the jump to creative director. You’ll discover:

  • All the other skills that make a great CD
  • If being a CD is really what you want
  • The non-creative parts of the job you never thought about
Adam Morgan
S232 - What’s New in Adobe Animate

Get an in-depth look at all the new features and capabilities in Adobe Animate CC, the industry’s leading vector animation toolset that lets you create apps, ads, and amazing multimedia content. Join Ajay Shukla, Animate group product manager, for an overview of how Animate is geared to support the future of animation.

In this lively session, you’ll learn about:

  • A host of new creative tools that allow you to express yourself with more freedom and creativity
  • New capabilities for character animation and virtual reality
  • New collaborative workflows that significantly reduce the time required to complete your projects and/or provide new platforms to showcase your compositions
Ajay Shukla
S205 - What’s New in Adobe Dimension: A Designer's Journey into the World of 3D

Have you ever thought, “I want to make something cool in 3D, but I only know 2D design?” Adobe Dimension UX Designer, Erin Kim, was a traditional 2D designer before she discovered Dimension, which has helped her open the door to the world of 3D without fear. Follow her journey and see how you too can enter the world of 3D design with Adobe Dimension!

Join Erin as she shares her journey into 3D and see how:

  • Designers can use their knowledge of graphic design to make the jump to 3D more frictionless with Match Image and interoperability with familiar 2D tools
  • To create without a steep learning curve or being a 3D expert – learn how to use starter assets, models, preset materials, lighting, and Adobe 3D Stock
  • To create stunning 3D scenes with depth of field, multiple renders from different angles, and many more exciting 2.0 features
Erin Kim
S211 - What’s New in Illustrator CC

Come see what’s new and cool in Illustrator CC. Join Vinay Pahlajani, Group Product Manager for Design, and Wayne Hoang, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Design, as they demo the latest creative features and performance updates in Illustrator.

In this lively session, Vinay and Wayne will show you:

  • The newest features in Illustrator CC
  • New technologies and techniques for newbies, old pros, and everyone in between
  • How you can be more productive in your creative workflow
Vinay Pahlajani
Wayne Hoang
S228 - What’s New in InDesign CC

Join InDesign product manager Abhinav Agarwal and Principal Adobe Evangelist Terry White to discover everything that’s new in InDesign. Find out about the latest features, and get tips and timesaving techniques to make your life as a designer a lot easier.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The top new features in InDesign CC
  • Ways to work faster and collaborate more efficiently
  • New tools to enhance everyday production
  • And much more
Abhinav Agarwal
Terry White
S210 - What’s New In Photoshop CC

Explore the latest features and enhancements in Photoshop CC with Photoshop group product manager Stephen Nielson. Join Stephen as he demos the newest magic and performance updates that Photoshop has to offer.

In this exciting session, expect to be wowed, as Stephen shows you:

  • The top new features in Photoshop CC
  • The latest technologies, tips, and tricks for newcomers, experts, and everyone in between
  • Timesaving tools to get your work done in less time
  • Step-by-step techniques to help you go places limited only by your imagination
Stephen Nielson
S710 - Wise, Woke, Well: Designing a More Enlightened Way of Working

Feeling exhausted at work? You’re not alone. The World Health Organization has called work stress the “epidemic of the 21st century.” Join editorial director Tiffani Jones Brown as she talks about how she woke up from work stress — and used the power of reflection to beat a case of severe burnout. She’ll share her personal story and offer her perspective on how to create a more inventive, fulfilled workforce. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Spot burnout before you’re toast — and find your footing after you flame out
  • Navigate the hidden, surprising factors that make people less effective at work 
  • Understand the dark side of “grit” and the wisdom of human limitation

By attending this session, your information will be shared with Dropbox. 

Tiffani Brown
W323 - Workshop for Beautiful Brush Lettering

Try your hand at brush lettering with experienced lettering artists and script typeface designers Laura Worthington and Debi Semetelli in this fun and informative hands-on workshop. Discover how to approach brush lettering with techniques, processes, and methods that can be applied to future lettering projects. You’ll leave with what’s needed to continue your lettering journey after the workshop: information on lettering supplies, books and online resources, tips on lettering composition, and more. Previous experience in hand lettering isn’t necessary. All supplies will be provided.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Brush handling techniques and the physical aspects of brush lettering from posture to body mechanics
  • The structure, ductus, and forms of a cursive, brush-lettered script and how to create flourishes to take your letterforms beyond the basics
  • How to take your hand lettering from analog to digital with Adobe Capture, Illustrator, and Photoshop
Laura Worthington
Debi Sementelli
S526 - Your Brand on Social Media with Video

Video is now the way to tell stories. Whether you’re sharing through mobile apps, web, or the big screen, video content is the most effective and quickest way to connect with your audience and convey your message. Join Valentina Vee, a Los Angeles content director specializing in creating online videos for brands and charities, to explore how to differentiate your videos and make sure your unique brand is reflected, so that you can be discovered and grow your audience and engagement.

In this session you will learn:

  • How color adjustments can help you achieve your brand look-and-feel
  • Best practices for using and customizing Motion Graphics templates - titles, intros/outros, transitions, and more - to reflect your own brand and style
  • How to represent your brand across all of the different social media channels and what works best for each
  • Tips for using text and thumbnails on social media 


Valentina Vee
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